This title is dumb, I know, but it's because I went to both the nether and twilight yet again.

Welp, I was expecting an epic battle like the one I had against the Naga but I was disappointed with the outcome of the fight.

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Another video of me playing this rom hack and rambling, enjoy lol.

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Today I found a Minoshroom labyrinth and attempt to raid and find the boss within it.

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In this episode I hop into the Twilight Forest again and explore some random houses with loots and raid some small leaf labyrinth!

I saw this rom hack back in 2016 and have always wanted to play it and now I finally get that chance along with the opportunity to record it and upload for the world to see.

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This video was the best I've made on this series so far.

One of histories best videos.

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The twilight expedition where we fight the naga, kill it and hopefully beat the lich king.

Just a pissed off guy from the year 2012 or something, just randomly remembered it, maybe I'll get some 9/11 memes soon.

Finally we arrive into a different dimension to chill and stuff lelel

I forgot the tags and the fucking thumbnail -_-

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Holy shit it's not click-bait he got the sword within the first 3 minutes - Random guy who hates click-bait.

Bet they didn't see THIS one coming :p

One of the most classic memes ever

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This is absolutely incredible the fact that I've actually managed to keep a series going for more than 2 episodes.

Lyrics are unknown but this god send of a meme is very lovable

25ish episodes left :D

Use this to troll the living fuck out of anyone you want Loool

One White guy, one black guy.... two fat cocks.... oil....


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