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I made this back in November 2017. It is one of a small handful of videos from my old channel which I still need to re-upload. I put this together from footage of my Dale Gribble series, which unfortunately is lost forever, along with so many other things.

At the time Fallout 3 came out back in 2008, it had been 10 years since Fallout 2, and the end boss of Fallout 2 is quite possibly the toughest boss in any Fallout game to date, Frank Horrigan. Imagine going from Frank Horrigan as the main antagonist to Colonel Autumn...

The title of this video might seem like a joke (and it is) but this fight early on against Silver turned out to be unexpectedly very difficult. Much moreso than anything the mandatory vault tutorial had to offer, and by the time you face tougher enemies later on in the game you've probably leveled yourself up and equipped yourself to the point where they aren't a big deal to deal with.

You see, contrary to most games, Fallout 3 is a game which actually gets progressively easier the more you play it, until it gets boringly easy, even on "Very Hard" difficulty. But when you first leave the vault at only Level 2, enemies that would become a joke later on can be surprisingly challenging at this early point. And Silver here is no exception.

While it isn't necessary to fight her at all, I kinda needed the caps for the Old Olney Sewer challenge I was doing, so I demanded she hand them over... but she refused, and this long bloody fight ensued. She even got me down to only one bar of health so I almost died. I had little ammo, and I wasn't built for melee combat. But I did what I could.

According to the Fallout wiki she has 70 hitpoints, which is more than twice what the vault guards have in the tutorial, but still less than what Butch's Mom has. But unlike Butch's mom, she actually puts up a fight instead of fleeing.

But anyway, this video is mainly just a joke. I also thought it was funny how when I killed her I didn't lose any karma at all, but all of her possessions were somehow still "owned" despite her being dead, and I lost a MASSIVE amount of karma by looting everything in sight.

The lesson FO3 teaches us about morality is that killing people is okay, but stealing their stuff is not okay.


If you're interested in watching the full version of this video played at normal speed, click here: https://youtu.be/RoimRYyqW4E

This is a "tl;dr" version I made for people such as Dashing David who have the attention span of a Radroach and can't sit through a 3 and a half hour long video. So this has been massively sped up and I muted the audio and instead replaced it with a couple Pink Floyd songs. Enjoy!

If you happen to have any questions, please check that other video, and also read the description I wrote on that video where I tried to explain the situation in some detail.

This was done on "Very Hard" difficulty. I was only Level 4 when I got there, which is about as early as it could be done, considering you hit level 2 the instant you leave Vault 101, and it is necessary to make preparations and gather supplies and so on. The key to pulling this off was the Dart Gun, which was a challenge in itself to acquire, and even with that this was still extremely difficult to pull off.

One could also, of course, just grab a few stealthboys and sneak in and out to acquire the Medic Armor. But I figured doing that would be kinda lame, so I had to kill all the Deathclaws in the sewer, so that is what I did, and it took just about everything I had. I ran out of most of the ammo I brought with me. Which goes to show exactly why gathering supplies beforehand was essential.

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This is B-Roll footage I've recorded for my response to MATN's FO3 video, but I've decided to upload it as a separate video for anyone who might happen to be interested. I unintentionally learned some really bad things about FO3 in the process of recording this.

When escaping the Vault, I found it is possible to get past the guards in a way that doesn't involve running or sneaking past them... you see, the police batons they have are like nerf bats. They do very little damage, so you can just absorb it (especially with the vault armor I got off the first guard who died from radroach attacks). In fact, I killed the radroaches along the way which would have otherwise killed the next guards, thus I saved their lives, but they kept chasing and attacking me, but the attacks did laughably little in the way of damage so I could just carry on and explore at my leisure. And this was on "Very Hard" difficulty, mind you. The attacks did do a small amount of damage though, but just eating the radroach meat I picked up along the way was more than enough to heal that.

I let Amata have the gun, but because I had a hostile guard after me when I got to the Overseer, the guards that were with him also turned hostile instantly and chased me while the Overseer ran off. I never talked or interacted with the Overseer at all, and the fact Amata had the gun and would have offed him didn't come into play. They chased me all the way to the end of the vault then the huge door closed behind me and I could see the red pips plus the green pip of Amata and they kept attacking her until she was unconscious, then she recovered, rinse and repeat.

