Musick by LUXUS / Luxembourg

(this one contains the video credits at the end)

- Willie Pultz: guitars
- Dan Kries: bass
- André Faber: flute
- Mich Lumpenbuck: growl
- chick'n.MO: masterkeys

Luxembourg Hollerich 2000?

SUNKEN SAILOR - Thierry van Werveke as The Sailor

musick by LUXUS / Luxembourg

"You can tell it's real because it looks so fake!"

Musick by LUXUS / Luxembourg

- Willie Pultz: guitars
- Dan Kries: bass
- Chantal Gottschalk: vocals
- Joël Schandeler: sax
- chick'n.MO: percussion, masterkeys

Budget No 3003 - 70's in slow motion...

Musick by LUXUS / Luxembourg

(extended version based on 'Budget No 3001' from 'Burning down the Castle' by BANDIT's)

- Guy Schmit: vocals, guitar
- Jean-Claude Kiefer: harp, backing vocals
- Jos Seil: guitar, backing vocals
- Dan Kries: bass
- Menn Olinger: drums
- Willie Pultz: solo guitar
- chick'n.MO: oasys

EISKALINKA: WHAT LUXEMBOURGISH MEN DO (when women aren't watching)

Musick by LUXUS / Luxembourg

- Paul 'Lebaer' Lebrun: bass
- Mel Goulding: guitar, perc. drums, percussion
- Paul Kremer: mandoline, ballaballalaika
- Alex: violin en passant
- chick'n.MO: masterkeys


Contains MOST IMPORTANT SPEECH given at French National Assembly:
Philippe Seguin (Assemblée Nationale 05.05.1992)
Unfortunately the speech was futile.
An overwhelming majority of politocrats voted in favour of the Maastricht Treaty anyway,
losing most of France's sovereignty to the European Union.

Musick by LUXUS

- Philippe Séguin: vox
- Willie Pultz: guitar
- chick'n.MO: masterkeys

link to the speech at formidable Bitchute:
(obviously in french and without the music - could someone please come up with a translation?)


Houere Scheiss Velo'en op der Strooss! Fucking bicycles on the road!
Scheiss Fahrräder auf der Strasse! Vélos de MERDE sur la route!
Dumba krolszu Solzacres Brogni (I don't know what language this could be, I just made it up...;-)

Musick by LUXUS

- Edgar Kohn: lead vocals
- Willie Pultz: guitars
- Craz, Willie: introwock
- Joël Schandeler: introsax
- chick'n.MO: bass, backing vocals, masterkeys


I'm a Social Justice Warrior on the front lines in a war,
we're out to find a better lance, the enemy, the cause.
The social justice warrior born to conquer and divide,
Eat the Rich and feed the poor on grass from the greener side.

When I set my sights on you there's no way to hide.

I'm a social justice warrior, a soldier in the field,
a leader, not a follower behind a plasm shield
I'm a social justice warrior, filled with anger, hate and rage,
a social justice warrior driving in the nails.

Which side will I hang when I balance out the scales?

Musick by LUXUS

- Mel Goulding: vocals
- Willie Pultz: marxism shrine solo guitar
- chick'n.MO: guitars, bass, masterkeys

(for video credits: watch it!)

Sum Ting Wi Lee Wong!

Musick by LUXUS - Luxembourg

- Willie Pultz: guitars
- Dan Kries: bass
- André Faber: flute
- Mich Lumpenbuck: growl
- chick'n.MO: masterkeys


Silent Drug$ (AshraTempel, der Kaffee ist fertig!)

Neuroleptika - Antidepressiva - Tranquilizer - Vereinte Halluzinationen...

musick by LUXUS / Luxembourg

- Simone Lebrun: vocals
- Mel Goulding: reverse guitar, perc. drums
- André Faber: flute, sax
- chick'n.MO: guitar, bass, backing vocals, masterkeys

Blöde Q (Blöde Kuh)

LUXUS / Luxembourg

- Chantal Gottschalk: vocals
- Willie Pultz: guitars
- chick'n.MO: masterkeys

Nur die dümmsten Kälber wählen ihre Metzger selber (B. B.)

Luxembourg: Willie PULTZ

Luxus Underground Research Kitchen 1999.

(Modus Operandus: ZOU WI ENG HANDBREMS!)


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