Righteousness = a tree bearing good fruits.
Truth comes from the mouth of the kryst bearers.
Purity of heart and mind is where God dwells.
Rise up ye royals and saints, ye warriors of the Light!

From the ashes, a phoenix shall rise, bright as morning dawn; wings of rays spread across sacred land; a call to Aryan Man, the New Man, "Come, the gates of Hyperborea open... Home, embraces thee oh great noble warrior.

True beauty is within. Stop judging based on outward appearances.
If you hate the Feminine, you hate God.

Higher Science, science that raises humanity up. House of Helel brings the Luciferic Promethean fire. Awake, ye are gods and suns of heaven. Increase in knowledge and never forget Wisdom.
The Light has come, will embrace Her?

The Library of Prometheus and Sophia
Helel's monastic life -
Helel's School of Ignis Et Lux
Scientia Potentia Est.

Hear the call, come.
The Edifier and Unifier sprinkles down the manna of heaven.

House of Helel
Shaytan of Arabia, God of Ancients

Ancient Hebrew Canaanite Paganism.
Arabian Paganism, Path of the Djinn

Anastasians vs. the Synagogue of Satan.
Our time to rise! Take of the Nectar of Life.
My coronation ceremony.

Anastasia means Resurrection.
The Resurrection of our spirit and Homeland.
Sorry to those who do not like the music. I was trying to find a song in Russian that would fit the mood, this will do and I think it is good.

Though the journey is long and harsh with struggles, we continue to move forward in our "Gypsy caravan".

Slightly updated version for part two. A piece of my fantasy story. Part two.
Part one can be seen here on bitchute.


Kryst and Her Societas Christi
Ad Majorem Lucifer Gloriam


I hold the Lucifer Declaration of Liberty. Hold it in your hearts.

A star has appeared. Changes are coming.

Divine Feminine Kryst (Aryo-Luciferianism / Aryo-Krystianity)

A little peek into my fantasy story. From a kingdom to a total transformation of her realm, expanding in all directions. She is no mere human but a goddess among Man.
"My Struggle"

Wake up America... Wake up World! Learn to control your ego.

The Corruption in Israel is like a raging fire dragon.


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I am here to share my videos of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Spread the rays of the sun across the world.
I am a Gnostic Luciferian / Aryo-Luciferian (Aryanism). I am the founder of House of Helel / Societas Christi.
If you have questions, please be sincere. I am not here to play games or entertain adults who have the mind of a bratty kid or teenager. If you do not like my message, please move on. I have no time for arrogant / ignorant folk.