After exiting the vault, I decided to go the exact opposite direction the game directs you to do, so I circled around the mountain or hill or whatever it is that Vault 101 exits out of. Fought a group of raiders, then another one, then a vicious dog. Nothing too bad. I guess about what you'd expect to find. Then I kept heading along and came to an old ..

Even if you try to backpedal by claiming he meant beginning players instead of Level 1 characters like he actually said, either way has now been debunked. Hopefully this video will be the final nail in the coffin to MATN's bogus claim that the road north of Goodsprings is a "brick wall". No matter what he meant, either way is wrong.

Just simply running past the Cazadors does not take any knowledge of the game. As long as you know how to use a controller or keyboard, then you can just run past them. The funny thing is MATN says running away from Officer Kendall is a "choice" in FO3's escape tutorial. Well, why not with the Cazadors? While I didn't have to do this, you could even wait until the Cazadors are locked into combat with Victor before running off.

Doing this does not take any special equipment or character builds whatsoever. Agility doesn't actually effect sprint speed. Every character runs at the same speed, so that doesn't matter.

The only advice I would offer for doing this is make sure to grab the Antivenom off the shelf at Doc Mitchell's house. That way, if you do happen to get stung, you can remove the poison and just continue on running. If you have enough endurance and the Antivenom you should be able to survive at least one sting before you die.

I was lucky and didn't end up getting stung at all, but your results might vary. If all else fails, just reload a save if you have to and keep trying until it works out for you.

#RunLikeHell #ForrestGump #FalloutNewVegas

I'm sure I had done this before over a decade ago, but I don't remember it so it was almost like exploring it for the first time. And I have to say I did find it a somewhat enjoyable experience. The Mirelurks are a new type of enemy Bethesda introduced in Fallout 3, and that's good. Why couldn't they have put in a lot more stuff instead of recycling from the previous games?

One thing I've noticed is all the new stuff like the Mirelurks are side-content enemies which aren't in the main plot of the game. The main plot features Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, a G.E.C.K. and so on. All of that is ripped off from the previous games. Bethesda recycled that, on the east coast, and with a very piss-poor story to boot. But the Mirelurks? That is something new, so I'll give them credit there.

But if I were to say something negative about them, its that for an "aquatic" species, they don't have any ability to attack in the water, which makes them a joke. They are only dangerous on land. IIRC, Oblivion had the exact same issue with a lack of aquatic enemies, except maybe one type of fish thing.

Also, they are bipedal reskins of humanoids which they shouldn't be, but whatever.

Anyway, not a bad area and I found The Shocker which is a unique power fist, which is great because I'm trying to be unarmed. It has bonus damage against robots, which is exactly what I need when fighting these non-robotic Mirelurks, right? The holotape warns against using it in water, but in reality that doesn't actually seem to do anything as far as I can tell. New Vegas definitely has more and better weapon varieties, no doubt about that.

#Fallout3 #FloodedMetro #Mirelurks

Hey, MATN, leave New Vegas alone!

I recorded this in response to Many A True Nerd's claim that going north of Goodaprings is impossible at Level 1 in his "FO3 is Better Than You Think" video. He said it "may as well be a brick wall" to Level 1 characters. Well, consider that Brick Wall demolished. Not only have I done this at Level 1, but also on Very Hard difficulty and Hardcore mode as well.

When I approached the swarm of Cazadors at the Tribal village I targeted the antennas, which causes them to go into a Frenzy and start attacking one another. That's the best way to deal with them when they are a swarm like that. Their weakness is that they are vulnerable to their own venom, so if you can get them to fight one another then most of the work will get done for you. But when dealing with isolated stragglers, or if they get to close to you, then targeting the wings is the best option.

