Satyojata, Ana, Joanna, Federico and Jasmine are all speaking out against the dangerous cult of Nithyananda. Links to their videos below.

Satyojata's video https://youtu.be/qQ5AM1WxIKE
Ana's video https://youtu.be/RzGVzdom9YI
Joanna's video https://youtu.be/HCcm2SBCBJs
Jasmine's video https://youtu.be/iDv78FRPoy0
Federico's video https://youtu.be/1KlOzfBx-zs

Congratulations to those that have left the cult of Nithyananda! Thank you to those who are speaking out! Here's to no longer getting sleep deprived, or blasted, or exiled to Sacred Arts. May we save future souls from spending $15,000 for coconut dropping lessons.

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Caller has concerns that he has taken out loans to attend Nithyananda's Mahasadashivoham program and is now $40,000 in debt. He lost his apartment and is living back at home with his parents. He has lost credibility among his family and friends and has challenged his relationships with them.

Dridha had a mysterious foot problem. He thought it was broken, went to hospital and got Xrays, turns out it was not broken. He went to the hospital again, nothing. He went to a different hospital the third time and there they dug out a bunch of puss and dead tissue from his foot. He had flesh eating bacteria in his foot, they gave him pain killers and antibiotics. My question is why didn't the body scanning Balasanths diagnose his foot. Why couldn't the "Avatar" heal his problem? Why hasn't Dridha realized that these so called superpowers are bullshit?

Look at these poor souls.

Talking animals are here thanks to the GENIUS Nithyananda! Wow! Amazing! Out of this World! Yeah Nithyananda is a real dumbass and he thinks you are even dumber.


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