Here is a video of an awesome Train show in Costa Mesa CA. Here in this video you will see tons of different model train layouts and different Scales of Model Trains as well sit back and enjoy I do apologize in advance for the Camera being so shaky.

Here is a new video series that show me doing upgrades to my Ho Scale (1:87) scale which is half of O scale. Now this one is about the SD75M of the Santa Fe which the Santa Fe Purchased as the last months of the railroads operations in 1996 the Railroad was merged with The Burlington Northern now known as the B.N.S.F. Railroad. a lot of these locomotives where patched with the BNSF marking or repainted on their sides with BNSF markings and so on I model the Santa Fe Pre Merger. I love the Santa Fe.. ahem cough sorry getting off topic This locomotive was made by Athearn Trains part of their premium line called Genesis line. This Locomotive is getting overhauled to new standards such as getting LEDs, Decoders, Speakers, and some much other need touches like Advanced detailing paint and so on. well this is part one of the series sit back and enjoy.

Okay here is how to do Maintenance on a Bachmann Ho Scale 1:87 scale Locomotive you have to do this every so often with the right stuff to make your models last longer.
For this you will need Labelle 107 Oil Synthetic light motor oil medium weight.
screw driver and the instructions if you don't have that watch the video it will help you understand how to do this.

Here is one of my latest Model Train projects it's a overhaul and review. This is a SD75M from Athearn Trains from it's Genesis line now it's going to receive LEDs and sound and much more. now again this is an Ho scale Model meaning it's 1:87 scale size of the real thing. a lot of these units are getting scrapped which sucks because a lot of them don't go to Museums. and a lot of these units were owned by the A.T.S.F. Railroad or Santa Fe for short which is now considered a fallen flag since the company merged with the B.N. Railroad which is now the B.N.S.F Railroad which I don't like at all because of the horrible Orange Paint job. Well anyways Please enjoy the video and Hit that Like button subscribe button and please share the video.

Here is my Santa Fe FP45 #100 from Athearn Trains from their Genesis line which is considered Premium quality. This model is in Ho scale which is 1:87 scale of the real thing.

Here is my Santa Fe freight diesels performing switching duties I will need to get more freight Diesels sooner or later I hope. But for now just enjoy this short video of my Ho scale trains in action.

Here I do a Review of my Athearn Genesis in Ho scale My model Represents The (Fallen Flag) Railroad Terminology meaning the Railroad No longer exist. The Santa Fe Railroad is rich with history go look it up The A.T.S.F. which in short is for Santa Fe. This version of the FP45 from the Santa Fe Railroad was built for the specific purpose of Passenger Service before Amtrak took over all Passenger routes of all railroads in the 1980s. The Santa Fe FP45 #101 is equipped with MARs lights and painted the old F unit style text on the side of the side of the locomotive.

here is my 3751 Santa Fe steam locomotive in Ho scale (1:87) running. The Santa Fe 3751 4-8-4 Northern Type locomotive in this video is a scale down version of real locomotive that's at LA union station terminal for her 15 year boiler recertification right now.
here is the link http://www.sbrhs.org/ and here is another link to another locomotive that is same type but that is a 2900 class locomotive http://nmslrhs.org/ the ATSF 2926 steam locomotive please donate to these sites if you can.

Okay here is one of other Santa Fe Locomotives in Ho scale with The Zebra Stripe Paint Scheme.

Here is my Santa Fe 3890 2-10-2 Ho scale (1:87) which is half the scale of O scale now Broadway limited imports made this locomotive they are well known for making premium grade model train locomotives such as steam locomotives. now a lot of our model trains are made in china and frankly that needs to change I want to start seeing the model trains be made in America I'm tired of hearing the excuses that prevent that from Happening.

Here I'm just running my 3751 Santa Fe BroadWay Limited Imports model in H.O. (1:87) scale that after waiting for the BLI company to make them again took me 10 years to get my hands on it.

Here I'm just running my 3751 Santa Fe BroadWay Limited Imports model in H.O. (1:87) scale that after waiting for the BLI company to make them again took me 10 years to get my hands on it.

Here is my Santa Fe FP45s being test run after sitting in storage for a while you have to run them every so often or they lubrication oil will start to solidify over time you don't want to let that happen so run them whenever you can and clean the gears when it's time.

Here I'm just running my 3751 Santa Fe BroadWay Limited Imports model in H.O. (1:87) scale that after waiting for the BLI company to make them again took me 10 years to get my hands on it.

Here I am upgrading my Ho scale FP45 locomotive in the Santa Fe here you will see that I upgrade it to LEDs and Tsunami 2 EMD 2 sound.

Here is a video on How to Change plastic s***** couplers to Kadees that are All out American Made. The Couplers will be changing into are on a Ho scale Athearn Genesis locomotive. The Athearn Genesis line of locomotives are a premium line of Ho scale locomotives to have in your model train collection.

Okay this is a model trains in Ho scale for those who do not know what Ho scale is I will one day explain it.
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Here is some of my model trains in Ho scale running. This is my first time uploading to bitchute please be respectful and No hating.
In this Video you see my Broadway Limited Imports Santa Fe 2-10-2 #3890 and Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 in Ho scale. these are awesome models.
Enjoy The videos.


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Okay a little about what I do. I do a lot of customizing when it comes to my Model Trains in Ho scale which is a (1:87) scale which is half of O scale. When I mean customizing I do LED installments to the model and new Decoders whether it be with sound or not. I also do Airsoft when I'm out and about in Airsoft arenas for those that know what that is for those who don't think of it as paintball. That's pretty much it.
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