Obviously you want some sort of ranged weapon for this. An unarmed or melee approach would be exceptionally difficult, though maybe you could work something out with the guaranteed knockdown with the 9 iron you can find in a shack not far from Goodsprings? But you need 50 melee skill to do that knockdown attack, and without the relevant magazine I don't think you can muster that many melee skill points at only level 1. Still, it probably could be done if someone went full try hard about it.

Of course, just sneaking past them with the stealthboy in the safe is also an extremely viable option. To make that even easier, I'd recommend waiting until night time, because its easier to sneak in the dark than in broad daylight (which makes sense).

But for combat, Guns, Energy Weapons, or possibly Explosives are really the best options. I recommend going for a lot of luck and agility for the AP and the higher crit chance. If you tag energy weapons you get a laser pistol from Doc Mitchell. Plus there's one in a crate, and you can buy one in Chet's store. So there's a number of options ther..

MATN falsely claims there are "no skill checks" before the OPTIONAL Sunny Smiles tutorial, but in reality there are no less than 4 skill checks even before you leave Doc Mitchell's house for the first time. I would also throw lockpicking the safe in Goodsprings Schoolhouse as a 5th skill check someone would very realistically come across before the optional Sunny Smiles tutorial, since both Sunny herself and Easy Pete (whom you encounter before even entering the Saloon) mention it, and of course one could find it on their own exploration anyway.

I'm addressing this very same misinformation in Part 2 of my response to MATN's "FO3 Is Better Than You Think", but since I had all this relevant footage recorded anyway, I decided to make this video to show how wrong he was in an alternate way. Hopefully this is both entertaining and enlightening. It goes to show that he doesn't really have a clue about these games he portrays himself as being an expert on. All of this stuff you can get through these Skill Checks -- the SMG, the chems, Stimpaks, and of course the Stealth Boy -- are all things that can make going north of Goodsprings past the Cazadores very doable at level 1, though MATN says it is impossible in his video.

My question is, if MATN is oblivious to so much about these games, then how can be possibly be viewed as some sort of authority figure on what is "better than we think"? Despite the fact that he is a colossal youtuber, he really knows no more about these games than any random Joe you might run into on the street. Clearly, perception is his dump stat. He is about as oblivious as Mr. Magoo. At least Oxhorn pulls up the Fallout wiki to pretend like he has a clue about "Meer-Non" and so forth. Why can't MATN do the same?

#MATNLies #MATNMisinformation #SkillChecks

Sarah Lyons is eager to go Sunning. So eager, in fact, that she ignored Social Distancing guidelines and attempts to shove Fawkes out of her way. But Fawkes is big and strong, and he doesn't budge from the shoving of this pretty flower who needs the sun so badly. It takes a group effort involving the entire Lyons Pride to finally push past him.

#LetsGoShoving #LetsGoSunning #Fallout3

The only way to survive as Ethiopia is to try to hold out as best you can until you can fully equip your army, which starts the game only about half equipped, and even then with only basic rifles and nothing else. Defending the entire country is impossible, so you have to fall back to defend the capital and ideally the other three provinces that divide the country in half. As long as the Italians don't take Addis Ababa the war won't end, but the instant that they do it is game over, so you have to defend that at all cost.

But eventually, with the right focuses and research you can finally produce enough equipment to fully equip your military, and at that point you can start thinking of recruiting new divisions. I created 6 20 width Cavalry divisions, which Ethiopia doesn't have a template for, so you have to manually create one.Tanks are not an option with the terrible industrial situation of the country, so Cavalry are the poor man's tank, and with them you can outflank and encircle the Italians in the north. I recommend going through the desert as I have done, because attacking through the mountains is a lot harder, obviously. I'm sure this could also probably be done with standard infantry too, but Cavalry is cool, so why not?

Unfortunately, there are no achievements or unique national focuses for Ethiopia. Hopefully Paradox will address that in some future update, but for now you have to make do with the generic stuff (or else mod the game, of course).

And if you wonder about the music, its music from HOI II, which in general I like better to the music of HOI IV.

I have nothing personal against Dashing David, but I had to make this video responding to him because he was saying some shit which needed to be corrected. This also made for a good practice video for when I get around to debunking Many A True Shill's similar bullshit video where he similarly lies and slanders New Vegas. Again, nothing personal, but I cannot allow such slander to stand.

