Discussion about the "Tennessee Stands" protest in Knoxville, with data

Third try is the charm! Lower resolution, smaller file, hopefully Bitchute doesn't just sit and grind on it this time. Boozy podcast on Covid, masks, and all other manner of BS

Another month, another blast at worthless mask mandates

The real issue? We have refused to hold the USSC to its mandate.
So now we have a circus.

I ain't buying what they're selling.

Facts are interesting things. Both Social Security and the CDC compile statistical facts -- including you odds of dying. On those facts Covid19 is of no particular concern. So says The Government, not me. Given that tell them to shove their constraints and "mask orders" up their butts.

Trump's Taxes and more on the Covid BS.

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BUSTED. We now have PROOF that State and Local Governments, including RED STATES such as TENNESSEE, have intentionally covered-up the FACT that hospitality businesses are statistically responsible for ZERO Covid19 transmission and thus the MASK AND OTHER MANDATES ARE WORTHLESS. Where is the transmission? Construction sites and nursing homes -- construction sites have PORTA POTTIES WITH OPEN FECES and nursing homes have 40% of their residents INCONTINENT. Never mind that the county data shows NO MATERIAL LOAD ON THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

It is time to hold state and local governments accountable NOW and refuse **ALL** hospitality-damaging mandates.


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