MacTonight 14

This piece was originally developed in 2016 and went through some alterations since then, this unreleased work has been gathering dust on the hard drive for some time.
Obviously not my favorite but a new piece I'm working on reminded me of this one. Enjoy.

From "The Lunatic" Album.

New Video footage for instant classic content!
Live from Whiteoptia
(From the "Moon Man - Accelerate the Hate Tour")
Taken from:
Produced by Emperor.

Buffalo Moon is active in all major cities nation wide. If you'd like to contact him please dial: 1-800-555-1488
He puts the "pepperoni" on the pizza.

(Honkler Edition)

Balls to the wall Clown World 2020, bitches!

This dumpster fire music video is because of a computer crash and the salvaged bits of video that remained got remixed with other footage.
Thankfully the audio had a back-up. Not spending anymore time on this one.

Mirrored video
I sometimes put this on in the background and just listen to the words of "Unser Seliger Adolf"
So much passion, faith and courage. Sieg Heil. o/

From the Lunatic Album

I made the games. :)

The Crescent Klansman teleports from Whiteopia to Clown World on a mission to save the whites.

Ban from youtube

PJW is on our team! Honk Honk

Mirrored from "Party in the KKK (Slow Version)"
I like hearing Moonman's proper voice and I couldn't find it for this song so I sped the other version back up and made a quick splash image + animation.



Kill the niggers in the street
bash their' skulls against the concrete
ain't that neat?
dead niggers at my feet
get out of your seat
pull the trigger with this beat
I'm so cold I turn their blood into sleet
then I skate the red ice sheet
what a feat!
grind the jews up like wheat
victory is so sweet
my dogs like to eat
that jew flavored meat
muslims in retreat
cowering in defeat
bash a spick with a cleat
watch those death rates peak
what's your kill count?
please don't cheat
post your picture in a tweet
now rinse and repeat.

Didn't even know a different jew pizza song existed until 1/2 way through editing.

New Song, Enjoy!


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MoonMan here,

Even when I re-upload sourced content I always try to mix in something new.
I always have something that I'm working on and upload only when I feel somewhat satisfied with the result.
Making these videos is a great way to sharpen Audio/Video skills. Quality is the goal.
This is mostly just for laughs, don't take it too serious.
I do sell merch from some of my ideas. Covert enough for you to be able to buy it and walk around and interact with everyday people without drawing attention.