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The stupid girls of D.C.



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Time sensitive information—need to share with everyone—your future, your freedoms are at stake.

Lemon beagle from Okinawa looks like miniature cow and loves to eat grass like a cow.

Published March 29, 2020 by David Icke
Titled: "Fiddling The Figures - The Magic Trick - David Icke 'Virus' Update

David Icke breaks down world reporting by doctors, virologists, journalist, and other health related fields, showing how the world is being misled into a false pandemic.

Extremely important information, and should be viewed. The video demonstrates how we should always question the narrative, and assume nothing is ever as it seems.

David Icke about the system not caring about the people.

Doctor breaks down the analyses of how the locked down is much more harmful than the COVID risk.


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