I actually had some fun playing this prototype of a game despite how basic it is. If i have to guess when exactly this unannounced game was made, it was probably in early or mid 1992. cause i couldn't find any info about when this game was made and why. Maybe it was made to pitch it to DC as proof of concept. In this video, i made a recreation as to how the game would sound like if it had a sound engine. Also no, i'm not calling it "Real Sh*tty Batman!" because i think it's bad. That's apparently what someone who released this prototype online, called it when he or she hacked the rom header after playing this. The real header name is "BETA Batman (Software Creations)"

Script for the narration: "Cyber shadow is a game with the word cyber that is actually fully playable!. i guess the prediction about indie games being the future was right. While this is definitely an excellent retro styled platformer,that doesn't mean it is not a dissapointing one. For one,you can't duck in this game,which means that you will fall to your death due to annoying knock back when you first play the game. And that is not the only beginners trap you-will encounter-either. The music isn't anything special either in comparison to the great soundtracks of Konami,Sunsoft, and Natsume's games, and many others that have sadly left the video game business for one reason or another. The graphics are not anything special when you realise that they are graphics we have already seen many times before in these indie games. Seriously,the NES was not the only system people used to play video games all over the world. Why not make a game based on the graphics of a ZX Spectrum,or an Amstrad computer?The NES wasn't the only system that had it's own unique 8-Bit graphics you know. The game is also not available on portable systems like the PS Vita or the 3DS,which is unbelievable. This is a game that you would wanna play on the go on your portable system of choice. And yeah,it's also on the switch,but the switch is more expensive in comparison to the PS Vita or a 3DS. But i guess the so called "Kung Flu" would not allow you to play this game on the go anyway. Overall,Cyber Shadow is more of the same indie retro styled games, but it is oviously the great kind of more of the same."

I think i don't mind this unreleased version of this game. I think it's better than the released Megadrive/Genesis version in terms of gameplay. That's kinda not saying much though cause i did notice how sometimes i pressed a button and nothing happened. Not to mention the enemies that can kill you in 1 or 2 hits for some reason. I also think the MD version has better drawn graphics. The final boss and ending are actually different than the NES version on here. I did use an auto fire feature by the way.

Game starts (No Music) 0:00:57
2nd Play (With Music On) 0:05:16
Credits and Snake Minigame Completed 0:09:25

I enjoyed this homebrew game more than what i thought i was gonna enjoy it, I'm not saying that i thought the game was bad though.

Had to Re-Upload this cause i noticed the date of some of the videos was wrong. it's supposed to say 2020,not twothousand f*cking nineteen. So yay,i had to do more editing by correcting that mistake. i guess that's what i get for making these videos in the middle of the night.

I would like to mention that i didn't include the AVGN Video in the youtube version of this video because screenwavemedia would automatically claim the video if i did include the AVGN part.

Don't have pets if you can't give them a good place to live.b

This game reminds me of Sega's ThunderBlade on the Master System.It is kinda fun but it does have some flaws like how slow your ship moves on the shoot em up sections.And i'm definitely not a fan of the last level.The choppiness of the walls makes them hard to dodge.You're not missing much about the last level,you just do the same thing i'm doing in the video 3 or 4 more times until you reach the boss.

PLEASE READ THIS:The video is not completed yet,so that's why there's no commentary near the end.

Recording Date: 14/04/2020
Yeah i don't think i'm gonna finish this video so i decided to just upload it as it is before the end of the year. This is not the MS-DOS CD version by the way,i added the songs of the CD version via editing while giving them proper loops and tempo.

I think it was kinda dissapointing to see there's not a 4 player option.This game was made with the OpenBOR engine and that does have a built in 4 Player mode.Oh well,i guess it was not added in order to avoid issues.The controls are good.Maybe not as good as the Contra games,but good enough to play the game just fine.I don't like the volume though.Even when i turned the volume all the way up in the game,it was still too low.It's not as noticible here because i made the volume louder via video editing.Despite that,i still enjoyed the game so i do recommend it if you like Contra and stuff.

I wasn't planning to make this video.I was just casually playing the game and all of the sudden Akuma appears despite the fact that i used a continue.in other versions,you're supposed to play the arcade mode and get to Bison under 20 minutes or so without using a continue.I guess this version is more forgiving in the sense that you don't need to avoid using a continue.I don't know cause Akuma always appears ramdomly as well.

This song is from a japanese guy that i know who made a funny video about not being able to beat the Mother(The Heart)boss of stage 6. Also, I didn't upload this to youtube because i don't wanna deal with getting an automatic copyright claim on the video. Sorry but if i decided to NOT make money off these videos then no one else will.

Unfortunately, i didn't find the source of where i got the unamed platforming game,but i do remember that it said it's a recent homebrew game in the works.As for the Happy Halloween Demo,I belive it is and old tech demo from 1998.Also,i don't know if the graphics for the letters seemingly glitching out are supposed to do that.

It's definitely one of the hardest challenges i've done but here it is,i hope someone will appreciate this.The PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 version is a mixed bag to me,mostly in the gameplay.It has better controls than the arcade on some ocasions while in others it's just not as good.It is definitely good for me however that it has a hidden hard mode by holding Select on the controller.The only thing i hated about this version is that PiggyMan(the boss of stage 3)is even harder than the arcade,especially on hard with no weapons.Seriously, F*CK PiggyMan in this version.

It's a decent enough transplantation-i mean conversion.The game seems to load the stages faster.On the bad side however,this version is displayed at a lower resolution which leaves you with slightly less view of the environments.The game also plays music via record files like the later PC Windows version i played before,it doesn't stream the music,even though it could've done it just fine since the FM-Towns kinda has the same sound architecture as the arcade machine of this game.Not to mention that the game seems to have repeats of the same songs in the disc,in addition to play the wrong song on the wrong section of a stage with no fading out effect when you complete a section of a stage.It also doesn't have any remixed music like other FM-Towns conversions of arcade games despite the game being on a CD.i'm guessing they went the CD route because of either deadlines or just laziness rather than trying to put the game on floppy disks.

There's more custom Stages i made, but i'll show them off in a different ocasion.

This video exists because i wanted to see how playing as Arthur in this game is since i never really bothered to play as him.It's actually a lot better than what i thought.He can shoot up and down like in Ghouls and Ghosts,and if you have the gold armour, you can change weapons on the fly by pressing a button.He can even control his jumps in mid air.I think this is how Arthur should be gameplay wise if Capcom ever makes a new Ghosts and Goblins game that can appeal to the audience of today.

Small Update:This video was removed from my dailymotion account for copyright a few moments after i uploaded it for some reason.They didn't even let me counter it or dispute it so yeah. F*ck that site.The only reason i use it is to kinda archive my stuff as much as possible.(End of The Update)When i saw this Pack(or mod,whatever you wanna call it)for the Messen emulator, it was pretty much a dream come true.I always thought the graphics of the MSX version of Castlevania(Called Vampire Killer around Europe)had graphics that look a bit more detailed and better than the NES version.And i always thought how good the game could've sounded if Konami used their SCC soundchip on this game just like they did with Contra on the MSX. Well,this Mod adds just that with the NES version.Which is fine by me cause i never got into the MSX game when it comes to the non-linear gameplay.


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