Lisa Rosch

Lisa Rosch

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Ole Dammegard, June 9, 2018
With some special add-ons for your consideration.

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Suzie Dawson, June 8, 2018

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Alison Weir, June 8, 2018
Part I: Israel Redefining The Meaning of Anti-Semitism [2:05]
Part II: Israel Censorship of the Internet & Social Media [14:40]

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Gerry Docherty, June 8, 2018
Analysis of the early 20th Century's abhorrent information manipulations, through meticulous research.

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Ray McGovern, 06/08/2018
Bonus: Ray McGovern, Patriot, Responsible U.S. Citizen. Video Clips from May 2006 and May 2018.

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Mark Crispin Miller, 06/08/2018

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Kevin Sabrosky, 06/10/2018

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Gilad Atzmon, 06/10/2018

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Kevin Barrett, 06/10/2018

Excerpt from Deep Truth Conference, Michael Springmann, 06/09/2018

Dr. Simon Bar Sinister Invents the Weather Machine to distort the Earth's weather patterns, but finds out he can't use the Weather Machine against Earth if he's on Earth. Cad points out they could use the Weather Machine if they weren't on the Earth. Simon and Cad spoil the Moon launch at Cape Canaveral by stealing a spacecraft with Sweet Polly as their prisoner after incapacitating the astronauts who were supposed to go with Sweet Polly. Sensing the danger, General Brainley, in charge of organizing the Moon launch, sent word for Underdog. Simon warns that if Underdog were to go to the moon, to harm Simon, Sweet Polly would be harmed. While Simon demonstrates the Weather Machine's powers, he creates a flood, which floods the Capitol Building, but Underdog makes a built-in drain, sending the flood out to sea. Then, Simon creates a lightning storm, but Underdog throws the lightning bolt into the sky. Then, Simon tries a tornado, but Underdog stops it with his atomic breath. Simon, after listening to one of Cad's suggestions, threatens to press all the keys on his Weather Machine unless the Earth agrees to make Simon dictator, and the world leaders have one hour to decide. Underdog knew it would be impossible for him to stop tornados, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and many other natural disasters all at once, and even if Simon spotted Underdog nearing the Moon, he would press all the keys on the Weather Machine and destroy the Earth, with Sweet Polly, too. Underdog turns invisible and defeats Simon and Cad, destroys the Weather Machine, rescues Sweet Polly and returns Simon, Cad, Polly, and the spaceship to Earth where Simon and Cad will be sent to jail.

Underdog Cartoon Episode Guide - Traditional Animation
Total Television Productions, Leonardo Televison Productions
Cartoon Characters: Underdog/Shoeshine Boy, Sweet Polly Purebread,
Simon Bar Sinister, Cad, General Brainley.
Voice Actors: Wally Cox, Norma Macmillan, Allen Swift, George S. Irving.
Produced By Joe Harris, Treadwell Covington, Buck Biggers, Chet Stover.
First Aired about 1965 on NBC Television NBC-TV (USA).
Episode Number: 202-A Color

Dr. Simon Bar Sinister was the main antagonist in the Underdog cartoon show. Simon was the wickedest man in the world, and it was his ambition to rule the world, but each time, Underdog defeated him.

Voiced by Allen Swift, and based on the voice and looks of Lionel Barrymore, Simon appeared to be only two feet tall. Simon's most famous saying was, "Simon says!" His henchman was Cad Lackey, who, though generally dull-witted, was occasionally capable of pointing out flaws in his boss's plans. Contrary to the mad scientist stereotype, Simon actually paid attention to Cad's suggestions.

In the 2007 live-action film adaptation, he is portrayed by Peter Dinklage. In the movie, Bar Sinister was originally a geneticist for a company in Capital City, using dogs as test subjects for the betterment of mankind. But after being laughed at by the mayor after attempting to have his research expanded to law enforcement, Bar Sinister began his work to create a super-power formula to get revenge and he took away Underdog's superpowers and put them in little blue pills and fed them to German shepherds and was sent to jail for his crimes. However, the incident resulted in the destruction of his lab that not only caused scarring of his forehead, the loss of some of his hair, and a limp in his right leg, but created Underdog.

