Antifa's Terrorist Cells and Sleeper Cells are global. They activities are starting to be to ramped up and they are now actively visiting peoples' homes. Don't expect the government to do anything about them, the fact that these terrorists can operate with impunity is an indication that the state approves of what is happening.

These attacks happen more often than people think. Europe is hell right now and ever since the manufactured "Migrant Crisis" we have seen a further rise in crime. A rape and sexual assault pandemic of both male and females (look it up yourself). On top of this, the tyranny sees no end in sight as the so called "leaders" of Europe want more and more Cultural Enrichment.

Antifa Terrorists whether they be called "Black Bloc" or something else are very numerous. These terrorist cells are active all over our countries and seek to destroy the nation from within. Another common misconception is to call them "Fascists", the problem with that is that these terrorists are not Fascists. They are Communists and Marxists (Fascism sees Communism and Marxism as its natural enemy). They support violent action and fly the black and red flag of "Anarcho-Communism" which supports violence and acts of terrorism.

These terrorists are a threat to Life, Liberty and Property.

This footage is part of a larger piece of journalism done years ago about what was happening inside the Mosques in Britain. Since, they have been removed from most places so the people cannot see the reality of the situation.

There seems to be no end in sight for this manufactured invasion of Europe. If you still don't believe it is happening, here you are...

Jacinda Arden is a tyrant. Yes, this is actually happening. The New Zealand Government actually sent an armed Police Officer to a man's house because he disagreed with the government's policies... Tyranny has now reached New Zealand.

Britain is at war. The invaders are finally within our borders and they are allowed to rape and pillage without any opposition.

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