Whoa... Just watched a non-liberal nearly get the Michael Hastings treatment, also in a Mercedes Benz, on the CW’s Supergirl... Also in the context of fearing a woman in power and having just snubbed her/liberals, this scene seems like an amalgam of the scenarios of the Michael Hastings and Seth Rich murders.

Interestingly, the character’s Mercedes is remotely hijacked and starts driving itself to crash and explode, and it takes place during while a segment on the radio plays which is remindful of what you often hear on the Alex Jones Show, or other conservative radio shows, “Hi, I’m a first time caller...”. So hearing that radio show play in the car automatically made me think of conspiracies and the deep state war for the country, and then the car is hijacked and starts driving itself.

This is textbook Michael Hastings. This is exactly what all the intelligence insiders and sharp thinkers out there believe happened to Michael Hastings as retaliation for exposing the Obama administration and CIA. Hastings was exposing the Obama administration’s war against journalism and was in the process of dropping a big story exposing illegal CIA activity when his car “crashed” early in the morning a couple years ago.

Add the context of the character being against having a woman in a position of power and snubbing liberals, and it sort of eludes to the way Seth Rich allegedly betrayed the DNC and Clinton campaign by leaking emails to Wikileaks, and was apparently killed as a result.

This scene on Supergirl seems to eerily parallel the Michael Hastings/Seth Rich assassinations implying that if you mess with liberals, you’ll be killed.

Here, the character Morgan Edge, the non liberal, is of course portrayed as a deranged lunatic murderer, as leftist run pop culture typically portrays the “right” as fringe and insane and lacking emotion and humanity. Edge, as a right winger, represents anyone who stands against the libera..

Ben Shapiro proves to the lamestream media that you can both want to protect victims of school shootings and want to preserve your second amendment rights.
Epic moment of solidarity!
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FL Shooting survivor: CNN town hall "ALL SCRIPTED"

Colton Haab, JTOTC member and survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's Day has reported to local news that CNN REFUSED TO ALLOW HIM TO ASK HIS PRE-PREPARED QUESTIONS AT THEIR "TOWN HALL".

This raises the question, What percentage of the student survivors testimonies and ideas being pushed by the "Lamestream" media are genuine, and what percentage are just scripted propaganda questions fed to them by CNN and other outdated #FakeNews outlets, designed to manipulate the public opinion with emotion in this time of great stress?

I say it's despicable that these so called "news" organizations are manipulating mass shooting survivors, using them to push their own propaganda and anti-freedom political agenda, and refusing to allow the actual survivors to ASK THEIR OWN QUESTIONS AND SPEAK THEIR OWN MINDS!

This is a SAD DAY in American history when the trusted media stoops to these unbelievable lows.

Silencing the actual voices of shooting survivors and using these victims as pawns in your political machinations. You should be ASHAMED of yourself!

In Liberty,
Lord Stirling


BREAKING: Officer on duty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School STOOD DOWN for over 4 minutes and NEVER ENGAGED the active school shooter! The FBI has already stood down, ignoring reports about the shooter. Link below:


Liberals/leftists: Assuming you are both pro abortion and pro gun control, how do you morally and philosophically justify being pro-choice when it comes to killing babies, and against pro choice when it comes to protecting children?


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