The name Simon is of Hebrew origin, and the word bar in Hebrew typically denoted a patronymic surname. "Bar Sinister" is a macaronic reference to a heraldic mark, called barre sinister in French and bend sinister in English. The bend sinister is a line from the top right to the bottom left, and its diminutive form, correctly called a baton sinister, denotes illegitimacy. Despite its heraldic inaccuracy, the term bar sinister has been used in literary contexts to denote bastardy since the early 19th century. Hence, the name Simon Bar Sinister could be translated as "Simon the Bastard".

"As crises unfold, the images will out run the information."
-MSNBC 1999 Columbine Shooting
See if you are comfortable examining the questions posed in the final minutes of the video.

Christopher Bollyn, Author, on 911 truth and the endless war on terror, sheds his thoughts on awareness, activism and solutions. Sept 2017 [13 minutes]

See full video at:
Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11

David Icke challenges the 100th Celebration of The Balfour Declaration regardless of British Establishment attempts at censorship, in keeping with the tradition of the Zionist political party.

On 04/17/2018, Ronald Bernard speaks to the International Tribunal of Natural Justice whose mission is to apprehend the abuses and tyranny of systems and institutions; restore truth and reason to the delivery of justice in the world; and uphold natural justice as the foundational tenet of human expression beyond the artifice of borders and boundaries. During the inquiry into human trafficking and child sex abuse, Bernard speaks of his unfortunate circumstances as a child, experience with the elitist illuminati and his awakening to a life worth living. Bernard is now empowered to challenge the forces that beat down his former primal existence with aspirations to raise awareness from the manufactured reality and healing the world through unification.

Bonus Excerpt: Ronald Bernard Interview With Sacha Stone 05/02/2018

Recommended Interview: Ronald Bernard Interview with Ole Dammegard 05/31/2018 (scroll down the page)

An attempt to put perspective on an abundance of information and a collage of video presentations about the current media manipulation underway to sell NWO through themes of normalcy, popularity, benefit, progress, safety, fear and even inspiration. As in typical fashion, many MSM details are misrepresented or omitted. Most importantly they don't want you involved or concerned with what they are up to. Thoughts on what one can do completes the presentation. Issues addressed include propaganda, media manipulation, oligarchy, RFID chip, 5G, 911 Outcomes, Social Credit System, Sesame Credit, AIOpen Watchdog Group, Israel's Talpiot Program, Deep-State Mapping Project, NanoTechnology, Chemtrails, Monsanto GMOs, Vaccinations, Holistic Medicine, The Economist Magazine, The Zombie Apocalypse, Depopulation, The British Royals, The Georgia Guidestones, UN Agenda 21, World Economic Forum, Brave New World, 1984 and a slice of pizza!

Enduring Message from Apocalypse, Man.

Man Banned From His Own Land For Living Off-Grid
Awareness Act – 38K Views
It Is Now Illegal to Collect Rain Water!
Tjlazer – 205K Views
City Orders Man To Remove Vegetable Garden
WESH 2 News – 9.8K Views
Arrested for Growing A Tomato!
Piptaac101 – 176K Views
Seed Sharing Deemed Illegal In The United States
Learn Organic Gardening At GrowingYourGreens – 216K Views
Why Going Off The Electrical Grid In Illinois Is Illegal
Andrewesquivel – 294 Views
Living In A RV Or Tiny House Is Now Illegal!? (Part 1 of 2)
Luthorville: Building an Off-Grid Mohave Tiny House – 191K Views
Camping On Your Own Land Is Now Illegal/gov.wage War On Off Grid Living
Life prepper – 29K Views
Homeless Upset Over Tent City Eviction
KCRA News – 32K Views
Partial Victory For Cape Coral Woman Fighting To Live Off Grid
FOX 4 Now – 5.6K Views
Caller: Zoning Laws Screw Minorities And The Poor
Thom Hartmann Program – 419 Views

DANA DURNFORD, "The Nuclear Proctologist" follows the Fukushima Disaster 24-7 and has his own legitimate meltdown. THEN A MUST SEE:
Dana gets real, humbles himself and explains his love for the environment and the ocean.

