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REVLON RED has been long considered by many glam fans and music critics worldwide to be Hollywood's Undisputed Number One Underground Glam Rock Band.

Their music is a blend of traditionally influenced '70's glitter, gutter (junkie/shock) and punk rock, '80's glam, metal, new wave and goth/deathrock, and modern grungy nu-metal, all combined to create their own unique, current and vital sound.

The band plays mainly support slots for national touring acts and also headline their own shows locally and throughout the west coast of the United States. The band and/or it's music, images, flyers, etc. have also been featured in various mainstream tv shows, cable tv shows, underground cult films, soundtracks, etc.. They are also continually interviewed by magazines and on-line fanzines and their music gets random air play on various radio stations and internet programs and has been featured on various compilation CD's worldwide.

They have also been featured in a Net Zero commercial that was aired on prime time television nationally, which you can view on the Revlon Red myspace site.

Additionally they were featured in a VH1 promotional commercial as well, which received air time in random states nationwide, and vocalist / frontman Marky DeSade has personally also been on several nationally televised talk shows, including "The Rolonda Show", "The Gabriel Carteris Show", and most recently on "That Metal Show" and in yet another VH1 commercial as well, to name just a few of their accomplishments.

They are presently in the finishing process of their forth-coming full length release entitled "Something Old, New, Borrowed & Crude", produced by Dave Morse (Motley Crue/David Bowie) and Russ Hawthorne (Van Halen/Judas Priest), with additional production by Keli Raven, Tommy Shima and Otis Smit.

It's our hot take of Marvel Multiverse Phase 4 aka the M-She-U w/ Loki, WandaVision, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ᴿᴾ on Disney+

This episode was sponsored by NO THANKS TO YOU, cuz this video made it up on this website due to no thanks to you, but anyways...TIS OUR FEARLESS LEADER'S ESCAPE TO AND FROM SIN CITY LAS VEGAS (for the predapool's birthday and his anniversary w/ his lady). Then we skip to 5 months later where Hollywood has re-opened and it's the return of AN OLD FASHIONED MOJO RANT (and yes tis also our fearless leader's birthday episode as well) and then I also celebrate pride month is almost over, music by 44DD, Blazing Haley tells us who's back for no good reason, and roast the new Masters of the Universe, cuz that's Netflix for yas.

Here's my review of Now Comics' Married w/ Children 2099.

As promised, our fearless leader's review on Masters of the Universe: ETERNITY WAR (dc comics). Was it awesome, was it crap, you gotta watch to find out.

Here's a quick double feature review. Judge Anderson: Death's Dark Dimension and Fairy Godbrothers.

Who is Captain Anarchy you may ask?

Many say He is an old school punk rock native from L.A's Westside... others say He is a Z-List Hollywood rock star fronting several different bands of varying genres. Many claim He is a subversive sovereign citizen that lives out in the wild in a forest surrounding an ancient river and desert lake... or maybe even just right here in the city underneath our noses. Others claim He is a playboy living in the Hollywood Hills, while others have even dared to say He is just a homeless bum from the ghetto that still lives in the sewers of His original hideout. Yet others say that He is actually just "the guy next door" whom you would never suspect... and then there are those that claim He is an actual high seas pirate by day and a highwayman by night. And maybe He is one of these nefarious characters... and then again maybe, just maybe, He is a combination of all of them... Or maybe some are right when they say that He does not actually exist, but rather that He is in fact just a concept, a standard, a mass illusion created by the will of free-thinkers.....

But it doesn't really matter, for we call Him "HERO"

As promised, our fearless leader's review on He-Man/ThunderCats (and as an extra bonus Masters of the Multiverse).

In this video is our fearless leader's promised follow up to his Alien Legion review, this time tis UNCIVIL WAR! Also inside, he rants about Bucky O'Hare, Joss Whedon (as well as his annoying and lame fans), and more.

Come on over to mah crib
Where decadence abounds
Come on over to mah crib
Party rowdy rockem sockem sounds
Come on over like pronto
It's funville's coup de grace
Come on over ya weenbags
Group smash and splash ooh la la!

Gotta go-cart track in my backyard
I got big, black, mean-ass security guards
Gotta hot tub chock full of gelatin
And ten naked gook babes who are oozin' in!

Come on over this evening
Way cooler than downtown
They rip folks' new bungholes
Down in the ramrod lounge
We roll out red carpets
For sweet pubescent clam
Don't preach, you see, for normalcy
No way we give a damn!

Gotta discotheque with a spinning ball
I got Beta hi-fi's in the pooping stalls
Gotta white slave harem in the budding phase
In my pudwackin' palace, it's and 80's craze!!

