Here's something that we were not expecting,a TMNT compilation containing almost all of the classic TMNT games from the 8 and 16-bit generation. From what we can tell, this collection has not been released yet,so unfortunately you won't be able to rush a video out to clout chase from the hype of this new collection. Konami has clearly realised that making compilations with a bunch of roms is the way to go. Putting the ridiculous rating and badly looped music from the TMNT arcade aside, we are happy to say, that most of these old TMNT games are here. You got TMNT radical rescue,a game that when people online review it,they almost always say the same repetitive thing,that the same folks who worked on symphony of the night made this average good game. You got the unfairly infamous and first TMNT game for the NES,and you also even have the megadrive/genesis version of tournament fighters. We bet a crap tonne of dead controllers from raging streamers,that people is going to be using pushover features like rewinding,since megadrive tournament fighters is simply a good looking but ultimately cheap game. But even so,people might still whine and complain anyway. While this collections seems decent,we still think it's going to be a bust,because it doesn't have games like TMNT manhattan missions for MS-DOS,and who even knows if the emulation will be great during day one. The japanese companies never fail to dissapoint when it comes to not emulating western tech devices. It's the same problem we saw with the SNK collection and how they included the NES versions of the games,but not the atari 2600 versions, but anyways. Hopefully viacom/nickelodeon won't change their minds about this TMNT compilation,and instead they will also allow a Garfield compilation with a lot of bad,average, but classic Garfield games. Yes,we know,most Garfield games are bad,but they can definitely be better than the recent soulless Garfield cartoons uploaded to youtube,or any of Heathcliff's games. Don't worry Heathcliff,we still love you. Now,let's talk a bit about TMNT shredder's revenge,brought to us by dot emu,the same folks that gave you the Raiden legacy collection -*and it's poor sound emulation,and the double dragon trilogy collection,and it's lack of title screens for the games,and a cheaply made new HUD. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to not come across anything related to this stupidly overhyped bloddy game online,the same goes to that stupid pride month nonsense. As soon as we saw the trailer,we where either bored,or dissapointed. All the trailer is,is just some nostalgia animation,but very little gameplay footage,but we bet a copy of little samson,that none of you would criticise this trailer like that,because you are too busy getting high with that hype and nostalgia. There is bits of gameplay footage, but we where already having low expectations since we already knew the graphics are pixelated anyway. The reason this is bad,is because pixelated graphics is somethi

Script: Oh Doom it! Heere comes that milk addict brat baby pacman babes. If you thought we where done with covering both pacman,and the Atari 7800 then think again,because we kinda got what we wanted,that the pacman collection lacked. It has been a good full 40 years ever since the original arcade game was released against namco's wishes,and we finally have a home port of this fusion of classic pacman,and good old pinball and it's balls of steel. We know that namco refuses to admit the existance of this child,and junior pacman,but of course,we don't care if you want to pull off a Heihachi from Tekken,and toss these pac kids on a cliff because their games are still worthy of being as official as ms pacman if you ask us. Not even the pac store could offer those weird but lovable japanese chicks a piece of this interesting and well made arcade pinball game. And yes,we get it,the game is very hard to find,and even if you do find it,it may not even work anymore,due to how both the video game and pinball part communicate with eachother in a similar way a game by Rare would keep constant communication with a nintendo 64. We are not sure however,is it was intentionally done to avoid piracy,since rare did it to prevent piracy and so on. The artwork on the actual arcade is truly perfect,every corner has something interesting to see or read,but sadly,there is simply no way of adding all of that onto the subject matter of today. Don't go away though,cause it is still an interesting game. If there is something that MAME won't give you easilly,is the pinball portion of the game. This version manages to replicate that almost perfectly in a bad way. These pinball physics are annoying sometimes,but that's not the developer's fault. They are good in accuracy,but they are bad when it comes to how the ball would behave in the real pinball version. The videogame portion is awful if you don't care much about pinball. The game was purposely designed to force you to play the pinball part so you can have power pellets that the game refers to as "energizers". To get power pellets you most hit the ball on the upper center part of the pinball table. Good luck trying that though,because sometimes this is near impossible to do. Even if you hit the ball hard,you may or may not reach that stupid bloddy thing. The ghost AI is relentless,they will always find ways to corner and sandwich you! And because there is no power pellets in the mazes,this is why you need to play the pinball part so you can stand a chance,and the reason why playing the game on mame just plain stinks a baby pacman poopy diaper. We will never understand why these pacman games are so hard despite having a very young protagonist. And yes,we know you can make the pinball part of the arcade original work with pin mame,and visual pinball x,but we just don't like the view that you get. Why not make it more like how mame would handle a playchoice 10 game,by being able to change screens the same way you can toggle screens on a playchoice-10 game,or nintendo super system game. If mame was able to handle the pinball part the same way this Atari 7800 version does,then it would totally be worth playing on mame. But believe it or not,this is not the first time mame manages to dissapoint us. Would you believe that mame won't play the legendarilly controversial death race by exidy?or pole position?So yeah, mame sadly cannot do much for you on those cases. Overall,baby pacman is fun. Namco should definitely find a way to bring these almost forgotten pac classics back. And also,for all of you pac hackers out there,please make hello pacman/pacman 2,have support for the super nintendo mouse,or the super scope. We will never understand why nobody thought that would make the game more exciting,then again,the same could be said about how that game was never ported to any PCs of the time. Although we also don't get why they called that game "Pac-Man 2",aside from being a dirty trick to make people buy the game.

