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AWAKE today as in the past all the "divide and conquer" orchestrations and manipulations lead to profitable greed of the few. Employing reward, punishment and blackmail to control and indoctrinate others with mob mentalities, shutting down research and critical thought with fearful wordage, silencing free-speech, controlling information and educational systems. It all starts and ends with "usury" a term identified many times over in history and even today, when those who peddle an invisible product hoard the world's sustenance. Their PR propaganda machine known as government, mainstream media, and the usefulness of religion attempts to manipulate humans against one another, drudging up old themes and new ones. We are all different due to experience and interpretations and regardless of any narrative or effort, only one thing ties us together, our species, that requires the utmost respect by all. Theft from others (causing harm) is against natural law. Separatists to the human race are a breach to the natural law contract. We need to care for everyone, we have the systems to do that now but time is not on our side. It is up for debate if the earth will decide or the profiteers on how the masses of our species will go extinct. Profiteers are aware of all of this and have been preparing. The masses need to identify this now, take action through mass movements by uniting across the aisle, with those you don't agree with on secondary issues. Identify and not enable their agendas of division, the orchestrations and their profit machine, or we will all perish together. To borrow from Chris Hedges, you must decide which side you are on: Power & Privilege or Truth & Justice.