If we can protect our banks with guns, why not our children in school.

The military is the only way to destroy the Cabal, the global militaries will end the Cabals destructive ways.

This is a touchy subject and the Supreme Court will make a decision soon. Pro-Life 4 Life

Australia keep fighting back, it’s tough I know stay strong together.

Minnesota hates Biden, 80 million plus people voted for him…I think not.

The Supreme Court will be ruling on abortion very soon, the images you are about to see are very graphic. Women you must stop using abortion as a contraception this is beyond immoral and disgusting and a slap in the face of God.

Walgreens will soon be locking you out of there stores without a vaccine passport card. Soon these doors will lock and it is practically impossible to open without a passport. The only way to open it is if you get the mark of the beast. It’s happening…WAKE UP!

Wonder why he is stepping down, could it be Donald J Trump is sending him to GITMO. Stay tuned…

This is one of those things I just do not understand. How is it still moving and multiplying!

The Ukrainian people have had enough of there government

How can he defend her knowing what her crimes are and is a flight risk to offer bail. Geraldo is part of the same Cabal

Daily occurrence in the jab centers across the globe. Bodies in toxic shock from the poisons all shot in the system. They are quickly hid away from the eyes of those waiting to receive there kill shots, so they don’t find out what happens next.

The videos are slowly coming out from the January 6th riots at the Capitol. You can see police are repeatedly beating a protestor who is face down.

In this video people want to go home but are directed by police to go back inside and when complying they are beaten back inside the store.

Makes you wonder what the hell is going on with Beyoncé

This is way back in 2015, before Donald J Trump. Looky who owned Moderna in 2015, that’s right the US Government owns Moderna. That’s why Fauci pushed the Moderna vaccine.

Where is Newsom? Where is Alex Padilla? Where is Diane Feinstein? Where is Nancy Pelosi? Where is Jackie Speier? Nowhere to come out against this looting or denounce it at all.

Everything has gone up and it’s gonna get worse if we don’t win the 2022 primaries, we must fix 2020 first!

Elon Musk has a weird body, hmmm

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening America.

There needs to be more judges in Europe like this man. Bravo (Standing Ovation)

You see strange anomalies when you slow down Joe Biden, strange teeth.

Metal workers fight back in Spain

These 5G towers were made to release Covid-19 into the atmosphere and if you are vaccinated it can be even worse for you, this person explains anonymously.

Since administrators Biden and Harris won’t do nothing about the border Texas has stepped up.


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