Just addressing some concerns a few people have had.

I will do more on the Religion of Climate change in another video. I really just wanted to point out this bullshit.

This is so weird.....

Re-uploaded. The original one got lost on here, not sure how.

Nothing but pure theatrics and propaganda

Serious budgeting problem in Sullivan county TN. Schools don't have enough funding, and the jail is overcrowded, no one asks why.

Just a rant on how the dissident side has been turned into a coke vs pepsi psyop.

This did not occur organically. It's all bullshit and propaganda.

How we are threatened and controlled.

Identifying the REAL Mark of the Beast

Discussing the bullshit surrounding the Climate Strike

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Just a rant on gamers, the culture surrounding them, and this vaping bullshit.

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A long show by Henry.

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Continuous spying on American soil by "our greatest ally", and Trump does NOTHING!

Typical cuckery and TREASON! Aiding and abetting the enemy!

After 18 years we still must discuss 9/11 and the crimes committed by Israel.

This commie, slimy, faggot is pushing for tyranny. Perhaps from an acceleration standpoint, he should.

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Blatant infringements continue. Stay vigilant!

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One Eyed Jack (Dan Crenshaw) and Horseface (AOC) debate over gun control. BOTH are inciting sedition and violating our rights.

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Back in April, many were horrified to learn of a little 5 year old boy who was viciously attacked and thrown off a 3rd story balcony at The Mall of America by a shitskin who admitted to wanting to kill someone. Well thankfully Landen has been recovering and has gotten to go home. Let's wish him and his family all the best, and seek justice on the nigger that did this to him.

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The mayor of ShitCago says people should stop talking about her city.
….Well....Let's look at her "City".

Just something to think about.

Thank you all!

More infringements upon our law.

The KIKES are at it again!

Can we just kill this geriatric, braindead, pedophilic retard already?

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