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Melaleuca has taken the initiative to protect its members from the COVID-19 pandemic and help all of us thrive as a company during this challenging time.

The speaker is explaining how the microchip is related to a mark of the beast described in Revelation 13:16 and 14:9. This age is coming to an end, but no one knows exactly when, not even Jesus Christ. Only God knows the day and hour. Believers remain vigilant and prepared for that day knowing faithfully we are saved by the blood of Jesus, perfect Lamb, Prince of Peace, Son of Man, my personal Lord and Savior. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Peace

Dr. Darold R. Morris II, DO - Whistleblower introduced by his daughter, Shelby Jo

Dr. Lisa Koche, MD is a Internal Medicine Specialist in Tampa, FL and has over 24 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Emory University medical school in 1996. She is affiliated with St. Joseph's Hospital.
Below is a link to Dr. Lisa Koche's YouTube channel...

The Mirror Project - One Good Example of Effective Economic Action

Former Vodaphone Boss Blows the Whistle on the Connection between 5G, Coronavirus & COVID-19

Derrick Broze has assembled perhaps the single most objectively truthful documentary about 5G technology and its effect on our health. Please watch, learn and share this video. Its content affects everyone. People have a right to know the truth, so we can make informed decisions in our best interests rather than those of people keeping this information from us.

5G technology is being used as a weapon against trusting people worldwide.
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Dr Stella Emmanuel talks about treating her patients who survive the virus

WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO - American Doctors Address COVID-19 Misinformation at SCOTUS Press Conference.

The Chair of Harvard's Chemistry Department, Dr. Charles Lieber, allegedly received over $1.5 million to set up a research lab in China, while working at Harvard and receiving multiple research grants from the U.S. Department of Defense and National Institute of Health. Dr. Lieber was recently arrested.

A "Second Wave" of COVID-19 cases is a lie. There's no "Second Wave" of COVID-19. It's 5G radiation people are showing symptoms of, but the "treatment" protocol is murder, genocide. It's a psychological operation making people believe lies about COVID-19 and the plan to vaccinate the world's population with Bill Gates' mark-of-the-beast vaccine. Cheryl McLoughlin's asks for help. Share this video urgently.

Here is food for thought, so think.

COVID-19 "deaths" borrow (steal) death figures from OTHER causes of death, for shock effect. Understand that. Do not fear. So-called "infection" figures are inflated with false positives, on purpose, and so-called "death" figures are stolen from other causes of death. Ask yourself why. Just think. Do not fear. Peace

This video is extremely disturbing information given to us by a healthcare professional whose warnings we should heed. Please watch and share this video with everyone you know. This information will not, for obvious reasons, be broadcast on mainstream media. It's on us, as citizen journalists, to share this information with people we care about to warn them. Dr. Carrie Madej is introduced in this video by Krystal Tini.

Consider 100% effective outpatient treatment rather than ICU treatment that has been a death sentence for too many people. This frontline experienced COVID-19 expert explains his extremely successful treatment regimen.

Are we winning the wars officials say we must? Wars against cancer, AIDS and terrorism? Hollywood films and health officials herald happy endings, but family and friends everywhere are ill and getting sicker, fatter, more depressed, and broke popping pills and paying medical bills. Now officials urge you to prepare for the worst bioterrorist attacks in history (aside from nuclear explosions, and escalating “natural” disasters). This controversial documentary produced by “World Leading Intellectual” and drug cartel critic, Dr. Leonard George Horowitz, exposes officials, corporations, and American intelligence agencies for historic devil-doing. This unique film takes you inside the policies, politics, and propaganda of genocide with a twist of humor. Horowitz exposes unprecedented fraud, malfeasance, and murder as a clear and present danger to you and your loved ones. In Lies We Trust examines the CIA’s direction of Hollywood, and modern medicine, and will have you rethinking their impacts on the way you think about current events, increasing threats of outbreaks, cancer, and AIDS. Where do you suppose skyrocketing rates of these and other modern plagues came from? This award-winning doctor advances compelling analyses of documents explaining our modern maladies as “socio-political impositions” not made in heaven. In Lies We Trust examines the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical profiteers behind medical madness; their political prostitutes, and shoddy scientists. Stunning evidence, including secreted interviews, explains why millions of innocent and gullible people worldwide have been killed, and billions more are now being frightened into drug addictions, side-effects, profitable illnesses, and premature death.

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We ran a massive viral pandemic simulation. Here's what we learned about managing Coronavirus.

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