I think this game doesn't deserve it's brilliant name because you don't actually munch anything in the game if i'm not mistaken. I liked the game,but the controls are a bit unresponsive,especially when you're going fast and you're trying to rurn into another direction. That's partially why i lost some lives. The other thing that caused me some lives in other play sessions was how you have to hold a direction to get out of the center of the maze and start playing.

While i don't think this boss is as hard as most people online say,i still think it's badly designed because sometimes it's impossible to not get hit. Or,if you try to dodge stuff,you might waste your chance to hit the boss,so you might have to take the hit and hope you'll hit the heart of the boss in time before it has a chance to crush you and kill you in one hit at the last second. That's actually something that i didn't see in other people's videos. But here's the thing,this boss is actually a bit easier in this japanese version because when you have to hit the boss a 3rd and last time,the boss no longer shoots flaming rocks at the platforms,thus making it a little easier to beat the boss. I'm glad i decided to go back to this game with the japanese version because i knew i was going to find differences beyond the game being in japanese. In this case it's a western game being toned down when it gets a release in japan. Kinda reminds me of the Megadrive/Genesis version of Shadow of the Beast,an european game that was toned down in difficulty when it arrived on the megadrive,thus making it a better game if ask me.

PS:I had no time or care to make a better thumbnail,or description for that matter.

Script:"Here's the answer you never asked about what happens when you try to stop the tired old plot of the damsel in distress,by making said damsel the main character. Does it work? yes,barely,and no. Akumanor escape is a decent castlevania rip-off game,brought to us by beachyrin-i mean,michirin 9801. The best thing about this game,is the gameplay. We did experience some glitches,and we did have to make a couple leaps of faith,but it's still a fun little girly game. The graphics are your typical game boy colour fair. The background graphics do get repetitive though,but then again,that's what most old games did to save some memory. The music is just some run of the mill chiptune goodness,but it would be nicer if we could hear it in the midi format. We hate that you cannot play this game on any portable device. You can't even play this game on your phone,despite how the game does boot if you go to the website hosting the game regardless of what device you are using. You know,for a game that is based on one of the most well known portable hand helds of all time,we take offense at the lack of being able to play this on the go. Here's a challenge for you devs. Try to adapt the game to different portable devices like the mega duck,the watara supervision,the gamate from bit corp,the atari lynx,and many other forgotten handhelds that tried to give the game boy a run for it's money. We would like to address the elephant in the room,that you probably didn't even notice. Due to dissagreements and different ideals,in addition to an irrational looking reply from the creator herself that we recieved,we are not in good terms with the developers of this game,but that doesn't matter,because we don't need to love or hate the creators,to love or despise their games,or any other type of media they may have been involved with. Let us give you a couple examples folks. We may not care about a forgotten gentleman called phil the smelly fish,but we can still have loads of fun with the game he produced,a little game called Fez. And between us and you folks,we are probably not going to be in good terms with nintendo in the future either,but we would still say,that most nintendo games are absolutely worth your time,it's just that they stink at marketing their games,among other shady questionable practices that nintendo does,and that you may or may not see nintendo life addressing. Why don't you play ye olde ZX spectrum while making a tribute to sir clive sinclair by the way nintendo life folks? Oh,it's ovious,because we must keep looting dollars from these american operated web sites right? but anyways. Akumanor escape is another GBJam creation that you are probably going to forget in less than 2 years. It's not a waste of time,but it won't make you sing "kiss me dirty baby!" either. We still recommend you be gentle,when covering the back and rear end,of our seemingly nameless protagonist,while avoiding pointy hazards that can hit her pretty hard."

I finally found this game months ago after searching everywere online. Believe it or not,you will not find this game on rom websites that have Apple 2 games. Here's where i was able to play it: Note:Unfortunately,if you try this on a phone,chances are it won't work for you. Special thanks to the user AppleAdventures for helping me find the game.

