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First impressions.. Telegram can be such a blast.

BOOM! 15 Minute Cities speech at a recent city council meeting in Aurora, Ontario. Joel Sussmann speaking.

Your average 'woke' Westerner would be hard pressed to imagine that they were cheering on Nazi's with their blue and yellow empty headed virtue signaling, and while the majority of the people in this historic and condensed footage clearly portray, blue and yellow are their colors. but more importantly, their inclusive tone was the very reason for their march.
Earlier in February, their elected leader was violently deposed by way of US State Department conceived coup. The characters in this footage with helmets, shields, guns, axes, - which appear well coordinated, trained, and purposed? Azov Nazis loyal to a long dead Nazi collaborator named Bandera from the 2nd World War. The peaceful march was a unified position against both the Nazi mentalities and the perpetrators of the coup, 2 birds one stone as it were, for they were largely the same people.
When Zelenski would later run for office, the well recognized comedian, known for his penchant for drag costumery, television roles and generally hamming it up, ran on a platform of ending the hostilities with the Donbass regions ethnic Russian populations, like "Hey I have an idea! We'll shelling the shit out of those people and turn a new leaf!" , the appetite was there for it and Zelenski seemed two very symbolic dots which were easy enough to connect with; celebrity and a platform that was more than just needed, it looked as though everyone might get on with their lives.
Zelenski would discover why he was groomed if he hadn't figured it out already.
"Give peace a chance' was never going to be even asked to dance.. not even for the sake the cameras.
This is a situation that is ongoing right now.. in your town, in your state.
Orwell's standard issue boot is being readied as we speak.

Relevant new footage of the underground discoveries.

Dr. Albert Bourla, DVM, PhD.
Chairman and CEO of Pfizer in conversation at the annual J.P. MORGAN Healthcare Conference

The new prices Bourla references on the 9th, Dr. Been cites today on the 11th - Relevant so included here.
Drbeen Medical Lectures
Jan 11th, 2023 - FDA Did Not Share Booster Data, 400% Price Increase, Michelle Zimmerman; More News

Dr. Mullis:
"With the PCR test, they can find almost Everything in Everyone. That's where the idea starts that Everything is in Everything."

Dr. Mullis was hired to use his PCR test to detect HIV in blood samples as the cause of AIDS. He could find nothing❗️

Dr. Mullis was ready to expose Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Gallo. He allegedly died of heart and respiratory failure brought on by pneumonia (August 7, 2019).

This dude is coherent, capable, and has quite a story.

Yesterday , Feb 2 & 3*, one lane was opened in good faith between the convoy and the RCMP.
Feb 3 RCMP got pushy and pushed.
Some of the Convoy folk got themselves out the arena for which no prior training or experience had ever been afforded.
They and returned with friends.

It's getting interesting out there...
The cornered rats are too fully vested.
It is a matter of peaceful non compliance.
Your wits and good sense part of your foundation of your own reliance.

In the video titled "COLLEGE LVL TRAINING VIDEO - FOR PCR. DO THE MATH. TIME+ERROR+LABS ? NO WAY. THOSE QTIPS? BACK ALLEY" Uploaded to this channel on January 23, 21 Just a shy of one year, I state :

"This test cannot possibly be used to test every sample taken from a 6 inch q tip stuck up each non symptomatic fool's sinus cavity.
Simple math.
Tests + time + Labs ?
"Yup the test came back positive.. "
Somewhere in the back alleys near the hospital, there's garbage bags full of disposed q tips.
Kids delivering flyers often dust off a few blocks then discretely toss the materials they're paid to distribute in garbage bins and back alleys..

Here seem to have some rather telling evidence in support of this hypothesis.
@45$ per test?
Public Health was in this up to their eye balls.

Self assembling and able to take instructions from a distance, who wouldn't want a self aware collar and an invisible tether that would guide your steps for those long solitary walks that for now, seems optional just so long as it remains an option. Of course you'd have to be a dog to appreciate that I guess, but just so long as a tazer remains a tazer, held in the trained and capable hands of front line law enforcement, you could respond accordingly with calm gestures and so forth in case there was suddenly, a shelf life concerning those quiet strolls.. the police might simply be arriving to inform you of the latest curfew, no need to worry about any confusion here.. See? The police aren't keeping their hands ominously poised near their belts.. actually, they look rather relaxed.. Okay cool. Hmm,. well, suddenly are they frowning at you ..expressions nearly reaching a level that looks more like scowling!
The next thing you realize, you're prone on the pavement... with 40,000 volts running through you.. Seems you got tazed after all.
That was a test.
Sorry for the shock and awe of it all.
Are you okay?
Let me help you up.. sorry, yeah.. um okay.. just collect yourself as best you can and we'll hang here long enough to make sure you're back on your feet.. to wander back home.

