Addressing some comments. Seriously guys?

On my fist Live Fireside Chat I give an introduction as well as talk a little about race. Enjoy.

Mike, Tabitha and Clint's podcast:

My new podcast:

(Eventually I will be able to change the name)

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jim Rizoli

An update and discussion

This was my latest, and final show on ANRN.

Much love and support for Mike, Tabitha and Clinteastwoodendoors.

On this broadcast Mike discusses:
-CONservatards are the new domestic terrorists
-The Orange Hasbarat Trap
-The Faux WN attacks on true Aryan individualism
-MEGA Group Or MAGA Group
-The only wall built was a spiritual wall
-Fighting a 1.5 billion strong ZOG brainwashed army of retards
-Clinteastwoodendoors joins the broadcast to round it all up
and much much more...

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They're BACK!! The Goldsteins are at it again! This time Ethel Goldstein has her deli visited by Gordon Ramsey, Oy Vey! And Murray goes fishing?


Mike and Clint(eastwoodendoors) discuss various topics. I join in for some commentary and chuckles. Enjoy

Mike and Tabitha pay their respects to friend and contributor to the network, content creator, Damon (Incessant Goi, Incessant Two, MGTOW Exposed).

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Those pesky kikes are at it again!
Words that you can not search for: Hitler, Holohoax, Auschwitz, Anne Frank, Gas Chamber

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Thank you all!

On this special one year anniversary broadcast we go into almost every topic that has ever existed within the realm of alternative media. Tune in to this insane and fun and informative broadcast.

Tabitha discusses:
Becoming pro-White, larval lifestyles, language, race, pufas, protein, thyroid, society, culture, happiness, tech addiction, the Natural world, armchair virtue signaling, the effects of T.V. and media, brainwashing/programming, learned helplessness and much more!

On this lighthearted episode I discuss:
A special X22 Report
Bill Gates' Farmland
The Last MAGA
Ooga Boogas
For the 6 millionth time
Shapiro Survival Boobs
And more...


The Anti-White Psyop is in full force. We are now in a different realm. Take care of your family and close circle of friends. Take care and good luck. Neo Bolshevism has begun. Now is the time!

Tried to upload this on MLK day, but Bitchute was slow.

Regarding the need for Righteous violence.

Let's honor a true American Hero, George Lincoln Rockwell

This was a pretty serious show.

Regarding the aftermath of the raid on the capital building, you all blew it!


The Bill of Rights! Or Nothing! You choose!

Mike Sledge and Josh have a discussion on various topics including:
-Alt-Right Psyop
-Righteous Acts
-Oyyid vax destroyed
and much more

On this broadcast Mike and Tabitha delve into the connection between true environmentalism and the Aryan Spirit. We discuss:
-Germanic Life Reform
-The Kosher Inversion of the so called " Green New Deal"
-The Oy Vey Unicorn Ira Einhorn and the roots of Earth Day
-The current attacks by the talmudic media on Eco-Fascism
-Using true environmentalism to activate white people into our cause
-The connections between nature and the Aryan spirit
-and much much more...

Tonight on this fireside chat we celebrate Yule and honor Odin, the high one. We discuss some mythology, symbolism and other topics. Enjoy!

Tabitha talks about:
-The real meaning of the season
-Amish Christmas
-Mistletoe lore from the Farmer's Almanac
-The six weeks of Christmas
-Wisdom of the Winter crone
-History of gingerbread
-Secret symbolism of Santa Claus
-Christmas around the world


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