Script:"Iron meat,brought to you by your favourite and most reliable MCN,screenwave media. When you see that wavey S of doom,you can't help but to think in the 20 year anniversary of nine ele- i mean,the LJN rainbow of doom. If this game was released on the NES,the pirates would probably call it contra 5,or super contra 9,or maybe even contra 11. Now,why are we saying that?well,i guess you need to take a Wild Woody guess. It's ovious,this game seems like everything we would like in a contra 5,minus the pixelated graphics. The graphics are very nice,but they beg to be higher res a la Sonic 2 HD. The music is not as good as what you get in contra 4,but it does have it's moments. The gameplay is your favourite contra fair,expect to die a lot. Although the game seems a bit too forgiving,because they usually give you a lot of lives. As always,we hope this game gets ported to portable devices,especially the PS vita before sony shuts down the PS store. While we don't think this game can compare to Super Cyborg,iron meat is a respectable contra styled game,that can still kick major kraut buster butt. We did get enjoyment out of this demo,so it does seem the game is going to not stink like a poopy pickle. If Contra Returns ever gets ported to consoles,then they should make it more like this game,and get rid of the micro transactions. Even so,contra returns is still better than contra rogue corps,despite how that was a major physical console release. So konami,do yourself a well needed favour,trust us,and release contrah returns on consoles,and make the gameplay more like a traditional contra game. That is all for now folks,see you again... We almost forgot! the explosion sound effects suck wet farts,and they're too quiet.."

Script:"There is a game that is waiting to be released. Awakened Evil is a Castlevania inspired game that is going to be released sometime during this year. You can find the demo at itch dot io. The demo is way too short,only 1 stage and that's about it. The graphics are too pixelated and basic. That is however compensated by the added 3D effects on the stages. But unfortunately,not even that can circumvent how uninspired some graphics are. Just look at the beginning of stage one,or the main hero. They look an awful lot like a game with multiple names depending on the region. You guessed it,it looks a lot like,Castlevania Vampire's Kiss,or Dracula X,as the angry nerdy fat yanks would call it. Or Devil's Castle Dracula XX,which is how the japanese v-tubing chicks would call it,assuming the game is on the switch online service. The only difference would be,that they would say the name with an over the top cute voice,and of course,in engrish. Don't get us wrong,If you get money by being a muk-banger,then keep going,and if you get simp money for pretending to be an anime character,then more power to you. And of course,if you decide to be less of a man, by feeding your family with immature behaviour in the form of a monetised video,that you didn't even produce,then that is up to you my middle aged sir. Anyways,as you can see,the similarities between awakened evil,and vampire's kiss are clear as your biological gender. Awakened evil's main character has some blue on his clothes,just like castlevania's Ricter Belmont. And the first stage of awakened evil looks just like vampire's kiss first stage as well. We hope that these almost plagiarised ideas get at least a different coat of paint. If we want to play a gothic game with a hero in blue,then we'll just play Rondo of Blood instead. That being said, awakened evil is a respectable indie game,that is most likely going to be worth the time and money you would spend with it."

Sorry for the picture quality, there wasn't much i could do about it.I think this is a likable and fun little game, but i wish the controls and momentum were a little better.i guess that's what the other versions are for.

Script: "Chanfle,the balacera brothers are here people. You want an actual good contra game that doesn't need to use the hardware of the current consoles?look no further than balacera brothers,while you keep forgetting rogue corps was ever a thing. This game comes to you courtesy of the creators of TMNT rescue palooza,we know that because of the explosions used in this game-that are more coloured versions of the explosions of TMNT 2 for the NES. Gee,we wonder if konami will be stupid enough to sue just for that. Well,it would certainly not be the first time something like that would happen believe it or not. Anyways,this game is filled with shootings,wacky bosses,and loads of bones,just how you like it. Although the game doesn't offer much variety when it comes to the weapons,don't bother experimenting with any other weapons,the super gun-i mean,the spread shot is all you need to use, so do yourself a favour,trust us,and try to keep the spread shot for-as long as possible. Another negative is that the game is way too short,only 6 main levels,even contra 1 on the nes had more levels than that. A minor complain about the demo version of the game,is that they used stage 2 rather than stage 1. If you ask me,stage 1 is more interesting than stage 2. The graphics are all right,they are decent cartoony goodness. Although the levels can look a bit bland and barren at times. When it comes to music,or the audio in general,it is kinda bad,but only because no matter how much you adjust the volume on the options,the game as a whole sounds too quiet. That's not good for an action game like this. i think it's clear that you don't know how to give people the heebie jeebies. Don't get us wrong,there is a balacera of other reasons for you to get this game,we just wanted to get some of the negatives out of the way. This game is definitely better than the previous side scrolling shooter game we covered previously when it comes to accesibility. While we are happy to report that this game can be purchased for a decent price on steam,we also want to say that this game could have been ported to other systems. You see,this game was made with the engine of beats of rage,the open source version oviously,this engine has been ported to many different systems,and this game could easilly be ported to other platforms that have their own ports of the engine. It is clearly not a demanding complex game to port anyway. So come on merso x,make a step further,and kick some major kraut buster butt by porting the game to different systems,preferably handhelds. That's all cuates!"

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