The 4th presentation of Manly P Hall. Enjoy

Just a fucked up article. Enjoy....with a barf bag

Part 3 of Manly P Hall's lecture on Astrotheology. Enjoy!

Part 2 of Manly P Hall's lecture on Astrogeology. Enjoy!

Part 1 of a lecture by Manly P Hall. More to come. Enjoy!

Just more nature stuff

Having a nice chat with Marta, the Herbal Alchemist.
We discuss herbs, gardening tips, the coming electric vehicles and 2030. We will be doing a part 2

Link to Marta's channel on telegram

Just some clips I strung together. Hope you all enjoy.

Giving some observations on the coming age. What's actually in store for us?

Discussing these bowel movements within the "White nationalist" and "Truther" communities.

This was really good and there's a lot that needed to be said.

In this video I discuss:
-The true nature of Viruses
-The ongoing false paradigm between the mainstream and so-called Alternative (((TRUTH))) movement.
-The psyop of the Watch the Water hype
-Hidden meanings and symbolism
-The exploration of consciousness
-The Gateway Process Assessment

Truth Doesn't Trend - Amandha Vollmer

Link to Aajonus Vonderplanitz interview

Link to Gateway Process PDF

Just a nice waterfall. Enjoy

Had to re-upload. Fix some stuff in the video. Enjoy.

Meet Toby, my Leopard gecko.

Here's part two! Enjoy :)

This will be a multi-part video since BITCH-SHOOT has limited the size of video a person can upload. They've become Jew-tube all over!
But enjoy either way :)

Just rambling while trying to fish. Thumbnail image is what my son caught the day prior. Enjoy.

A bit of trekking and cave crawling. Enjoy!

A show which was done by Mike Sledge back in 2013 I found, thought it would be good to share here.

An audiobook of Nailed by David Fitzgerald.

A video I actually recorded a couple weeks ago.
For any of you rock hounds and crystal collectors.

An announcement and a walk down the Tweetsie Trail. Enjoy

Just a thought, also some creek creep'n

Walking a trail along Limestone Creek, TN.


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