La Quinta Columna: "Almost 90 scientific health institutions around the world fail to SCIENTIFICALLY prove the existence of SARS-COV-2" In short the non-existent, non-isolated, non purified, non-cultivated, Sars-Cov-2 presented to us ala the 'official version and its variants' is actually carried in the flu vaccines of the 2019/2020 campaign followed by the SARs-COV-2 Vaccines. The disease known as Covid-19 is actually a relabeled name derived from observational data when graphene oxide was previously tested for human tolerances, a syndrome dubbed graphene-enhanced acute irradiation syndrome. With few exceptions, seniors in long term care facilities received flu shots that year, much like any other. The death tolls in these facilities would serve to facilitate the rush for emergency authorized 'vaccines'. (Operation WARP SPEED ) Every effort that would marginalize novel and emerging treatments such as the repurposing of widely available drugs such Ivermectin, HCQ, etc are now a matter of public record.
AS the 'vaccination' campaigns got under way, and AS the safety data for these vaccines' was either obfuscated and withheld at every turn, (as FOIA requests have clearly shown) the race to implement the mass vaccination campaigns under the complicit eyes of the WHO, CDC & FDA and other institutions of public health in other jurisdictions began in haste. Discourse on these matters was neither invited nor appreciated, again, a matter of public record. What began as a 'solution worthy of celebration' initially with respect to marketing turned into something compulsory in such a short order of time that only the indoctrinated, the uneducated or the combination of both, would see the only problem as that of those whom were 'hesitant'.

Tis easier to fool someone than it is to convince someone that they've been fooled.
Having said that, there exists the possibility that this channel may have been fooled by mirroring this information, however, that determination might likely be coming sooner rather than later.

This channel has translated the information as accurately as possible. Given the translation offered within the presentation it was felt that a more comprehensible parsing of the key points was needed in order to relay the gravity of the matter.

Surely, this information must be further explored and weighed for its validity ; if even 30 % of it were to satisfy the most stringent of criteria?
It would seem that we would require a monolithic response among a misdirected and divided set of stakeholders.

Truth is the biggest casualty here, for it were encouraged ?

Indeed.. a what a GREAT RESET that could be.


Dr. Mel Bruchet This Doctor was apparently JUST taken by RCMP , admitted into a psychiatric hospital in North Vancouver where it is believed he might be at risk of being involuntarily treated with anti psychotic medications and so forth, potentially serving as a means to keep the man out of view.

The RCMP and their well known history of serving politicized agendas from to time to time raises yet even more questions here.

News @ 11

You already know all of this
What you’re waiting for is for someone to go first.
What if we all went at once?
They wouldn’t see that coming but they sure would see that coming.

2015 Gain Of Function gets shelved via the Obama administration and the circumvention to Wuhan is underway.
Ecohealth Alliance well that rhymes with compliance..but Ivermectin still rhymes with pectin... c'ept you don't find it in jam.

My cat was 19 yrs old before succumbing to a recent heat wave. I ran him to the vet for a humane transition. The boomers watched him pant and suffer for three and half hours before I arrived to drop my friends boat into the water - Hey that's my cat I exclaimed.. You old pricks. When your end comes, you'll finally know, who it was that shot JR.

(Satire… talk to Roger)

Update March 7/22

I posted this on that same day - June /21

I was angry about the situation, certainly, I was struck by the implications of that which is presented above.

Anyone that I know who has spent time in the geriatric service industry spoke of varied dynamics. not so much in the protocols or specific routines, but the clients themselves.
When I was a kid, I had a very natural fondness towards the elderly. My Grandmothers both, my maternal grandfather, seating me upon the bicycle he bought me while visiting for about 2-3 wks, and paternal, a character of a sort for which well, lived series of fictions, left a few fractures..( not literally ) -Ugh..well a movie could be made and you'd all go see it, because if not a result of me pitching it, after having successfully pitched it, then because others had exclaimed wow.. til then

and back to where I was going with this,..

As we are all who we are

and we are all only as informed

as we've been an active houseplant in that

daily grind called our 'perceive'

maybe a few questions hobbies favorite shows

I have to sell this and at the same time

enlist help for the sake of this hypothesis

but even that, should segue to this

The Marzipan and the Midazolam

"Sorry, but we stole your pensions, we're coming for your resource's, and we're pulling your plugs!"

Got your attention?

In the context of mans inhumanity to man

and That which is our current IMax movie

if from this world to the next , you don't learn anything

are taken by surprise , wait this is.. the wrong roller coaster..?

We're all on it one way or another - across time zones , though next door neighbors seldom know each other anymore

Leonard Cohn - When they said repent


I wondered what they meant.

Man that is so many of us. What do you mean Leonard ?

Oh yeah! That thing .. behind the thing... beside that other thing..

okay we're in a movie - sorta ..

Up there.

The author of all this, whose everywhere at once, potentially

You've not ventured into the idea too much but that gene meme is in you

a relative, a friend , or waking up on your couch drunk over on Sunday morning to a pastor or clergyman on tv ..

Well, repent ..what does it meant?

You're suddenly sorry for a bunch of stuff in your life ?


it means engage and discover who it is you're talking to

This that moment where you connect

your pain, your burdens, your very state of both current and past concerns...

