​ @ashens Dr. Ashen talked to ​ @ClownfishTV about how his YouTube career started and how it morphed into multiple movies.

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Content creator, gamer, and comic book enthusiast Az from HeelvsBabyface chats with us about how he started his YouTube career.

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Kara Lynne, the former Community Manager for Limited Run Games, sat down with Clownfish TV's Mike Phalin to talk about the recent events that left her without a job and what has transpired since that fateful day.

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Fact Hunt's Larry Bundy, Jr. joins Clownfish TV's Kneon and me to talk about gaming, youtube, and food.

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Today I talked to Mr. Jones about his character, how it all began, and how he has been able to keep a YouTube career sustainable throughout all the ups and downs the platform has put content creators through.

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Over the past decade, the “Influencer” has become the newest type of celebrity. For years we had Hollywood stars, reality TV stars, singers, and various news media talking heads who would become gain celebrity status in their own right. Now, a YouTuber has the potential to usurp the popularity of even the most established entertainment industry icon. Even YouTube channels can garner more views than traditional television channels.

Blaire White started her YouTube channel in November 2015. She almost immediately shot to E-Celeb status thanks to her personality and unique position as one of the few trans personalities on the video hosting platform. By discussing semi-taboo issues like transitioning and gender dysphoria at the time, Blaire found an audience with others who felt like they did not have a voice or person to turn to who could relate to these issues.

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American Horror Story's Naomi Grossman stopped by to talk about here new film BITE ME.

When Sarah, a real-life vampire, gets audited by the IRS, the last thing she expects to get out of it is a date. But James, her hopelessly romantic IRS agent, thinks she’s other-worldly. As an unlikely attraction sparks between the two misfits, they are forced to confront whether they have the courage to commit the terrifying, radical act of falling in love.

Award-winning Director Meredith Edwards, says of the film:“In this uncertain and emotionally challenging time, I want people to leave Bite Me feeling empowered by the magic of love, laughter, and community; to leave with more joy, optimism and hope. Bite Me teaches us that acceptance for ourselves and one another is made possible through love, and I believe we're all in need of this message right now."

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Lexi is a 29 year old self-improvement influencer who shares everything with her followers. When she moves into her very first home, she is elated. But that joy is short lived after a series of unsettling events occur. Fearing for her safety and worried that she may be the victim of a stalker, Lexi installs multiple security cameras inside and outside of her house. Footage from these cameras and her own social media posts take us on a mysterious journey as Lexi’s life begins to unravel. Experts, fans, and haters sound off with their theories, but no one knows for sure: what happened to Lexi

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Fellow Tampa native/filmmaker/actor Keith Sutliff joined us today to talk about his upcoming series The Cyclops Chronicles: The Story of Scott Summers. The series focuses on the longtime X-MEN leader, Scott Summers, whose eyes emit powerful concussive blasts of energy. While Scott's mutant ability sounds cool, it also means that he has to keep his eyes hidden under the lenses of ruby-quartz.

This fan project will follow the origins of the legendary mutant as he cruises around in a sweet Delorean. Within the next couple of months, the first episode of The Cyclops Chronicles will arrive. Until then, let's get to know the how and why of this series by chatting with Mr. Sutliff himself.

Check out our interview below. Be sure to check out KS Pictures LLC for more information on his upcoming and past projects.


When our guest failed to show up for the interview, Lowtax decided to play the role of the interviewee. No hilarity ensured.

Terence McGovern is possibly one of the most memorable voice actors from the days of Disney's Afternoon. From Ducktales to Darkwing Duck, we knew Terry as the voice of the lovable but accident-prone Launchpad McQuack. Mr. McGovern's decades-long career includes roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, THX-1138, and several video games.

It was my great privilege to talk to Mr. McGovern this week about his experiences in front of the camera and behind the microphone. What words of wisdom does he have for up-and-coming artists looking to break into the industry? Check out our interview below as we reminisce and look to the future.

I want to thank Terry again for taking the time out of his day to speak with us. We also thank him for all the memories he gave Generation X as we grew up watching Launchpad crashing planes but continuing to be a hero with a heart of gold.

Thank you, Terry. It has been an honor to speak with you.

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Remember Matty Collector? Ah, those were the days when it was exciting to be a toy collector. Mattel was hitting home run after home run with DC Classics, Ghostbusters, and Masters of the Universe figures. The renowned toy company even produced excellent replicas like the Ghost Trap, Neutrona Wand, PKE Meter, and Marty McFly's Hoverboard.

Scott 'Toy Guru' Neitlich of Spector Creative is the man we have to thank for quite a lot of Mattel's collectibles from the late 2000s and early 2010s. Scott was a brand manager for Mattel, and in his own personal time, he helped He-Man establish a foothold in the collectors market after having been dormant for many years.

We spoke with the Toy Guru about his experiences in the toy industry and where it could be headed in the future. Check out our interview here:

Scott has many videos dedicated to not only the Masters of the Universe and DC Classics lines, but he also covers Mattel's Ghostbusters figures and toy trends. Wonder why so many pegs are empty at your local retailer? Mr. Neitlich has an answer. There are hours and hours of information to be found at the Spector Creative YouTube Channel.

Dr. Uwe Boll is many things. A writer, producer, director, filmmaker, boxer, and Ph.D. He is also famous for his big screen video game adaptations. From House of the Dead to Postal, Boll has been directly involved with turning many famous and infamous games into equally notorious movies.

The good doctor gave us a few minutes of his time to talk about his early days in filmmaking, his move to big budget films, and the criticism he faced during his journey.

