It's a vortex that feels as though if one looks away then the evil will creep in. Purely speculative forms of agency. The world feels dark. Nowhere men [science is the new rock and roll] and it feels so lame. The problems of science and philosophy and art |are so big| all the low hanging fruit /missing/ -gone- to glamorize science is to glamorize the institutions which sit behind it, bloated and dying, embarrassingly corrupt, slow and stale. .. *The problems loom like an enigma of such a scale.*** The institution creates a VR whose speed can't keep up with it [the] |problem| net. One might .. ! need to know a dozen languages across a dozen real subtle mediums. And maybe, there's a small shot it'll connect, just to touch the ground to push ;net; further, a small bit, and we walk in tanks, and we've seen the shades of love. I still remember how it used to feel. Rooms. Wwwwould open up and the curtains wavered. We were startled by ourselves and happy we could, fame granted. In our shadow a strange pauperization, first steps into abstraction, you know instability now. The layers thinning. A square might rise from your sheet effortlessly, and you were in a bed. And sex has formed a radial. coursed like a human river and you were the loan kayaker off the cliff and the water flys off, rotates to a storm, slows down. Turns. Into mist. If randomness is only the rendering of ignorance, I was skinny dipping in an empty pool. I didn't want them to see me. Best plan I had anyways. And it was working! Any position, any model, approach, talent, any performance can be leveled. Off. The strength of a thing, known as timelessness, is a factor of an intelligence that phenomenal singularities, as it rises up through adolescences, can destroy will it? To think we went from invisible politics you eat drink and breathe. Steps into a wonderful autism -- to music videos! You or I dance the dance of as the relatively delayed if one hand is placed on its edge -- until a total grasp, until y..

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Queen Bee

She can open doors for you two feet up in your beds while you sleep faithful to your green grass she is no Waterloo of her beehive. She is looking for something higher up than her sixty-two feet red maple bowing to its own crimson death. A mind perhaps dumb fickle and oblivious. She has only but purpose to invade you set up residency where governments collapse become the supreme ruler. Something like a thought that runs like a train she'll make her throne from your nerves. Watch her! Weapon whetted with her swarm digging niches in your skull. She is the beginning of origins black like Europe in times of the great plague always pulling hearses to her bees keeping clocks.

A huntress she keeps score of her slaves drones in the honey machine. It is your blood she needs full bloom between her legs like eyelashes fluttering wings marking off pimps at the holy station of angels in cheap plaster. Markova of the nightcap you are trapped in her queenship like a whore at a street corner. Child what it has cost her of priests shrinks club-footed midgets climbing her in tea parties. Queen of the inrectractable in the becoming era of the deny it! Love thee and pigs in Jesus bandages she became the Queen bee of your heavenly Sodome. She has no pity for cadavers swarm in her wake she is one steely dead heart inside a lover. ~en

copyright Emily Nelson 2019

Enjoyed reading this one Matt Aguilar, thank you. Hope you enjoy the moon shot I included.

'The essence of philosophy is to practice the death of our self-models, thereby opening attention to broader terrains of awareness.' --

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