This is your facing the wind of truth peace and love

the vibration is said to be too much to behold

What rank and file beings we must be then


Your head hides your heart cries

The chirping conundrum with the lids tight

Its alright

and stand before the one whom you already know to at least be

the one to whom you are fully known and therefore

it is enough to stand within the parenthesis

You can say well. I haven't rushed this realization'

and perhaps, even oddly, were preparing for it..

Christ, whom you don't know..

What he did was best friend cool

What he did allows for this very moment right now

To stand in his father's presence

and be known

and be forgiven..

and be set for journey home..

if that be why you're here

right now


it's good

Across every culture and time that thing

which is deceitful above all things

it also has some good things

no manual really comes with this

but that fire in a jar you might be holding

that one in your chest right now

and perhaps this isn't quite how you imagined it to be, but the floor is yours

whatever happens from here

and wherever that happens to be

Engage with he and he be close to thee

This is not invisible friend stuff

though largely invisible I would say..

you'll see

find your peeps and be careful

Dr Byram Bridle Professor of Viral Immunology on Spike Protein - the data is hard hitting - the injection site into the muscle of the arm is not measuring up as it was originally expected. The spike proteins that are part of the messenger system employed for the purposes of surviving the host defenses in so much as they can have an audience with the jury of both innate and perhaps even acquired immunity are crashing other parties in the process. In short, anyone who is vaxxed is at considerable risk.

Mirrored from the yootube channel - Global Conversations - Regis Tremblay and friends March 26, 2021
Conversation with Russell 'Texas' Bentley

This test cannot possibly be used to test every sample taken from a 6 inch q tip stuck up each non symptomatic fool's sinus cavity.

Simple math.

Tests + time + Labs ?

"Yup the test came back positive.. "

Somewhere in the back alleys near the hospital, there's garbage bags full of disposed q tips.

Kids delivering flyers often dust off a few blocks then discretely toss the materials they're paid to distribute in garbage bins and back alleys..


"If an individual goes so far in the assertion of his own will that he encroaches upon the assertion of will which is essential to my person as such, and denies it, then my warding off of that encroachment is only the denial of that denial, and thus from my side is nothing more than the assertion of the will which essentially and originally appears in my body, and is already implicitly expressed by the mere appearance of this body; consequently is not wrong, but right. That is to say: I have then a right to deny that denial of another with the force necessary to overcome it, and it is easy to see that this may extend to the killing of the other individual, whose encroachment as external violence pressing upon me may be warded off by a somewhat stronger counteraction, entirely without wrong, consequently with right. For all that happens from my side lies always within the sphere of the assertion of will essential to my person as such, and already expressed by it (which is the scene of the conflict), and does not encroach on that of the other, consequently is only negation of the negation, and thus affirmation, not itself negation. Thus if the will of another denies my will, as this appears in my body and the use of its powers for its maintenance, without denial of any foreign will which observes a like limitation, I can without wrong compel it to desist from such denial, i.e., I have so far a right of compulsion. In all cases in which I have a right of compulsion, a complete right to use violence against another, I may, according to the circumstances, just as well oppose the violence of the other with craft without doing any wrong, and accordingly I have an actual right to lie precisely so far as I have a right of compulsion. Therefore a man acts with perfect right who assures a highway robber who is searching him that he has nothing more upon him; or, if a burglar has broken into his house by night, induces him by a lie to enter a cellar and then locks him in. A man who has been captured and carried off by robbers, for example by pirates, has the right to kill them not only by violence but also by craft, in order to regain his freedom. Thus, also, a promise is certainly not binding when it has been extorted by direct bodily violence, because he who suffers such compulsion may with full right free himself by killing, and, a fortiori, by deceiving his oppressor. Whoever cannot recover through force the property which has been stolen from him, commits no wrong if he can accomplish it through craft. Indeed, if some one plays with me for money he has stolen from me, I have the right to use false dice against him, because all that I win from him already belongs to me." -Schopenhauer

A documentary that details much of what has been largely censored since the outbreak of the pandemic since March of 2020.

In this video we will discuss an article in pre-print that studied high dose ivermectin and COVID-19 viral loads. Ivermectin has a growing body of literature suggesting efficacy against COVID-19. That all started with a study done in cell culture that treated cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus with Ivermectin and found more than 99% inhibition of viral replication. With this being said though, the dosing that was used in that in vitro study was reported to be very high as compared to what is considered safe in humans. These authors took that information and tested whether high dose Ivermectin (.6mg/kg/day) decreased viral loads in COVID-19. What they found was quite interesting. Initially, they found that the viral loads did not differ significantly between the control group and Ivermectin group. They took this a step further though and tested systemic concentrations of Ivermectin in the study subjects. What they found was that in study subjects with higher concentrations of Ivermectin, there was a significant decrease in SARS-CoV-2 viral loads! Check out the video for all the details.
Originally posted by White Board doctor on Youtube

Links to studies - Caveat these are potentially under threat

ARCHIVE everything that matters for it may not last for long!

Briefly on Youtube, originally titled 'banned', this video features clips of credentialed doctors who identify themselves by name and specialties. Clearly they say what mean most certainly mean what they say.
The graphic serving as the cover image , an apropos addition affixed after the fact.


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