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testing le track mode

I just got a new drone and I'm just testing it out

just playing a quick round of zombies

tox : 8EF5B2B45D7799D24F7759E905853DBA26D83225FCC15616E294C46F1DC07E106D8BEAD4AA1B

and if im offline you can still contact me via bitmsg


here's my thoughts on the elusive human raccoon which is a channel i came a cross wile i was browsing vidlii feeling numb after drowning my self with my favorite cider beer and found his website quite interesting i also bare with me i was still buzzed during the making of this video

heres my 2 cents on belle delphine

project warlock is a doom like game mix with a RPG one

i would like to inform you im going to be more active on mixer my user name on there is lostfile2067

This video quickly talks about my personal opinion about the Arctic air space cooler and why I do not recommend this product Unless you just want a desktop fan In fact you're probably better off getting a desktop fan Because it cools you just as much as a normal fan would only it consumes water And electricity It is a sensually a vapor cooler Or other known wise as a swamp cooler


i dont know why but i have been finding my self playing minetest alot lately heres the link if interested plus its free and open source it has a mod api to its in lua tho https://www.minetest.net/
heres a link to the wiki please give this a read before playing the game it will help you out a little

gallery-dl is a downloader very much like youtube-dl only just pics here's a like to the git page i made another video on this because i did not like the one i made earlier https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl

this bit of software uses Stenography to hide messages in a image it is 100% free and very easy to use and it works on windows 10 how ever i don't trust it use at your own risk and it only saves images as a bit map here is a link


this is just a quick demo of a batch file i made and a simple how to and yes you need winrar or 7zip to do this its pretty easy really just open up your terminal cd into the directory and then just type copy /b imageyouwanttouse.jpg + file.rar hiddenfile.jpg and if you want to open it just open it with 7zip or winrar

it looks like pol has been taken over buy yang gang shills and there just getting spammed with threads like the one im showing in the video will pol prevail or will they be completely taken over by the yang gang only time will tell if you like the video please subscribe

it encrypts you messages on www.gab.com using a password here is a link to the script

dissenter is a web browser plugin that lets you comment or review any site it was created by the makers of gab you can also comment on peoples tweets as well or pretty much any URL you can get your clicker on



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