Rambling about the latest drama with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Donald Trump.

If only I could get cushy jobs at crooked law firms and corrupt gas syndicates as easily as Hunter Biden instead of hustling for my daily bread.

Really makes you think, doesn't it?

But what else would you expect from a 'professional' feminist propagandist?

Why the patriarchy is killing men - https://archive.fo/LWLl0

Gender equality will only be achieved when women can murder men with impunity.

Vigilantes are burning rapists alive in lawless city overrun by violent sex criminals- https://womenintheworld.com/2018/07/18/vigilantes-are-burning-rapists-alive-in-city-overrun-by-violent-sex-criminals/

Archive - http://archive.is/hIHHt

My Neighbour The Rapist - Full documentary - BBC Africa Eye - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpjNz8VrXFk&t=1549s

Man claims BBC production team paid him to say he is a serial rapist in documentary - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diNn4-ibvAQ

r/GenderCritical - https://snew.notabug.io/r/GenderCritical/comments/cvhznr/vigilantes_are_burning_rapists_alive_in_lawless/

*Chuckles in First Amendment*

'Hate Speech' is the 21st Century 'Lese Majeste.'

Piss off, you censorious assholes.

Living at the expense of others isn't a right. The Taliban took 'rights' and entitlements away from women once. They'll do it again.

Hint: It was never about equality.

And then deliver it back into the hands of the patently undemocratic, illiberal EU.

Only if you're an idiot. Or a feminist. Same thing.

Source - https://msmagazine.com/2019/08/05/the-danger-of-the-trumped-up-mens-rights-movement/

At first, I was going to be insightful and nuanced. Then I realized this video will probably get locked like my Christchurch one, so low-effort anti-corporate media rant ENGAGED.

Also, I read no part of the alleged 'manifesto' verbatim. Plz No Bully, Bitchute.


This video in no way condones murder, mass murder, ethnonationalism,ethnic supremacism, class war, or race war. This video is an analysis of a crime that occurred and nothing else.

An Ancom wants to rescue all of the misled 'straight' white boys away from Jordan Peterson, Steven Crowder, and Stefan Molyneux, and into the promised land of Antifa and conTRAPoints.

But only for the noblest and purest of reasons.

Source - https://thespinoff.co.nz/society/29-07-2019/how-to-stop-someone-becoming-radicalised-online/

U.S. Soccer Federation President Carlos Cordeiro responds to Women's National Team lawsuit with a gently-worded pointing out that the USSF does have a gender pay gap...it pays women more than it does men. Also provided is a fact sheet indicating how U.S. Soccer pays women more than men.


Letter - https://www.ussoccer.com/governance/board-of-directors/us-soccer-president-carlos-cordeiro/open-letter-july-29-2019-finding-common-ground


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