Like I said, I have nothing personal against Dashing David, and I've even subscribed to his channel. I feel that he has hope to evolve beyond being a Bugthestard, much like MrMattyPlays a few years back. One of the goals of making this video is that it meant help move him in that direction. As Abraham Lincoln once said: "I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend". Not that I consider Dashing David to be an enemy or anything.... unless of course he false flags this video like Oxhorn would do for "bullying" or some other nonsense. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but considering the possibility that it may, please feel free to download and share the video with as many people as possible, just in case. Because for all we know it could be striked at any time and for any or no reason.

I was sick with a cold during the last week or so of making this, and maybe you can tell when that happens by the sound of my voice.

Anyway, here are some relevant links:

Dashing David's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DavidNoOther (like I said I hold no ill will towards him, and don't mind giving him a shout out. I respectfully disagree with him, but I don't hate him like I do with Oxhorn)

Hbomberguy's FO3 is Garbage and here's why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLJ1gyIzg78 (this is without a doubt the greatest FO3 review ever made, and I cite it a number of times. I highly recommend it).

Mr. Caption's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCohXIVAEUwW8Q98EQ9sWApQ (He made a great FO4 review which I cited in the video. Unfortunately, he deleted his old channel and has not reuploaded his old videos to it. You can find those videos on other channels if you search around.)

Creetosis Gaming's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKMErrXK2DuGk8uWLFANOtQ (Another cynical Fallout fan like myself. He has already done a 2 part response to MATN's crappy video, and I cite his video in at least one point. Highly recommend checking him out if you aren't daunted by a video being several hours in length... and if you are you probably shouldn't be watching this video either.)

The No Mutants Allowed Fallout fansite: https://nma-fallout.com/ (This site has been around since the very beginning of Fallout, and it has outlasted the Bugthestard Sugarbombed shill fansite, which brings a smug smirk to my face).

Tagaziel's "James is a Psychopath" post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/falloutlore/comments/2k9rt4/james_is_a_psychopath/

And I guess that's about it... I'll add more to this description if I can think of anything important that I've missed.

This is almost certainly my last video for 2019 (last significant video at least). It's been an interesting roller coaster of a year. Hopefully 2020 will work out better... we'll see. Hope you all have had a happy holidays and all that stuff.

#FalloutNewVegas #Bugthestards #DashingDavid

Tuchas is a Yiddish word which means Ass. A very apt clan name for someone who would insult a legend like Chris Avellone in such a way. I was watching some old Tuchas-Mantis videos and heard him say this. I am as shocked and appalled by this as you undoubtedly are. You really think you know someone. SMH.

Aside from being insulting, it is also factually incorrect and fake news for him to say that Chris Avellone directed New Vegas, was the sole reason it was good, that all talent left it, etc. This is all false information that was promoted heavily by pro-Bethesda outlets a few years ago on up to quite recently (hell, maybe some people still believe that shit too). Chris himself even acknowledged in a tweet that his involvement with New Vegas was very limited and that it was mainly Josh Sawyer's project, and Josh never left the studio.

Anyway, all of that being said, I hope it is understood that this video is satire and not being made out of malice. Its unfortunate that this has to be said when it should be obvious, but that's how things are these days. Nevertheless, even though this video is satire, Mantis really did insult Chris like that, and hearing him say that did take me by surprise. But I'm not Chris Avellone nor am I his mother, so I'm not going to really fight his battles for him, though in this satirical video I pretend as if I do.

BTW, since people will likely ask where he said this, here is a link to the video in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4XX5puG4Wg

He might pull an Oxhorn and edit or private the video or whatever. I don't really care if he does, tbh. At least he didn't say anything homophobic like the sort of things Oxhorn said and covered up. I don't think this is something so terrible that it really needs to be covered up, but whatever.

I just hope that if Mantis sees this he will think it is funny and not get pissed off at me and send his assassins to come after me. Because I already have enough to worry about with Oxhorn's ass..

