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More of this stuff is coming to the surface for humanity to address. Why has the media not covered this story at all? Perhaps Disney used its connections?


Joe discusses one of the key aspects to our global conversation of both world change and personal transformation that needs to move into a more mainstream conversation... it is to some extent, but it's time to truly change the culture.

SphereBeing Alliance

End-time prophesies can be found throughout the myths and legends of every major culture and religion on Earth. Are these prophesies based on actual events from the past? Is there evidence that these prophecies are connected to a micro-nova from our star approximately 12,000 years ago? Could these solar events be cyclical in nature and would we be able to predict when the next one may occur?

Join Corey Goode as he discusses these cataclysmic solar events and how they tie into religion, ET Contact and humanity's ascension process.

In Part 1, Corey will also go into detail on his recruitment into and service in the Secret Space Program, his interactions with extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional beings, his connections with members of the Earth Alliance, and his upcoming appearance at Dimensions of Disclosure 2019.

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There is a definitely an awakening happening in the world and the #DeepState is not going to be able to stop it!. #TheGreatAwakening is starting to flow into every aspect of our society including President Trump's recent speech.

But the question is are we ready? What do we need to do to be prepared and how will this affect our lives?

Join us on Edge of Wonder in this final episode in our second series with #DavidWilcock as we talk about overcoming the darkness and stepping into the light and finding the courage to face our deepest fears.

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Deep State Tribunals Underway: (Watch for Valuable Additional Context)

*Filmed on Jan 17, 2019

Jordan Sather Exposes Secret Space Program - Disclosure 2019


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