My friend had no idea what Fate was. I convinced him to watch Fate/Zero.

SURPRISE! With me having already seen this show, Unlimited Blade Works, Heavens Feel Movie 1, and now playing the Fate/stay night visual novel, I can't really go back to how it was when I first started. So for the same reason we all look up reactions for this amazing series, I convinced my friend Jenova to check out the show with me! Of course I won't be spoiling anything, mainly just sitting by to repeat what's already been said and remind what people's names are if necessary lol. But yeah! He's also a rap artist so for anyone who wants to check out some quality indie rap then check out his stuff!

Find Jenova by googling "Jenova IO" or searching on all music platforms.

Outro song is "Wintertime Blues," find it and all his other tracks on his Soundcloud below:



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