I've beaten the game a number of times before, but this was the first time with the Federation Cruiser. Once you know how to beat the Flagship at the end it isn't too hard to deal with, but getting to it in the first place can be tricky.

An old video salvaged from my previous channel which Oxhorn terminated. I'll start uploading what little remains of the content I had from there. Thanks go to Sean Connery and Fandom Tribal for helping to preserve these videos, which would otherwise be lost entirely.

The gameplay footage for this was recorded while doing the very same Level 1 Lonesome Road challenge that MATN did, except I did it better because I did it on hardcore and without being a coward about it like MATN did by min-maxing to avoid as much combat as possible. I deliberately sought out any and all combat, because that's how I roll. I didn't pussy foot around like he did. And I still beat it despite him implying that it was impossible unless it was done like how he did it. Bullshit. More lies from big youtubers debunked.

Of course the series I recorded itself is lost, so these video montages set to music are all that remains of that. Because I was robbed of the joy...

Well, maybe I'll redo it again someday. Who knows?

And for those wondering, I do play on PC, but I do use a controller. Is that a crime?

#FalloutNewVegas #IGetKnockedDown #LonesomeRoad

Not sure what "KK" means, but I think there is supposed to be a third "K". This loser, who is actually Oxhorn, came to my channel and started harassing me just days before Oxhorn made his infamous lie-filled "response" video back in April 2019. He threatened me with a lawsuit like a passive-aggressive coward manlet would do, but lacked the balls to actually do anything about it. I called his bluff, uploaded the video, but the mother fucker didn't do a fucking thing. Just like I thought. LMAO And now I'm putting it up here on Bitchute just in case my Youtube channel gets terminated for whatever reason, so there will exist a permanent documentation of the time I pushed this loser's shit in with facts and logic and made him rage quit, and he has left me alone ever since then.

The Right Opinion also agreed with me this was likely Oxhorn's alt account. It just further proves what a pussy ass coward he is. He's nothing close to being a man. He's old, but he's an old boy who failed at puberty and failed to become a man. That's why he has tiny hands and talks in a high pitched bitch ass squeaky voice. And thankfully here on Bitchute I can tell that like it is and not have to mince words like I do on Youtube. And thankfully his youtube partner manager who is corrupt and rides his tiny dick and removes critical videos for him has zero jurisdiction here on Bitchute, so I can upload with confidence that this cowardly worm isn't going to have my content removed with bogus false flags like he can do on youtube.

I thought Nerds were supposed to be smart? I am "literally" laughing at the "superior intellect".

This, of course, is from our respective series of the Lonesome Road Level 1 challenge, which is done on Very Hard difficulty in both cases. However, I went even further and also did it on Hardcore mode, and with the Jsawyer mod which made it even more difficult. Both of these were things Many A True Nerd was too afraid to do in his own playthrough. Considering his lack of understanding of the game and his inferior gameplay skills in general, that is understandable. He even cheated a number of time by abusing exploits to give himself an advantage. So why then does he have as many subscribers as he does? Are people really that gullible to believe he is some sort of "pro" at this game when he clearly isn't? It don't make a lick of sense.

We're near the end of the journey for Rambo. The moment he busts down the door, the Lonesome Road is about to get a whole lot more Lonesome, as ED-E is hijacked by Ulysses and abandons Rambo to fight his way through the horrors of the Divide to in order to rescue him.

Thankfully, there does not seem to be any audio distortion issues like there was in the previous episode. Hopefully that will never happen again, but you never know.

#FalloutNewVegas #LonesomeRoad #Lvl1Challenge

Reuploading from youtube because of youtube's new ruled which may mean my channel there may get terminated for any or no reason.

Original description from youtube:

Help spread the word far and wide about this homophobic bigot who has leeched enormous amounts of money off a franchise created by a man he despises for his sexual orientation. No wonder why he slanders Obsidian at every turn, because one of the main people in Obsidian happens to be gay.