WHY CALL THIS VIDEO MAD AS HELL From the movie Network (1976) -

For daily news and commentary on environmental and nuclear concerns:
Live Streams 10:30 PST and 12:30 CST daily.

Check out the documentation and before/after photographs from Durnford's Pacific exploration at: [Note: Considerable slowdown by google to view pictures since 2017]

Perhaps you saw the video that was shared around the internet in 2014: HORROR " Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation "

Ame3thyst3: Key words from you Lisa - Dana's Legitimate Meltdown. Dana has the COURAGE to speak the TRUTH!! DANA IS LEGEND!! Dana's COURAGE is monumental with six gag orders, I mean six gold medals, in order to silence him. That speaks volumes as to the lengths the nuclear cartel will go to cover-up the truth about nuclear radiation that causes CANCER and the 1800 diseases that always precede Cancer. The biggest cover-up in our known history! Thank you for sharing Dana's outrage at the 3/11/11 Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Japan which is an EXTINCTION EVENT!! Ionizing man-made nuclear radiation kills all living things, including the unborn, babies, and children. Yes, I am mad as hell too, just like Dana. How dare they murder our precious innocent children. I stand with Dana. Bless you and yours Lisa. God help us all.

[Footnote: There will be paid trolls in comments as they are part of the censorship apparatus to discredit Dana's efforts. There will be no reply on my part to their intimidation.]

Dana Durnford, Nuclear Expert, has a mission in life and that is to report facts and provide commentary on the sixth mass extinction event from Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Accident. Exploring the Pacific Coastline in 2014, he plans to make the arduous journey again in 2017 for maritime species counts and to confirm the extinction event continues. Durnford expresses his connection and experience with the ocean and his frustration by the silence of his peers, officials and the media. Despite 6 gag orders after his exploration in 2014, Durnford continues to research, analyze and comment on environmental and nuclear news daily on his YouTube channel Durnford also maintains a website where he provides documentation to support his research and commentary at (Note: Considerable slowdown by google to view pictures since 2017.) Please donate to support his relentless effort and/or share his videos for awareness. Thank you.

[Footnote: There will be paid trolls in comments as they are part of the censorship apparatus to discredit Dana's efforts. There will be no reply on my part to their intimidation.]

The Bloomsbury Group considered Mary a bit of an outsider but ugly-charming. And we are left with that reminder even today.

David Icke Speaks December 12, 2017

A blatant truth.

“Pound reminds us how much language shares with music.... Under the showy surface, however, the extra-poetic Pound reveals an all too human concern with vanity wounded by questions of publication, remuneration and reputation. Through it all runs a sense of alienation from a native land he needed to whip, presumably for its own good. Such themes—along with Pound's tiresome crusade against usury and modern capitalism—bedeviled his gifted mind."
-Rockwell Gray, Chicago Tribune

“Of all the major literary figures in the twentieth century, Ezra Pound has been one of the widely acknowledged and most controversial; he has also been one of modern poetry's most important contributors, yet the least read. Early in his career, Pound aroused controversy because of his aesthetic views; later, because of his political views. For the greater part of this century, however, Pound devoted his energies to advancing the art of poetry and maintaining his aesthetic standards in the midst of extreme adversity.

