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If the world around you looks grim, be sure you're listening to what God is saying about it.

Today we discuss how to listen to God as a child listens to their parents.

The people of God were called to be fearless.

Are you ready?

Join us today for a conversation about living fearlessly for the purposes of God in the midst of a wayward culture.

What is the difference between courage and conviction?

This week we share about the mission and vision for our new entity, The Fearless Trading Company, and help you discern the difference between courage and conviction.

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This is an episode you don't want to miss as we unpack what it means to live for a good, good Father.

In order to mature, Christians must move from milk to meat. That means we must dive beyond our practical notions of God into deeper waters.

If you're truly concerned about honoring God, learn to raise your expectations of Him and lower them of people?

Who is the greatest recipient of your expectations?

The marker of true wealth is faith, and in our current environment, we're being challenged to choose which one matters more.

This week, we continue the conversation about being a fool for God.

Being a fool is inevitable. We get to choose which kind of fool we're going to be.

Are you following Jesus, or Appeasus?

Jesus didn't live to appease others, He lived to be bold for the kingdom.

Faith isn't simply the courage to believe, it's the confidence to stand.

"Are you emulating the heroes of faith or simply quoting them?"

For the believer, dreaming and casting vision isn't an option, it's essential to our walk of faith.

We have to stop saying, "Yeah, but that was Jesus."

If Jesus said we'd do greater things, we have to actually believe Him.

Faith isn't a luxury that you add on to complete your wardrobe or your business acumen, it is the most important substance of our lives.

Are you living as if it is?

Today we talk about being light, and by our very presence, we can overcome darkness.

Today we unpack five key elements to navigating difficult relationships

Did Jesus ever make a bad decision? Is it possible to consider that we could always make good decisions?

Salvation is free. Following Jesus by faith isn't.

Are you willing to pay the cost?

The call of every follower of Jesus is to become like Him. The question is, "How?"

On this week's episode we break down the key aspects of living like a son versus living as a slave.

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There is a spiritual connection between the things we fear and the things we worship.

Today we break down the subtle areas of fear that lead people to inadvertently worship something other than God.

Jesus didn't say there wouldn't be a burden, He said it was light.

Today we discuss the effortlessness of faith and how it can begin with the simple act of prayer.

I grew up in the Methodist Church. We read the Apostle's Creed and sang the Doxology but beyond that, we didn't really discuss the Holy Ghost.
In fact, the Holy Ghost kind-of scared me.
But a few years ago, I began to have a more dynamic experience of the Holy Ghost In my own life.
Here are a few thoughts on a deeper understanding of Holy Spirit - we're calling it "The first dose of the Holy Ghost".

Too often, we complicate things of faith. Today we share a few ways to keep it simple.

Today we discuss how giving is a weapon to wage spiritual war. But giving isn't just about your financial resources, it's about becoming a conduit for God to pour out His love through you into the world.


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