Here you all go on a layout update I have been pretty busy as of late so I'm trying to get more videos out for all of you who enjoy my channel Happy New Years and God Bless.
This layout is a Ho scale module layout there are 2 of these that are what your seeing here in the video I hope to make more some day but right now there are very confined spaces to work with.

This is worlds greatest hobby that mimics real trains and railroading of all kinds.

Here is a Santa Fe American Crane In Ho scale Made by Walthers Trains This model is 1:87 Scale which is Ho scale. The model does have it's pros and cons I will cover that in the video here I hope you enjoy the video.

Here is another update on my Ho scale Train layout Enjoy the video.

Here I finally Manged to get the repairs to one of my Santa Fe SDF40-2 #5266 Athearn Genesis Ho scale Model (1:87). Let me explain from the beginning of what happened the Front Truck Worm Gear Housing imploded their are 4 hooks to keep worm gear assembly snug and in place the problem was that constant uneven movement of the broken parts caused shorts and eventually complete failure of the front truck. I ordered the replacement Truck for this model I had the detail parts that were still okay from the previous truck so I just swapped them out and now the model runs okay and good. no more shorts or problems with turning for the front truck when it reached curved track. So all and all the whole locomotive now runs okay.

Here is a video of the complete process that I used to build my first 2 module layouts for my Ho scale Trains. Big shout out for Ken Patterson of What's neat this week, TSG Multimedia with Host John. Daniel Cortopassi with his own channel on model train reviews. Also Huge shout out to all the Model Train Manufactures out there making our beloved products that we love to buy. The Layout modules are 2 X 4 and 3 feet high so it's easier on the back and feet of everyone and easy to reach your model trains. Please Comment, Like, and Subscribe.

Here you all see the locomotives that I have installed LEDs into and soundtraxx tsunami2 emd 2 decoders. The ones that are factory installed leds and sound decoders are 3751, 3890, 2240, 5226, 5254 and 2508 those are steam locomotives and diesels. I hope you enjoy the video. please leave a comment, hit that like button, and subscribe.

Okay so I got inspired to start building a couple module layout bench works by looking at all the cool module layouts from the competition on walthers trains contest that and I said I was going to build something like this for a while but never really got around to it until now. both benchworks are 2 x 4 feet and one of them does not have legs yet working on that still.

Warning The music used in this video I do not own I'm using for education purposes the rest of the materials such as pictures and video are mine. Now sit back and enjoy the video.

The Video contains a Ho scale 1:87 scale down version of the real locomotive this one is an old Athearn Genesis locomotive that I picked up online from ebay back when I moved to my first apartment in Escondido California that place was a dump never move there.

The Santa Fe Railroad made it's last purchase with these locomotives in 1995 then the BNSF railroad took over and the locomotives where patched to BNSF that once Santa Fe.

Here is my Ho scale (1:87) scale version of an Santa Fe F45 number 1936 on the cab. I have done some major overhauling of the locomotive with LEDs, SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 EMD 2 sound decoder, scratch built parts like handrails, and other various parts and paint. so sit back and enjoy the video,

Here you all go 1 of the 3 projects is now done well all 3 are done. This one is really cool though this one I had to learn all new skills like milling out channels to make room for a 28mm round speaker from soundtraxx. Now this is a Ho scale (1:87) model train that is a locomotive that the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway or Santa Fe for short the railroad is No longer in existence it has merged with B.N. in 1996 now known as the B.N.S.F. sad but that happens when you got to much competition. well anyways I was overhauling the model to meet my tastes and I made it to where it looks like it did in the mid 1970s to late 70s so I hope you enjoy it.

Okay here is a video made easy for you all out there that are not use to new tech or social media platforms that are brand new here on the web. This one is for The Model Train People group here you go sit back and enjoy.

Okay here is the scoope on the model train projects so far of the 3 locomotives that are getting overhauled with LEDs, Speakers, New Decoders and much more.
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Hey everyone I fixed the LEDs light bleeding through the housing mount. I installed the Amber/Orange LED for the Beacon light and did some touch ups here and there. Enjoy the video and share the video comment, like, subscribe.

Here is a update on my model train overhaul projects to leds and speakers and so on I hope you all enjoy the videos and please comment, like, and share the videos also subscribe if you want more content like this.

Okay here is a little how to on how to solder wires to objects like speakers, LEDs, and decoders. This is all in Ho scale which is 1:87 scale so it's really challenging for the first time to wire a speaker up and leds then decoder that controls the functions of those features of the model train as well the movement of it.

