In Search of Sacha is a fully illustrated fantasy storybook about majestic parents searching for their son in a dark forest. It is written for young adults, but friendly for the whole family to read. It reads like a legendary fairy tale and, surely, everyone will find something to love within its pages.

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Big Bear Owen Benjamin reads my letter about my Indiegogo campaign on his stream.
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We made it! Thanks to all of you our original goal $10K has been reached.
I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you about our stretch goal, a Musical Digital Version of IN SEARCH OF SACHA! Let's make this happen. Everyone will love it.
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I recently came on Jon Del Arroz's channel for an interview about IN SEARCH OF SACHA. It was a fun time and the baby noises give it an extra charm.

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Hi, I’m Manuel Guzmán, or Lolo as most of my friends and family call me. I am an illustrator/concept artist from New York City.

Art can communicate many things, but when strength, determination, beauty, and purpose are the theme I become truly inspired and create my best work. I truly enjoy telling these stories.

Currently I am working on In Search of Sacha. An illustrated fantasy storybook that reads like an etherel fairytale. It’s been long in the making and now is the time for it to finally be fully born.

* * * IN SEARCH OF SACHA * * *
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