Another Epic Victory Royale


So ive never won Fortnite Blackout Or H1z1 ive already won 2 games, This game has a long way to go before it's Perfect, But At least it's Fun


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Keemstar is an idiot, He defends ricegum for spamming Little kids But doesn Defend Mumkey After He was Falsely Terminated Multiple times

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Season 11 Has been a terrible Season, The characters are horrible, The writing is bad, and the forced diversity is annoying, The only thing good about the show is Graham, Hes a truly enjoyable character and the only reason i continue to watch the show. I hope They fire who wrote this season and get a real Writer, Jodie whittaker has the potential to be a great doctor, the writers just haven't given her a chance

Please unban me

I Brought back my Old Intro And Background music for the Ogs out there

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People keep trying to say BO4 Is Killing Fortnite but it doesnt even come close, Even Minecraft and Pubg are doing better than call of duty, also im tired of never knowing whats happening in the game,

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Timmy Has Found Jesus Thanks to a Minecaft Youtuber Known As SSundee He has now dedicated his life to Giving Money to The Church, Also Tfue Used Bots to Pass Ninja In Viewers

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I Think Quadeca's Diss Track is the Best Youtube Disstrack, What Do You Guys Think?

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So ItzDiecies Took down My Video, Because i Criticized Him for clickbaiting, And if i took him to court i would win, The clip that i used from his video falls Under Fair Use, Hopefully This video show people who diecies Really Is

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So i was Kicked from Swift Alliance Because i got into A Twitter Fight With Keemstar, So im done with this whole cod Clan stuff, It never works out anyway, Im going to start Pumping Out content, Let me Know what I should make videos on

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Old Description from First video maybe it Will get me more views idk

Minecraft Role play

Mcpe roleplay

Minecraft Thanksgiving

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Minecraft ps4

Minecraft pc

Minecraft pe


Minecraft rp

Mcpe rp

roleplay server

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should I script my videos?

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My next video will be the best gun in bo4 This Was my first Ever 30 Kill game Normally i get 10-2



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