Do we really interact with the God who is? How we see Him will change the way that we interact with Him. This sermon contains a testimony that, due to its sensitivity, is not tagged.

How do we as Christians shine our lights BRIGHTER? Jesus teaches us here.

What does Jesus mean when He talks about lighting a lamp?

This is my second attempt at preaching this text. Hopefully it is better organized than the first attempt.

Do we have to worry about the format of our prayers? How about timing and content? No. Here is why.

How do we use written prayers and what effect can they have on our spiritual life?

What can we learn about the way that we interact with God from Mary and Martha?

What does the parable of the Good Samaritan teach us about our need for the Resurrection?

How do we come to know Jesus?

What does it mean that Jesus rejoiced "in the Spirit" and how do we apply that?

What did Jesus tell the apostles as they went out and what does that have to do with us?

In this sermon I focus on Luke 10:1-3 and look at how we should interact with the Harvest.

Is there a cost to being a Christian? Are you prepared?

How do we apply the fact that Herod was perplexed by Jesus?

What can we learn from the parable of the sower and how does that apply to us?

Who is John the baptist and what does it mean that the least in the Kingdom is greater than He?

How did John the Forerunner find Jesus?

In this Sermon Mr. Doug Larson applies the story of Jesus healing the man born blind.

I woke up with this sermon on my mind. I preached a portion of it at a wedding later that day and this is the much expanded version with further reaching applications.

This is a sermon seeking to apply Jesus' commands to our daily lives.

We continue to walk through Luke and here we seek to understand and apply the Woes that Jesus proclaims in His "Sermon on the Plain"

Where is your allegiance? Is it to people or is it to Jesus? What does it look like to have allegiance to Jesus?

How should we approach the things of this world? How should we consider what our culture deems curses? Jesus teaches us where to change our attitude.

How did Jesus disciple His Apostles? How does He disciple us? How are we to disciple others?


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