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Near Iligan

Beautiful day at the beach with kiddos.

Lost connection and everything!
My little DJI SPARK...
Great little Drone, but not very reliable reception wize, it was most likely due to strong Electromagnetic Interference.
But being so close to the transmitter, it's hard to imaging what could have been the culprit!

Video is my failed attempt to grab the drone before it landed in the ocean!
Of course in the heat of the moment I did not think to put the transmitter and new IPhone down before going into the water.
The super large boulders just under water made it impossible to wade in without splashing water onto the drone, and during my subsequent attempt to grab it I lost my footing, scraped my leg but good and the transmitter/phone combo went under!
All was lost but the IPhone, it's still working.

I have another Spark now and really enjoy using it!


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Damm Spark!!