Decentralize.TV - Episode 16 – Sep 26, 2023 – Robert Kiyosaki reveals powerful strategies for decentralizing away from BANKS and FIAT CURRENCY

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki joins Decentralize TV to warn about the coming collapse of pensions and fiat currencies, along with powerful strategies for moving away from the broken banking system and getting into REAL assets (gold, silver, oil, commodities, etc.). “Personally, I don't trust anything you can print,” says Kiyosaki. Holding up a dollar bill, he says, “This is toilet paper. One day it will be worth less than toilet paper.” Adams adds, “The system is engineered to screw you!” Learn more from Robert Kiyosaki at

Decentralize.TV - Episode 15 – Sep 21, 2023 – KRAKEN representative Alexander Van Aken reveals pro-liberty philosophy behind the popular crypto exchange

In this episode of Decentralize.TV, representative Alexander Van Aken talks about liberty, privacy, cryptocurrency and the freedom to self-custody your own digital money. Learn more at

Decentralize.TV - Episode 14 – Sep 18, 2023 – QORTAL founder Jason Crowe reveals decentralized content, video and chat platform that can't be censored

In the latest episode of Decentralized.TV, Qortal founder Jason Crowe describes his decentralized, censorship-proof solution to free speech. Qortal is a standalone app that uses a P2P decentralized structure to support video content, chats, apps and other content across its peers, bypassing DNS (and website URLs) and functioning even if an internet “kill switch” is activated that takes down domain name servers. Learn more at

Episode 13 – Sep 12, 2023 – BASTYON inventor Daniel Satchkov on decentralized content publishing and social media

In this episode of Decentralize TV, the inventor of BASTYON reveals the power of this decentralized, server-less free speech content platform that works even if the rest of the internet is censored. Download the app at and start speaking freely, without censorship.

Decentralize.TV - Episode 12 - Sep 5, 2023 - ACE OF COINS - John Jay Singleton reveals cryptocurrency TAXATION secrets the IRS hopes you never learn

In this latest episode from Decentralize TV, John Jay Singleton from ACE OF COINS reveals the truth about cryptocurrency taxation that the IRS (and most accountants) hope you never learn. I you want to keep the legal gains from crypto assets, this is a must-listen interview. Learn more at

Decentralize.TV -Episode 11 - Aug 24, 2023 - Scott Kesterson from BardsFM talks decentralized local communities and government

Scott Kesterson from BardsFM joins Decentralize TV to discuss how powerful new project to decentralize government by building pro-liberty communities from the ground up, at the county level. Cryptocurrency is part of the mix. Mike and Todd agree to join BardsFM as crypto tech advisors.

Eric Poliner with MI Lightning Rod reveals his innovation for point-of-sale payments in Bitcoin, suitable for retailers and commerce providers. This video is primarily of interest to those running retail or commerce activities.

FIRO advocate Reuben Yap joins Decentralize TV to discuss the FIRO project, a private digital currency that's undergoing a major technology improvement with Lelantus Spark, which will offer a greatly expanded anonymity set (and other benefits) for all transactions. FIRO is an always-private cryptocurrency that cannot be surveilled, tracked or easily confiscated by anyone. Learn more at

Episode 8 – Aug 3, 2023 – Ernesto Contreras from DASH, a super high speed cryptocurrency for retail transactions

Description = In this episode, Decentralize TV interviews Ernesto Contreras from DASH (, a cryptocurrency known for extremely fast transaction speeds and very low transaction costs, making it unusually suitable for retail transactions where speed is critical. While not technically a “privacy” coin, DASH was originally based on Bitcoin code structure with numerous enhancements such as a two-tiered masternode system for ultra high speed transactions, a pioneering DAO governance model, and a new API.

Decentralize TV episode 7 - July 27, 2023 - LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) can decentralize power production and provide abundant energy for all

In this episode, we interview James Martinez, a longtime advocate of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions), a breakthrough technology that produces heat and energy by converting heavy water mass into thermal output. It used to be called "cold fusion" and was suppressed for decades by the dishonest science establishment. Now, it's being researched and replicated by the US Navy, US Army and deep-pocketed Big Tech giants like Google. Licensing deals are under way with appliance makers and boiler manufacturers in several nations around the world. Soon, the world will be powered by LENR, and you won't need to be connected to a centralized power grid.

Decentralize.TV interviews Alex Romanov with the BEAM project ( which combines the MimbleWimble blockchain innovation with offline addressing via Lelantus (zero knowledge proofs) to offer a hybrid, private cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Episode 5 - July 19, 2023 - Decentralize electricity and the power grid with Ryan Arriaga (Dione Protocol)

Episode 5 of Decentralize.TV features Ryan Arriaga with Dione Protocol, a project that aims to decentralize energy generation and distribution by leveraging the power of tokenization and cryptocurrency.

Decentralize.TV - Episode 4 - July 13, 2023 - Decentralize your FOOD SUPPLY with Jim Gale of Food Forest Abundance

Episode 3 features an interview with LocalMonero co-founder Alex, who reveals the reason why purchasing crypto from real people -- instead of centralized exchanges -- has important advantages for decentralization and privacy. A fascinating interview!

Decentralize.TV - Episode 2 - July 5, 2023 - US Senate candidate Jonathan Emord will "vigorously defend" your right to CRYPTO self-custody

Episode 2 of Decentralize.TV brings you a breaking interview with attorney Jonathan Emord, running for the U.S. Senate for the state of Virginia. He affirms accepting campaign donations in crypto (see his website and will vigorously defend your right to practice self-custody of your cryptocurrency.

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