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I have chosen to teach something that I just learnt 24 hours ago.
We can choose to evolve or not. Just as we work through our life as a victim, to become the survivor and then to be the embrasser of life, we can choose to grow from dependence, to become independent and then onto interdependence.
I could have got the I and You mixed up, that's fine I give myself permission to make mis-takes. I can take them again.
Yes I did.
When we are in the dependent space its about us using the word you.
You must help me, You must give me this, I need you to make me happy/complete/fulfilled

Independent is all about the I
I can do this, I need this, I want this

Great now I learnt this. I will not forget the next time round.

In Joy

I have chosen to undertake a 30 Day Challenge and I am up to day 16.

What is the New Norm.
We have become so used to living with the new norm that we have forgotten what we have forgotten.
I remember, do you?

I love this saying, I even painted T-shirts saying it.
The world is crazy then maybe we are a bit crazy on the inside job.
I have been talking about the fact it is an inside job for ages, maybe this will help you to comprehend this.

No one is coming to save you.
You drive your life,
You make the choices.
If you want something to happen in your life, get off the bloody couch and make it happen.

Society is so good at focusing on the negatives that we forget to look at the positives.
It feels good to see good. That says it all.
You have a choice everyday as to how you think, feel and at.
I love great compnay, great food, great conversation, it feels good.

Why do we need to choose leaders?
Do we need to be governed?
We have choices everyday. Be a conscious thinker and then you can choose whether you choose to live in your own heaven or hell.

We are creating every second of the day, we can never stop. We are creating machines.

Do you know what our Inalienable Rights are?
I did not, though I do now. These are our innate sovereign rights.

Joy, Turth and Love Series.
This video discusses the difference between coming from the space of appreciation as opposed to coming from the space of supplication. If you would like to learn more about that, you will have to listen.

My Next video in my Joy, Truth, Love journey.
We can come from two places, the place of love or the place of fear.
Which one do you choose?

We have two ears and one mouth and yet we still have not learned to listen as a species. We are so busy following leaders that we are not even listening to ourselves, or listening to our own inner guidance.
This is the first of my videos about my journey into Joy, Truth and Love.
I feel the calling within to share. It is time for awakenings and I have chosen to be transparent about this journey and vlog it.
We are moving into a new dimensional space and this means different things to each of us.


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