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This channel is dedicated to readings for the vision-impaired. If you need mp3s of the readings and lectures, contact me at protonmail, same username.

The "Notes on..." readings are of my *notes* on those sources, and must not be confused with the originals which provoked them.

The goal is for you to understand this material as quickly and deeply as possible. Deep books and deep notes on deep issues is what you'll hear in these recordings. No fluff, no ads.

I have recorded over 1500 half-hour videos as of June 2018. The goal is 20,000 (=10,000-Hour Rule). They're not studio perfect, but in terms of actually learning and retaining the material, I'll put my readings up against any narration out there.

You can support my efforts at

I also do private instruction in philosophy, conceptual therapy and advising here in St Pete Beach Florida. If you want to be pre-eminent in the field of philosophy, I have the most advanced methods for getting there as quickly as possible. Tbere's no group anything, it's all one-on-one. Verified Certified Knowledge. Contact me for further information.

To become an expert in philosophy quickly, listen to my "Theoretic Frontiers of the God Debate" lecture, and read your own most important book in philosophy seven times aloud.

You also need self help influences to develop good daily study habits. For that, I recommend above all others, a book that provides the method to outsmart your own laziness, procrastination etc: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, by Shad Helmstetter.

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