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Timmy Has Found Jesus Thanks to a Minecaft Youtuber Known As SSundee He has now dedicated his life to Giving Money to The Church, Also Tfue Used Bots to Pass Ninja In Viewers

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I Think Quadeca's Diss Track is the Best Youtube Disstrack, What Do You Guys Think?

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Quadeca's Diss Track https://youtu.be/ZdlrVDwn_a4

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So ItzDiecies Took down My Video, Because i Criticized Him for clickbaiting, And if i took him to court i would win, The clip that i used from his video falls Under Fair Use, Hopefully This video show people who diecies Really Is

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Server ➜ Twitter ZOidMCN
Server ➜ IP - MC.ZOIDMC.net
Server ➜ port:25663
Server Shop ➜ http://zoidmcn.buycraft.net

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So i was Kicked from Swift Alliance Because i got into A Twitter Fight With Keemstar, So im done with this whole cod Clan stuff, It never works out anyway, Im going to start Pumping Out content, Let me Know what I should make videos on

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Do you guys like Minecraft, Well check out my 2nd channel I upload daily Minecraft videos

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super pg family friendly Christian Channel

Old Description from First video maybe it Will get me more views idk

Minecraft Role play

Mcpe roleplay

Minecraft Thanksgiving

Minecraft Xbox

Minecraft ps4

Minecraft pc

Minecraft pe


Minecraft rp

Mcpe rp

roleplay server

rp server

Mcpe Server

Minecraft roleplay server

should I script my videos?

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My next video will be the best gun in bo4 This Was my first Ever 30 Kill game Normally i get 10-2


So Shane Dawsons Jake Paul series is Finally over, I know Some people wanted Shane to Destroy Jake, But im happy with the ending, Team 10 VS Clout Gang is officially over, Both jake and Alissa Got Their Stories Out there, Hopefully After this people learn to stay away from logan Paul

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Let me know if you want to see more bo4 videos

I'm sure you guys have noticed that Minecraft isn't as big as it once was, The PVP community is dying, and The modding community is dead, And because of that YouTubers don't upload any more, Minecraft isn't dead, but it is Definetly dying

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For only $300 i can record and play minecraft at 100 fps, Not bad, i plan on upgrading this PC In the Future, For Now it does what i need it to

Link to my 2nd channel: https://youtu.be/k1jge9IGhxk

I will Be uploading daily Minecraft videos

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Again I don't [email protected] TimberSquirrel if you want to go check him out here's his channel : https://youtu.be/_yt4WSHGVd8

I s#ear if you Ecpe Fanboys A!!ack me Imma be P!$$ed F**kArrow

lol i need money I'm so close to getting my first yt paycheck

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Plexium Has Been Shut Down, But They Are Making A New Server Called EpicMc check out their twitter https://twitter.com/EPICMC/status/1041021916423880708

ThunderLogo Will Be Missed, Its Sad How Far People Will Go Over A Block Game, I Will continue to Support Plexium And i Hope You Will 2

Server ip: Fac.Plexiumpvp.net

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Looks Like They Forgot This Wasn't Battlefront #EA #BFV #Glitch

I Dont Know What Im Doing Wrong Or Why My Channel Is Dying, What Do you Guys Want to See (Besides Minecraft) Ill Make Whatever You Guys Want To See

New Minecraft On the 2nd channel

The Truth Is When I wasnt Looking My Invisible Dog Got on my Pc and Download an Auto Clicker and Used it to Hack, Dont worry hes de#d After What He Did, I just Need To Find Him

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