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On this episode of White People with Coffee, Mike, Tabitha & Josh discuss:
-Trump's financial records
-Biden's plan to force die-versity in White neighborhoods
-The ills of public transport
-Bitcoen, the oy vey crypto currency
-Coffee vs. tea plus the health benefits
-Things that suck: almond juice, veganism, hipsters and jewish comedy
-The George Floyd police cam video
Note: this was a live show and some of the audio is a bit scruffy

Tonight I cover some current events. Tabitha joins me as we discuss symbolism and esoteric knowledge. And i talk about how we need to reclaim our symbols.

Tabitha talks about:
-Proposed bill would make real estate "discrimination" a crime in NY
-MN has turned over their city to savage criminals
-A highlight reel of all the ziomedia claims about OYYID-AI
-NY wants to mandate bill that children be edjoocated on symbols of "hate"
-Choosing racial spirituality vs. abrahamic slavery
-The real origins of the word "Nazi"
-Ganesha and symbolism of the swastika and noose

On this episode Mike discusses:
Thinking Outside The JBox
Dark Energy Soul Merchandisers
Religious MK Ultra
Talmudic Spiritual Prisons
All Squared Away

I had to re-upload. Apparently there was a huge segment with a still shot and no sound. Should be fixed now.

On this premiere episode of White People with Coffee, Tabitha & Mike discuss:
-How diet has become a form of surrogate oy vey religion
-Coffee house culture of the 1990's
-Why our people need to give up sports (men) and reality shows (women)
-The presidential (s)election
-Slick new forms of jewish propaganda
-Impacts of OYYID-AI on the fall season and White centric festivals
And much more


On this show Mike discusses the fall of the big homo mall, Corporate morality, Flattening the downside of the bell curve, Third world circular firing squad, and Political Oy Vey Carnies...


Tabitha talks about:
-Transjoomanist lab grown bacon
-Canada CDC promotes 'glory holes' for plandemic safe sex
-Psychopaths tell us we are psychopaths if we don't wear the mask
-How 5G relates to OYYID-AI
-Foods to help mitigate EMF's
-The dangers of (((heart healthy))) polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA's)
-Why fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids are toxic
-How to clean PUFA's out of the body


Another show from the Trenches.

A quick visit to Bristol Caverns, and Way down we go!

On this 6 month anniversary roundtable Tabitha, Mike and Josh discuss many current events that plague us living in this post OYYID/BLM talmudaverse. We also reflect back on our time as broadcasters on The American National Radio Network. On this overdrive we continue the lively chat as well as roasting the very many oy vey celebrities that totally suck. We also talk about the future of the network as well as the current political climate of the USSA.


On this broadcast Mike discusses:
Exposing the inversion agenda
Our ancient spiritual beliefs
Exposing the Talmudic Repeater Programming of Mockingbird
The Goy Serf Vegan Diet
Defining the center
Ostara and the Thule Society
Antarctica and Lemuria, Atlantis, and the Thule lands
and much much more

Tonight i have Tabitha as my special guest. Tonight we discuss the 90s, post-modernism, Adolf Hitler, the holohoax and the lies of the jews!

From Tabitha's show on Tuesday

Tabitha talks about:
-The psychological aspects of the mask
-Ridiculous news stories over at Twitter
-Absurd accusations of 'racism'
-Burger King bovine fart campaign
-My review of the documentary Medicating Normal
-What 'Satan' truly means

It's finally here! My video showing our greatest enemy. I want to thank you all for your patience. Share with friends and family if you'd like (With all my material)

A full 4 HOUR roundtable with myself, Mike and Tabitha. Enjoy

A quick visit to Lake Murray in SC. It was pretty hot so I ended up not doing much. But I hope you all enjoy either way.

Mike and Tabitha team up for this edition of News White People Can Use!

Just a random selection of semitic smut known as news.

Another good show from Henry and his co-host John D.

This was a live free for all with some friends from Telegram. We had a blast covering various topics. Enjoy

Just a quick video of my pocket fishing kit, i thought you all might enjoy and get some inspiration.

Either way you look at it, it's a shit show!

A video response to Rachel's comments and questions left on one of my videos.
Don't despair, apologize or remain silent. Speak out and be loud! It's time to stand up!


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