Reddit page where I first learned of all this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/9t0sbt/am_i_the_only_one_to_think_oxhorn_is_kind_of_a/

Oxhorn's self-aggrandizing wiki which he personally edited to remove all references to his old sites: https://oxhorn-brand.fandom.com

Oxhorn's runboard forum where I took the screenshots of his post where he called homosexuality immoral and compared to incest and beastiality: http://brandonmdennis.runboard.com/ (defunct because Oxhorn deleted the site)

Oxhorn's homophobic "Rainbow Rights" article slamming gay people: http://cameraoftruth.blogspot.com/2006/04/rainbow-rights.html (now redirects to Oxhorn's youtube channel)

Oxhorn's "Blogging with Class" site where he wrote his bigoted "Manlyfesto": https://www.bloggingwithclass.com/ (again, he deleted it and the link now redirects to his youtube channel)

For proof that Oxhorn is incompetent with his handling of Fallout Lore and his anti-Obsidian bias, see my original video I made exposing him which he had my original channel terminated for "bullying": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3ZL2KomPS4

More recent proof of anti-Obsidian bias: https://twitter.com/Oxhorn/status/1108800561497800704

Oxhorn slams Obsidian for a decision made by the publisher (Private Division) to not bring the game to Steam for an entire year, but he only showered praise on Fallout 76 despite Bethesda doing the exact same thing with it. Why this double standard? Could it be because Obsidian is a gay friendly studio so he looks for any reason to slander them but lets Bethesda off the hook for the exact same thing? I also heard he said in a livestream he hopes Obsidian never works on another Fallout. If anyone knows which stream and time he said this, let me know. Also keep in mind he defends Fallout 76 and there is a thumbnail of him proudly displaying the Dark Nuka Rum, and Bethesda flew him to Greenbrier for a private event and allows him to sell T-Shirts with their IP on them. The only explanation is that he is a Bethesda paid shill, and Bethesda is looking the other way on his bigotry. He probably deleted all of his old sites at their behest, but since he never apologized or disavowed any of it, he likely still holds these same views. Until he publicly admits and apologizes there's no reason to assume he thinks any different now.

Further evidence uncovered since making this video:

Homophobic tweets on Twitter discovered by Talendril/Khazgorm:




And although this isn't related very closely, this comes up a lot, so here is a link covering the fact Oxhorn filmed a teenage girl and made fun of her weight:


Nothing homophobic about this, but it shows Oxhorn's character as a creep and a misogynist.

Originally Uploaded December 17, 2018 on youtube. While this isn't a great video or anything, I'm uploading it here due to the fact youtube is turning to shit. In truth there was nothing sexual about this video, but if there is then it means Oxhorn was a pedophile because the girl he filmed was only 15-16 at the time he illegally filmed her, according to someone who knows her in real life. This was something I suspected back then, but has since been confirmed. So if the video is sexual content as youtube striked it for and if the girl is underage, then what does that mean Oxhorn is? Think about it.

Original description from the youtube upload:

Dude. Wow. Just Wow.

Thank you to whomever reported that the video is pornography. I was not aware that it was porn, and I certainly don't want such filth on my channel, because porn is unmanly and unclassy, and people who view porn are pathetic. But most especially pathetic are those that sit in a dark car and secretly film teenage girls. The fact the video was flagged and taken down as porn confirms that it actually really is porn, and it is porn which Oxhorn made... of a teenage girl, without her knowledge or consent. If this girl was underage then Oxhorn has a lot to answer for.

Anyway, I can't show the video anymore for obvious reasons, but here is a review of the comments from the video which hopefully can be preserved for posterity.

Should I appeal this "porn" strike, or no? Please discuss in the comments below.

Rumors of his untimely demise, which are currently trending on Twitter, have been highly exaggerated.

#Mr.Bean #RIPBean #RowanAtkinson

In MATN's "FO3 is better than you think" video, he lies and slanders Obsidian by saying the Cazadores north of Goodsprings are impossible to get past, so they are effectively a hard barrier which makes the game "not open world". This is a lie, as all one needs to do is acquire a stealth boy inside the school house (or on Joe Cobb) and they can easily sneak past them, and there's other ways too. I'm sure MATN probably knew this anyway, but he was being disingenous while doing his mental acrobats to go to any length to shit on New Vegas in order to make FO3 look good in comparison.