Sodom and Gomorrah
Got nothing on what's doing at mah crib
Sodom and Gomorrah
Got nothing on who's screwing at mah crib

Trip on up to my boudoir
With fantasies in tow
There's rubber Randy Rambo
He makes the bitches crow
With luck you'll find yours truly
The putz jammed in your mug
A dose of T.V. supergoo
This decade's wonder drug

I got one-way glass in the powder rooms
Meet the big-hair poseurs from the Club of Doom
Got born-again Christians tied for target games
Yup, it's balls-out sinnin', and we show no shame!!

I've got pink bazookas-I'm such a nut
I've got AK-47's up the butt
I've got asshole seeking missiles mounted underframe
Makes meatloaf out of weenies who are really lame!

From the album SEX IS EVIL by Panty Raid Records 2000 San Diego Psychobilly, but whatever, this song bumps, yo!

Words and Music by Blazing Haley
©1998 blazing haley music

There once was a lady
I had to leave behind
That woman drove me crazy
Almost lost my mind
You could say that she was evil
Devil in high heels
She's a demolition demon in tight red lines
She fights and cheats and steals

Now she's back...back...back...back
back for no good reason
Yea she's back...back...back...back
Back for no good reason
If you're back for no good reason
Then you should get to pleasin'
Or take yourself and walk right out that door.

You Blew my brand new speakers
Gibby go smashed up too
Poured out my bottle of Beams 8 Star
Broke Duran Duran Rio in two
Fucked up my clutch
Man I hate you so much
She don't chirp in second gear
You were bad luck baby
And I don't mean maybe
So get the hell outa here

Now she's back...back...back...back
back for no good reason
Yea she's back...back...back...back
Back for no good reason
If you're back for no good reason
Then you should get to pleasin'
Or take yourself and walk right out that door.

You messed up my life once
and now you're back for more
There's such thing as a past life baby
You're a puss bubble toppin' a sore
So show a little mercy
And spare me all the pain
Cuz I started drinkin heavy
And you're the one to blame

Now she's back...back...back...back
back for no good reason
Yea she's back...back...back...back
Back for no good reason
If you're back for no good reason
Then you should get to pleasin'

Or take yourself and walk right out that door

Forty Four Double D - Oh yeah

#ResidentAlien​ #RepoMan​ #Syfy​ #WaldosHawaiianHoliday​ #DarkHorseComics​

AS REQUESTED (tis our graphic novel double feature review): Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday (aka the sequel to the cult classic film repo man) and our comparing and contrasting for Resident Alien (comics vs tv series).

WARNING: the following video is offensive, but funny...ALRIGHT, TIS AN EXCUSE TO MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO (izevl's breach organ from rcn's compiliation #5 rocky's revolution to be exact), BUT YEAH, TIS AN EXCUSE TO TROLL SOME STANS!

The Captain and our fearless leader discuss the Hollywood gothic-industrial scene and their flaws. From Bar Sinister to Drop Dead and more.


Another rant roasting all sides of the political spectrum (yes, another one), cuz our fearless leader is a glutton for comments (good or bad). From giving too much credit to Kamala Harris to the similarities to game changer of Sarah Palin?

The long awaited story of why the Captain was kicked out of the original Peppermint Creeps, but whatever

The Captain and our fearless leader discuss American Gods on Starz, then go on random tangents about the Witcher vs Elric, Edgar Wright's Ant-Man, and more.

It is what it is...

The Captain and our fearless leader discuss typical drama you deal w/ when running a band. This episode is dedicated to Gorg Katz and Sammy Servin.

As we all know we lost our good friend and brother Sammy Servin, this was unexpected and very tragic. He was not only a great person to be around but he'd give you the shirt off his back if needed.

We are absolutely devastated by Sammy's passing as we never expect this of our friends and family especially at such a young age. Any donation will directly go to the funds to cover the cost of the service as well as to send him to Mexico to be buried next to his mother .

We've started a fundraiser to collect donations for Sammy's funeral service and to help out Samantha in any way possible.

Please consider donating if you are able to do so. We are so very grateful for every donation during this difficult time.

Sammy Servin's Gofundme:

It's our first video of 2021 and the kick off of Socio-Politix w/ Captain Anarchy and Friends. Topics include: MAGA's storming of Capital Hill, other projects Alex Winter has done, the downfall of MTV, remembering Repo Man, and more

The Captain and our fearless leader discuss advice and what they call the Golden Age of pop culture (late70s/early 80s or late 80s/early 90s). Movies discussed: Airheads, Encino Man, the Last Boy Scout, and True Romance.

Layla and Froyo watch Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace for the first time (yes, i'm lame) and yes, the title didn't lie, Layla loves Jar Jar Binks (don't deesah-own me)!


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