During the interview, I mentioned that his rise in fame/notoriety also came when overly-cynical internet reviews and videos were just starting to hatch. Many years ago we riffed House of the Dead over at Dread Central. I'll admit, it wasn't funny. At that time Boll's movies were the butt of the joke. He was an easy target and believe me people took advantage of it.

The reasoning may also be because they're safe things to tear apart. In my younger days, editors would tell me that certain films, directors, or studios were off-limits for scathing reviews. A director who was friendly with the site I was working for would have to be handled with care. Or if we often got event invites from a studio, we'd have to treat its worst movie as though it were only mediocre.

When you hear complaints about "access media" this is what we mean.

When you watch around ten direct-to-video indie films a month, you start to forgive the "sins" found in Uwe Boll's movies. After rewatching a few of them, it is clear there are technical issues, plot issues, and, as Uwe admitted, casting issues. However, the vitriol critics and YouTubers had for the filmmaker feels exaggerated.

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YouTuber Daniel Ibbertson (DJ Slope) has put together part one of a multi-part series focused on a legendary video game franchise. ‘Pac-Man: The Complete History‘ takes us through the yellow puck’s unusual origins. How did the pellet muncher grow into such a hit? Was he really inspired by pizza?

From the often mistaken origin story to the oddity called ‘Baby Pac-Man,’ DJ Slope dives deep into the game’s history. Mr. Ibberson sat down with us to talk about the documentary and what we can expect from the upcoming second installment.

We talk about more than just the documentary during the interview. We discuss the research process. Dan goes into some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to video editing, as well.

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Rich Lowtax Kyanka threw a fit and rage quit during the middle of our interview with the UFO Bros (Joe and Emmett Hayes).


Comedian and former Food Network host Josh Denny spoke with me about his experiences with the self-righteous outrage mobs of Twitter, his stand-up comedy career, and more.

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The current state of social media and journalism is in shambles. Truth is secondary to a scandal. Even our entertainment is littered with a US VS THEM mentality. I spoke with social science specialist Aydin Paladin about these matters because I'm sure as hell not knowledgeable about all this to speak intelligently in regards to these topics. Check out the interview below and then head on over to her YouTube channel for more in-depth analyses.

Today we had the honor of speaking with Michael Dorn ('Star Trek: The Next Generation') about his role in the upcoming sci-fi spectacle 'Agent Revelation'. Mr. Dorn gave us some insight into the production, casting, and how a successful actor/director relationship works. He also let us in on his upcoming project, a Western that he will write, direct, and star in. Check it out below.

Agent Revelation will be available on-demand on January 22nd.


Jim Yung, a rejected CIA analyst, has been exposed to an ancient 'dust' that transforms him into a super soldier that can communicate with aliens. When a secret organization works with him to discover why aliens have returned to Earth, the truth comes at a price.

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Think Daughters of Darkness and Dark Shadows. That's what came to my mind when I watched Mickey Reece's Climate of the Hunter. Part brooding horror film, part vampire flick, this indie project combines a lot of 1970s nostalgia while also challenging the audience. Is everything as it seems? Is there something truly sinister at work here?

We chatted with the film's director Mickey Reece about his inspirations and making a period piece in the current age. Check it out below.

Climate of the Hunter is currently available on-demand.


Two sisters, Alma and Elizabeth, along with a dog who’s described as a “philosopher,” have come to Alma’s remote house to reconnect with Wesley after twenty years. Alma is recently divorced, Elizabeth is a workaholic in Washington, D.C., while Wesley lives in Paris dealing with a wife recently struck with a fatal disease. When the three come together for dinner it has all the makings of a lovely adult melodrama about loneliness, and the desire to connect and share our lives with someone… but we must add to the mix one otherworldly piece of information: Wesley could be a vampire.

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Olivia Luccardi (It Follows, Channel Zero) gave us a call to discuss her role in the post-apocalyptic thriller by Alex Knapp called Go/Don't Go. The film which is, admittedly, a slow burn features some great camera work for an indie film. Though more of a character study than an outright nail-biting thriller set in an unpopulated world, Go/Don't Go hits a bit differently than we were expecting.

Ms. Luccardi spoke with us at length about the process of filming this feature and what it takes to be an actor in this current age. Check it out below.

Go/Don't Go is currently available on streaming platforms and blu-ray / DVD.


After an unknown cataclysm, Adam (Alex Knapp) is alone. The sole inhabitant of a vacant, unchanged world, or so he thinks. While attempting to stay grounded in the desolate landscape, visions come to him—the fateful night his best friend Kyle (Nore Davis) introduces him to the love of his life, K (Olivia Luccardi).

As Adam’s mental state starts to unravel, he is plagued by lingering questions and uncertain realities about his world. His grip on what’s left starts to slip away—sending him spiraling towards a series of unforeseen consequences and unexpected truths.

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Actor, producer, and film distributor Han Soto spent some time with us to discuss his ventures and the role he plays in the third season of the now-Netflix exclusive Cobra Kai. How'd he get the role in one of the most important flashbacks of the series? How has covid affected the entertainment business? What advice does he have for those wanting to get into the industry? Check out our exclusive interview below.

Mr. Soto also runs a distribution label that handles my specialty, indie films. Given the current situation, we're all in, independent cinema has been a go-to as large studios have found themselves at the mercy of local and state governments. Check out Kamikaze Dog Fight's official site for more info on what films they're currently promoting.

This latest installment of the classic karate franchise sees the return of a number of familiar faces and gives us a deeper look into what made John Kreese (Martin Kove) one of the best villains of the 1980s. The third season of Cobra Kai is available to stream right now on Netflix. The series has been picked up for a fourth season.

Synopsis: With a new sensei at the helm of the Cobra Kai dojo, a three-way feud takes center stage. Old grudges — like Cobra Kai — never die.

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