This was something I was thinking about while watching Part 2 of Creetosis' response where he debunks all of MATN's lies and misinformation in his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXaADv8i3co

So I started thinking, what if that same principle were applied to getting through the Hopeville Silo at the start of the Lonesome Road DLC? MATN had lied saying that his science approach was the only way, and that it was "impossible" to defeat the Sentry Bots at level 1 unless going all in on science. This is something I debunked 2 years ago on my previous channel which Oxhorn false flagged and terminated for "bullying" (likely because he is jealous because I'm a superior gamer and more knowledgeable about Fallout than he is), but I redid it again more recently in my Rambo series which you can check out on this very channel. So I've done the brute force method twice and proved MATN wrong both times. I also did it with the Jsawyer mod and on hardcore mode, which is something MATN is too cowardly to do for this challenge.

So the purpose of this video is to test whether you could use a stealthboy to do the challenge in a stealthy way. Personally, I have my doubts, as in my experience seems to be broken in this DLC for some reason, but nevertheless I decided to give it a shot, and here are the results...

#Level1Challenge #LonesomeRoad #FalloutNewVegas

First off, please don't watch this video if you are easily offended. I do not condone the use of the word "retard", but this person did and this is my response to them. They're the ones who used the word, not me.

Here is the link to where this travesty of a post was located on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/dnnijp/why_the_fallout_community_has_lost_its_way/

And thanks also go to Chewchewtrain for the discover. Here is a link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtBXQwh8WFyPCWXSmOsbF8Q

I think pretty much all there is to say about it has been said in the video itself, so that's about it for this description. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

#FinnerXray #RedditComments #Bugthestards

I play the new game from Obsidian and give commentary while doing so.

There was some audio sync issues, that appear to get worse as the game progresses. I think this is due to the game recording at varying frame rates and it then getting messed up after being exported. I don't know if there's anything I can do about. Perhaps lower the recording to 30fps in the future?

#ObsidianEntertainment #TheOuterWorlds #LogicalPhallusy

I found this in a folder on my other hard drive. This is a fragment of my Dale Gribble Let's Play from my old channel which no longer exists. I was saving this and some other fragments because I was going to use them in a montage video, but I never was able to get that done because my channel was terminated by Oxhorn LLC.

But here you can at least see a glimpse of what it was like, and what he cruelly robbed from me.

Anyway, a little known fact is that Cass happens to have the Shotgun Surgeon perk. She has great gun skill and is proficient with any sort of firearm, but because she has this perk, shotguns are her speciality. If you equip her with any type of gun besides a shotgun then you are not using her to her full advantage, and at that point you may as well have Boone as a companion instead, because his overall gun skill is even higher, but he doesn't get any sort of bonus toward shotguns like Cass does.

Also, I have learned over time with my experience with the game that the incendiary effect of the Dragon's Breath shotgun shells works very well against heavily armored opinions, such as this Legion ambush you see here. And the Shotgun Cass has equipped is Dinner Bell, which is the best shotgun in the base game, iirc. It is a lot of work involved to acquire it, and I finally did, but then boom... terminated by Oxhorn LLC. So I never got to finish making the video I was going to about this. But rather than just delete this now otherwise useless clip, I decided to upload it to keep my video uploading streak going for one more day, as I don't have anything better to upload off hand at the moment. So that is the long winded story behind that.

So to summarize, if you give Cass the Dinner Bell plus Dragon's Breath rounds, she turns into a fire breathing Dragon!

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Warning: This video MAY contain spoilers.

I played the game for the first time today and this is my first video. Since its my first game I'm playing on Hard as opposed to Supernova difficulty. I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing, but I stumbled upon these Alpha Canids, and they were gnawing on the corps of a level 38 diseased Albino who died near a grave of something which has recently died.

Longer and more in depth videos may come in due time. I just gotta get better acquainted and acclimated to this new game.

If you see an ad, its probably because of the copyrighted song I included at the end. I prefer my videos not have ads and I don't get the money from this, but I thought in this instance it was well worth it, and I hope you agree. ;)

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