Die Zerstörung des Corona Hypes !

Dr. Clarence Sexton tells the story of President Donald J. Trump's mother and the connection of who he was named after and the incredible story of how God was working in the President's bloodline and his late mother through prayerful revival in the Hebrides starting back in Scotland by two, faith driven sisters of God.

BELPHEGOR = Vulgata 'Beelphegor' = moabitisch 'BAAL Peor'
Dämon Erklärung

Dr.med. Dietrich Klinghardt ist zur Medizin gekommen da er selber erkrankt war und niemand ihm helfen konnte (glaube ~Quecksilbervergiftung)

Dorfers Donnerstalk Roland Düringer als Initiator des Wutbürgerkongresses 14.12.2011

1.Mai Tag der Arbeit


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