Why people don't get their prayers answered or heard

This man died 37 times - is the actual title of this video - Super WOW!!!

7 Year Tribulation to start in 2023 - Rapture believed to be in fall of 2021 (see End Times - Daniel video in this channel for the Rapture time)

Illuminati controlling everything - Evil plan(s)

Second part of list of Aliens compiled from governments

First part of compilation of Aliens from several governments

Reptilians - fallen ones, Evil ones

This will open your eyes to the truth of the Vatican and the pope(s)

Absolutely cannot deny this anymore

So many images that have been hidden from us for so long now

Film crew in Antarctica mysteriously disappeared and nobody is talking about it

Amazing footage

NOW these are Giants.

The truth about giants have been suppressed for a very long time but no longer

Explains why, at the latest, the fall of 2021 will be the Great Tribulation

Bible description of the fall of Lucifer and angels who followed


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My playing abound for the first time ever with having a channel is at its end. I never expected even one subscriber and was absolutely amazed when I started to get any!!

I continued because, for some reason, the subscriptions keep rising!? I'm growing tired of doing the uploads now so I'll release less daily for just a little while and unless I get some comments requesting for me to keep this channel going, I will end uploads and forget about this channel (I'll just leave it as is)

Roginattor (April 1st 2021) is the date of this statement.