In this episode of The Health Engineer, Host Clint Fuqua talks with Dr. Michael Harris to clarify what really happens when a person undergoes hypnotherapy.

When your stress levels overflow, your quality of life goes down. Dr. Harris uses hypnosis to help his clients deal with added stress caused by a number of different things. The pandemic is a perfect example of a source of stress for a lot of people right now.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that hypnosis is not a special state. They discuss how the brain goes into unconsciousness more often than you might realize. Do you ever go looking for your car keys when they are already in your hand? That is your unconscious mind working.

Dr. Michael Harris gives his clients the tools to help themselves. Instead of seeing a doctor regularly, he uses a four step process to help you become a problem solver.

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Eric Pinto, Sr. Director of SOCSoter, talks with Host Doreen Milano to explain areas where cyberdefense is necessary in your business. Over the last year, we have made choices that may have exposed vulnerabilities to cyber attack. Big Ideas, Small Business TV with Doreen Milano showcases the businesses and industries you need to know to grow BIG, and grow smart.

Acronyms run rampant in the technology world! Eric helps business owners understand terms like VPN and MSP, so you can have more educated discussions with your technology department - even if it’s only 1 person.

Home offices have unique challenges. With Ring doorbells, smart refrigerators, and every member on your family working from home on tablets, phones, and computers - the avenues for vulnerability are enormous.

Limit exposure to those vulnerabilities, and put response protocols in place to protect your data and information. An MSP will develop a risk profile, and advise you about preemptive measures you’ll be glad are in place.

Risks to your business aren’t just data or identity theft. Your reputation is also at risk. Laws are now in place that protect consumers, and local family businesses are responsible to keep them safe.

Be aware of the risks, recognize how that risk can impact your business, and tighten up your system with lock down measures in place in the event of a breach.

To work with SOCSoter, call 866-977-7621. Go to https://SOCSoter.com to learn more.

Doreen works with local small and mid-market businesses to help them take the big steps necessary for extreme and solid growth. Go to https://VisionsToExcellence.com to learn about her programs and get started in the right direction today.

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In this Episode of Biz Pointz TV, host Larry Kortkamp interviews Bret Kortkamp, Managing Partner with National1 Energy, an independent energy advisor based in North Texas. National1 Energy is a specialty independent advisory firm that helps businesses save money by reducing their per-kilowatt-hour cost with a wholesale price rather than a retail price.

Commercial electricity can be quite complex and National1 Energy builds a custom contract price around the energy usage profile of each business as each business uses energy in a different way. There are substantial savings depending on the usage. Bret says that they can help every business reduce their electricity cost. One of their customers in Sundance Square saved $16 million on their electricity bills. A nail salon saved $500. It’s found money that can go toward the business elsewhere. For the 3,000 customers they have served in 2020, they saved the customers an average of 27%.

National1 Energy provides a free analysis of the bill and contract, with no cost to the customer. They can also renegotiate a new contract with the current supplier providing substantial savings with the electric company you are already with. All they need to get started are your bills and usage for the past 12 months.

Per Bret, the biggest challenge for businesses to save on their electric bill is the complacency that creeps in for business owners to stay on top of expenses. National1 Energy works with business owners to help them understand how much more they are paying for electricity than they have to and then helps them do something about it. Bret says what he loves about his job is he is trying to put money back into people’s pockets, not asking them to spend more.

You can reach Bret by going to www.National1Energy.com or calling him directly at 972-755-3735. If you mention Biz Pointz TV promo code, Bret guarantees that you will receive a 10% discount.

To work with The Kortkamp Group, find guest, advertising, or sponsor information, contact 972-824-8001, or go to KortkampGroup.com.

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Season 2- American local business is opening back up, and our communities are watching how we proceed - its the basis for consumer confidence. Host Susan Hamilton talks with Business 1st Responders Co-host, author, speaker and trainer, Jay Maymi. We've had to work with limitations due to the government COVID restrictions, but isolation isn't smart for long terms, as a matter of fact, it's damaging to our mental health, immunity, and enthusiastic goal setting.

We need each other! Human connection through personal interaction increases energy, and we need that encouragement to build up our communities from what we've just been through. How would you gage your mindset right now? Are you taking action to think through the future positively and maximize your impact? As a business owner, you're a leader - like it or not. How you proceed will inspire your community to continue in fear, or rise and reclaim their lives.

Find out more about Jay's training and speaking programs at TheJayMaymi.com, or connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

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In this episode of The Health Engineer, host Clint Fuqua talks with Jasonja Prelow Ward, creator and developer of the All Natural Healthy Cookie, about how to get the most out of your nutrition.

Through a medical crisis over 25 years, Jasonja fought to stay alive for her newborn daughter, by working to rebuild her memory and focusing on the day-to-day activities surrounding nutrition. In 2007, she had another medical issue of high cholesterol that forced her to take a deeper dive into what she was eating and find a way to get all of the nutrients needed through diet, not supplements.

The All Natural Healthy Cookie was borne out of research into high quality ingredients with strategic combinations that satisfy the palate and curb the amount of carb and sugar intake. This makes the cookies appealing and acceptable for those with specific dietary restrictions, such as diabetes. Some of the ingredients in these delicious desserts include beets in brownies and cookies with only ten chocolate chips and honey. The taste testers are all five years old and younger - they are very innocent, and as you probably also know, very honest. If it doesn’t taste good, they will tell you!

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In this episode of Big Ideas, Small Business, host Doreen Milano talks with the creator of the Irving Marathon, and the Irving Marathon running series, Lazaro Alvarez. Lazaro moved to Irving when he was 13 from El Salvador. His love for running began with middle school track, and he pursued it throughout high school and college. He moved back to Irving after college with a passion for running and community.

Lazaro tells Doreen that after running the new tracks around the area he realized that he could go hours without seeing another runner. He got together with a friend and fellow runner to figure out a way that they could give back to the community, encourage people to get out and run in the Las Colinas area, as well as serving as a charity to help bring awareness to childhood obesity. They came up with the Irving Marathon. Their call to action is Irving Marathon - Join the movement. #JointheMovement #RunIrving

The Irving Marathon is an LLC instead of a typical non-profit. Lazaro wanted to do things differently. Running the Irving Marathon as a business has allowed them to consistently give a total of 40% of their proceeds to charity. Lazaro believes that there is no reason a running organization cannot be an LLC, and still have a charity aspect.

In 2019, Lazaro introduced the Irving Marathon Running Series, now offering seven races in total throughout the year in Irving. As qualifiers for the Boston Marathon, runners from more than 20 countries have taken part so far in these races. The Irving Marathon had added a virtual option in December of 2019, so when COVID hit they were able to switch over very easily. The Irving Marathon was the first running organization to offer virtual marathons and is now the model for many others, including the Boston Marathon.

“In the next 5 years, I want Irving to become the preferred running location in North Texas for everyone.”- Lazaro Alvarez

Lazaroo explains to Doreen how a business benefits from partnering with the Irving Marathon. They have an in-house ad agency with lots of marketing for each event. They have very good community engagement via social media and a very active website, with over 600,000 visitors. They have partnered with several amazing small businesses in the Las Colinas areas and are truly pioneering a new way to run in North Texas.

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