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Low Budget Gaming


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- Welcome to Low Budget Gaming -
My aim is to help you game on a budget. AAA games are getting more and more expensive.With micro-transactions and season passes and loot boxes, gaming is starting to lose its fun. Not to mention the need to constantly upgrade our PCs in order to run these poorly optimized ports.
In order to enjoy gaming we have to be smart and try and figure out ways to save money and not fall for these traps.
- I make videos where I alert you whenever there is a FREE game giveaway on Steam,GOG,Origin etc.
- I look for deals and bundles where we can get games at a fraction of the cost.
- I try and figure out when would be the best time to buy a game to get the best out of it and at what price.
- I will make a point to mention games with good pro consumer policies and call out greedy publishers with anti-consumer tactics in their games.
- There will also be some Lets Plays, gaming related news & discussion type videos and other general gaming related content.