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‚Ā£What we always knew Confirmed by a psychiatrist

from Jim Rizoli/bitchute

The Transgender Ideology is Child Abuse

original source hugotalks - ‚Ā£One might begin to think that this was well planned in advance.

‚Ā£Just as the people were starting to question why they might have been injected with an experimental potion the next event started and they were sucked in once again.

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The Globe and NASA - Everything is 666

Source: alex m.e.s.

Truth Sets You Free! - Mediocremonday

Government Agency's Admit To Killing Individuals with Covert EMF Weapons

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I don't know The American Futurist, but it is at least very bad that there is no free speech for even your own website.


Getting saved is the easiest and most important thing you can do :) You just have to come to the knowledge that you (like everyone else on earth) are a sinner in need of salvation or we would spend eternity in Hell. Salvation is not something we could ever attain on our own, that is why Jesus came to this earth and paid the ultimate price for our sins by allowing himself to be sacrificed for all mankind so through him we can be saved. Jesus led a sinless life and by doing so was able to take all of humanities sins they would ever commit on himself making one sacrifice that covered all sin.

To be saved you have to say a prayer something like this (and most importantly mean it because God reads your heart). Say "God I know I am a sinner. I know that because of my sin Jesus came to this earth and died for me making atonement for all the sins I would ever commit. I believe Jesus died on that cross and raised from the dead three days later conquering death and making a way for me to be saved by taking my sins upon himself. I pray Lord that you save me and come into my heart and life allowing me to be born again through Jesus, living in this world but no longer being of this world. Thank you Lord for saving my soul please lead me, guide me, and direct me all the remaining days of my life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen."

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Seek a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the only hope we have in this messed up world.

God Bless,

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How to be Saved - The Most Important "Truth"

This ''virus'' has never been extracted from a sick person, isolated, purified, identified, or observed under a microscope.

Please tell me where i can find it.


Topics discussed:
‚ĀÉ The final results of the 2nd phase of control experiments for Sars-Cov-2
‚ĀÉ Tobacco mosaic virus
‚ĀÉ Rabies
‚ĀÉ Graphene in Covid vaccines

Dr. Stephan Lanka, Dean Braus, Kate Sugak



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Truth Sets You Free! - Mediocremonday

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An interesting documentary tracing the history of the Jewish people, through scriptural and historical evidence, DNA, mathematics, and testimony from rabbis and pastors, it attempts to answer the question, "Who are God's chosen people?".

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Interesting that he died 3 months before the WuFlu and this is still the official test for the scam

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Also research Gaphene oxide.

Living in a post-truther world

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It's Just...

This is an audio clip from "The Word of Promise" audio bible (NKJV) with accompanying text.

Truth Sets You Free! - Mediocremonday

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