Just an update on some lifts. I've been training with Vengeance Strength Kvlt's online coaching program since ~December (2018). Squat was 255, Bench Press 145, and Deadlift 260.

Now back to your irregularly scheduled guitar noodling...
(Actually, I just got April's Metalhead box in the mail, so expect that video soon first!)


+ Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Stagger Lee
+ Jimi Hendrix - Freedom
+ Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
+ Static-X - Control It

Expect to see some more motorcycle related content eventually.

Unboxing of March 2019's Metalhead Box delivery, two LP and a t-shirt edition. LP feature is Vanik II Dark Season (2018) and on cassette Massacre's The Second Coming (1990), with a Deströyer 666 t-shirt, Satyricon pin, Slayer patch, and Death Angel promo flyer.

Unboxing of February 2019's Metalhead Box delivery, two LP and a t-shirt edition. LP feature is Sorcier des Glaces' "Snowland". Package arrived March 11th, and I'm new to editing video so it's a bit late.


+ Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed to Skate
+ Ted Nugent - Dog Eat Dog
+ Bob Marley and the Wailers - Three Little Birds
+ Slipknot - Wait and Bleed
+ T.S.O.L. - Abolish Government/Silent Majority
+ Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here

+ Abbath - Count the Dead
+ Static-X - Bled for Days
+ White Zombie - Thunderkiss '65
+ Screaming Females - Rotten Apple

+ Anthrax - In My World
+ Operation Ivy - Sound System
+ T.S.O.L. - Abolish Government/Silent Majority
+ Nails - You Will Never Be One of Us
+ Slipknot - the Heretic Anthem

+ Jimi Hendrix - Fire
+ Mgla - Exercises on Futility V
+ Muse - Knights of Cydonia

+ Static-X - Bled for Days
+ Ted Nugent - Dog Eat Dog
+ Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
+ Operation Ivy - Knowledge


+ Slipknot - Spit it Out
+ the Smashing Pumpkins - Today
+ Final Fantasy - Battle Medly
+ T.S.O.L. - Abolish Government/Silent Majority
+ Amon Amarth - Destroyer of the Universe
+ Motörhead - Louie Louie
+ Mgła - Exercises in Futility I


Death - Crystal Mountain

The Specials - Ghost Town

Behemoth - Wolves Ov Siberia

Joy Division - No Love Lost

Nails - You Will Never Be One of Us

Getting some bass in with #Rocksmith2014 on PC.

+ Bathory - Reaper
+ Alice Coooper - Love is a Loaded Gun
+ Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country
+ Death - Scream Bloody Gore

Getting some bass time in with Rocksmith 2014 a few days ago. Jan. 17, 2019

Arcade Fire - "Rebellion (Lies)"
Exodus - "Bonded by Blood"
Nails - "You Will Never Be One of Us"
Manowar - "Kingdom Come"
Type O Negative - "Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)"
Bauhaus - "Bela Lugosi's Dead"

Practicing guitar, learning some songs with Rocksmith 2014 on PC.

Death (1975 punk) - "Keep on Knockin'"
Venom - "Welcome to Hell"
Manowar - "Defender"
Dio - "Shame on the Night"


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