The Cantos his most famous works are peopled with figures Pound considers heroic, embodying the ideals of personal freedom, courage, and independent thinking. Figures whose public policies led to enlightened governing. Pound searched through the historical and mythical past as well as the modern world to find those who embodied the Confucian ideals of "sincerity" and "rectitude" in contrast to those who through greed, ignorance, and malevolence worked against the common good. An epic designed to dramatize the gradual acquisition of cultural knowledge on two levels: one, a spiritual quest for transcendence, for the revelation of divine forces that lead to individual enlightenment; the other, an intellectual search for worldly wisdom, a vision of the Just City that leads to civic order and harmony. These goals, personal and public, are present throughout the poem; they also sustained the poet throughout his life.”

WHAT DREW ME IN WITH POUND, was that he directly addressed the political reality of the early 20th century. Throwing up impediment to the situations we still find ourselves in today, he uniquely overlapped his creative mind with his social conscience. Combining both forces not only in his poetic works but also in his activism. Broadcasting his own commentaries from Rome Radio, he often attacked Roosevelt’s involvement in WW2 and the Zionist bankers whom he held responsible, while elevating the economic concepts of social credit. Later, incorporating much of this experience into his award winning Library of Congress, controversial 1949 Bollingen Prize for the Pisan Cantos poetic masterpiece.

I found myself admiring this man not only for his obvious creativity, but living his moral convictions. How utterly easy would it have been to just choose power and privilege (Chris Hedges). He chose the difficult, path of truth and justice, believing his inalienable right to freedom of thought and speech were protected. As a U.S. Citizen he paid dearly for that accused of treason, imprisoned and committed for more than a decade. Hence, we learn that there are no rights if they are in conflict with popular opinion which always follows along the lines of mass media productions. And because Pound among others were silenced, derailed, by mob mentalities, we have inherited that virus on a scale I am not sure he could have even imagined, ironically leading the ill-prepared en-mass toward moral and subservient bankruptcy. –Lisa Rosch 2017

Inspired by this nearly century old movement and the man, I found similarities with the events of the day, including free-speech, indoctrination, mob rule and violence. The establishment, oligarchs still behind-the-scenes, with their think-tanks might find this past very useful for strategy. Moreover, develop and fund their current “Antifa” groups to instill fear and prevent constructive thought. –Lisa Rosch, 2017

A very well produced video, engaging and informative. I had never heard of Oswald Mosley, to my shame as a citizen of the UK, but I can see that had Oswald Mosley been around now, he is a man I would respect, or revere. I think the main potential problem with him is that he appeared to support Hitler, and that tends to raise strong feelings. But we, none of us 'really', know the context. The thing is, that he talked sense! His detractors were the 'mob'. The collective worst of everyone in it. If he had had the internet in those days like we have now, I wonder if it would have been different. So easy for a baying crowd who really doesn't have ready access to facts (even tainted ones) is really just at the mercy of the trend! He talked a lot of sense in a very articulate way. We need people like him in every country. –David Winter, 2017


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AWAKE today as in the past all the "divide and conquer" orchestrations and manipulations lead to profitable greed of the few. Employing reward, punishment and blackmail to control and indoctrinate others with mob mentalities, shutting down research and critical thought with fearful wordage, silencing free-speech, controlling information and educational systems. It all starts and ends with "usury" a term identified many times over in history and even today, when those who peddle an invisible product hoard the world's sustenance. Their PR propaganda machine known as government, mainstream media, and the usefulness of religion attempts to manipulate humans against one another, drudging up old themes and new ones. We are all different due to experience and interpretations and regardless of any narrative or effort, only one thing ties us together, our species, that requires the utmost respect by all. Theft from others (causing harm) is against natural law. Separatists to the human race are a breach to the natural law contract. We need to care for everyone, we have the systems to do that now but time is not on our side. It is up for debate if the earth will decide or the profiteers on how the masses of our species will go extinct. Profiteers are aware of all of this and have been preparing. The masses need to identify this now, take action through mass movements by uniting across the aisle, with those you don't agree with on secondary issues. Identify and not enable their agendas of division, the orchestrations and their profit machine, or we will all perish together. To borrow from Chris Hedges, you must decide which side you are on: Power & Privilege or Truth & Justice.