First rail launch of the aircraft. Slow motion segments at the end...

fly around - first try


REC orbit and overhead

Diamond Street Flyby - 100ft

first run of contra-rotating prop assembly. i think my esc's need to be calibrated - they are acting slightly differently.

Ducted Fan version of the Gravity Cancellation Accessory for the Mavic.....

design complete - ground tests run with single engine - waiting for delivery of contra rotating assembly from china...

improved with what i learned yesterday on how to mission plan.

Batteries moved down - "stick" lipo batteries - 1400 mah each. 2 30a esc, motor/rotor contra-rotating 1600k, receiver not shown (hitec optima6). it will weight about 454g (1lb)

Ridge in hills between leona valley and antelope valley around 110th west.

1994 sat image from GE

11000 feet mission - flight to ridge line and back

higher on out and back and i moved some waypoints to avoid hill clipping

i would probably fly over at a higher altitude and drop down for the orbit around the field and then climb higher for the return.

real parts.... not showing the rc receiver yet on the little shelf by the motor.

this is the first plan... near the end where it jumps it will do a 360 degree turn in front of the house before it climbs to the overview shot. that rotation cannot be shown in the preview tool.

the turns don't happen at points 3, 6, and 7 but they will with the real flight.

terrain is flat in video because tools don't allow terrain. maybe someday they will....

google earth does not allow me to show terrain in this process - i can explain later....


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