Let me give you all the link of where to get this stuff for your locomotives.
that's just a sample of where to go for some of this stuff though the rest you will need to do on your own. like the airbrush and the air compressor for the airbrush.

if you have any questions throw them down the in comment section of the video and press the like button and subscribe and share the channel.
throw some comments in please I would love to know what you think of this channel so far you Do it your self model train projects.

Here you all go I have made a video to update the progress with my model trains in Ho scale I have been installing LEDs and other stuff that needs to go into these models. So check this video out.

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Here is a another Athearn Trains Product from there Genesis line of premium quality model trains. This one is the FP45 #5942 that is in the Yellow/Blue Bonnet Freight Paint Scheme This locomotive was once a passenger engine until the 1970s when Santa Fe could no longer afford to keep there passenger service going when Amtrak took over. This model represents well at least attempted to represent the prototype when it had it's beacon light in the late 1970s you will see in this video on I think Athearn Trains was trying to go for but did not hit the nail on the head totally when it came to being prototypical for this model. anyways enjoy the video please comment, like, subscribe, and share the video.

Here is a New Video here about the F45 EMD Freight Variant locomotive of the FP45s The F45s were designed for Freight hauling only during there time with the Santa Fe Railroad acquired them they eventually were scrapped in the early 2000s the only locomotives of this type that survived are the FP45s not the F45s. This model by Athearn Trains part of there Genesis line are a perfect example of there existence This model is in (1:87) Ho scale for those who want to know. this model does not have DCC, LEDs, or Sound however When I'm done with it there will be. I hope you enjoy the video please share the channel, hit the like button, comment down below, and subcribe.

on a little side note I did manage to find a only picture of the #1936 of the prototype with a strobe beacon light.

okay this video is a little long I do apologize for that I try to keep my videos at least 5:00 minutes long so that I don't bore the audience on this stuff. However I do go the extra mile to ensure it has keeps people interested so I hope for this one you share this video with friends and other model train people. This model train is in Ho scale which would be (1:87) scale down version of the real thing so enjoy the video.

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Okay Hi everyone this one is part slide show video and the regular video it's just to much time to edit this stuff and get into a video so this is the biggest video that i have ever made since moving to bitchute so please just share the video and watch it. thank you.

People who have no idea what model train shows are so I decide to make a video on this topic that way we can clear up what's the general idea of it is.
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This is a remote control system for my model trains that controls the functions of the sounds, lights, movement of trains, and other various functions.

This is a Walther's Trains Ho (1:87) scale version of the real thing. I tried to find info about if this car is still around I could not any other info about it either so I can't really say much about the car itself. I installed female figures since I made a mistake when I ordered them I thought I got a female train crew but not female nude figures but it still fits this car for a certain reason because this car is a sleeping car so it's not that big of an issue. well anyways enough of me rambling enjoy the video please comment, like, subscribe,

Hi everyone this model review is Intermountain Railway Co. in Ho scale this model is a representation of the Santa Fe El Capitan train when it was still around before the late 1980s and AmTrak took over all Passenger Rail Traffic. This model does need some adjustments here and their such as the coach needs passenger figures installed, LEDs, and the details on the outside need as well installing PWRS Magna Lock air hoses. Well Anyways enjoy the video and comment, smash the like button and subscribe.

Here is another SDF40-2 from my collection this one was also made by Athearn Trains part of their genesis line of premium trains This model version features the Notched Nose for train crews to board the locomotive more easily. this model repents this former Amtrak unit when it was traded for switchers by the Santa Fe the units eventually had been modified again by the Santa Fe with Notched noses that are not present on this model but I do have one that does that will be on the next video. The Santa Fe took ownership of 18 of these units from Amtrak they are former SDP40F known as rail breakers due to the steam generator that was installed to keep the passenger cars heated when they where still using old passenger cars from 1940s to 1980s which then had been replaced all together and Amtrak had new engines that where equipped with H.E.P. Head End Power. This H.E.P. which utilized electrical power instead of steam was more efficient another nail in the coffin for these SDP40Fs before Santa Fe got a hold of 18 of these units and started to modify these units and took the Steam generator out and filled it with cement to keep the weight even at the back. The SDF40-2s as they were re-designated where Cowl body designed these units where designed to look like the FP45s of the Santa Fe so these units where right at home with the Santa Fe and served their career as useful Freight engines. The locomotive had a 645E 16 cylinders rather than 20 cylinders which is not that powerful for freight diesels but hey I don't know what Santa Fe was thinking so I can't really speak for them on that.
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This model has some damage in it and out of it so I have to send it in for repairs. which sucks but that's what happen you don't know what your doing.


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