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As you know I'm always investigating how to better understand psychokinesis. As you should already know about my research in the Enteric Nervous System.

Which now brings me to my recent further understanding of this area in the body. The Autonomic Nervous System. Where the enteric nervous system lies within. Along with two main functional areas. The Parasympathetic system and Sympathetic system. Now unlike the enteric nervous system (which almost functions separately) The autonomic system is a subconscious whole functioning system. Not needing conscious initiation to be activated or continue it's function.

The thing here is that your autonomic system activates specific parts of your body. The parasympathetic gets you ready to react to intense situations. Survival situations or sports activities. While the sympathetic relaxs you and lowers you energy levels to conserve them. Getting you ready to digest food and to rest (sounds important right). Well if you are always in an intense activity you will be over powering the sympathetic system, but like wise if your always lounging around and never active you will over power the parasympathetic area. This is important because in order to perform psychokinesis we need to be in a proper balance. Emotionally and physically. We live not even being aware that our autonomic nervous system is always swinging back and forth. Yes your always activating the autonomic areas. Even though it's not obvious and it's not in the extreme. This maybe why we are having trouble getting in focus to practice psychokinesis. Our heart rate is at times to high or at times too low. Our eyes are either too dialated or too constricted. We might even be too arosed or not arosed enough. The big problem here is that we are in a state where all of these physical/emotional elements are either under used or over used. For example our eyes can be dialated while our heart rate is low...strange mix right? We live like this but at low levels. It effects us.

Well this is why we need to understand our bodies. Specifically for understanding psychokinesis. What we need to do is be in a perfect balance. This balance is what is called the Autonomic Balance. If we can be in this balance we can be right in the middle emotionally and physically. To where we can have an open mind to perceive more deeper, feel and see clearer. To comprehend what is required for us to personally perform our psychokinesis.

This is where meditation, proper diet, exercise and rest comes in. I know it's difficult to get in to this rhythm but we don't need to be perfect. We just need to find our personal flow. Unique to us as individuals. So don't stress about. Try and do your best. Do what works but try to improve you health as well. The best you can. It can help alot. Go at your pace. This will have additional positive impact on the enteric nervous system. So keep drinking high HP water and kombucha.

Hey everyone I wanted to announce that I have a psychokinesis tutorial channel on the Roku channel. We are still improving on the logo, text and everything else. It's all free! Go to your Roku main page and search Mad Cat sphere, download it and rate it please. Five stars will be fine. Also search Newrdays (a self improvement channel that offered to make the channel for me), download it and rate it. Five stars as well. Please. I believe It's the first psychokinesis channel ever on TV. Thanks guys.

All from my own research. What parts of the brain manifests telekinesis.

All from my own research. How pyrokinesis works.

Go to 1:05 for two hand roll with good distance, 7:05 for one hand at a time can roll (witching from left to right) and 10:23 for one last two hand roll. I also explain why doing it one hand at a time is a bit hard and how both hands help more. Live Telekinesis demonstration - More Improvement On My Can Rolls! I have my hands further away as I roll the coke can. I also explain alot of how it all works. So watch closely.

Very good demo showing how my tutorial can help with rolling objects with telekinesis.

How The Body Performs TELEKINESIS How Brain Gut Microbes Help Us With Our Abilities. All from my own research.

How To Do Two Things At Once (Short Self Defense Telekinesis Tutorial) 'Boxing Demo'

How The Stomach An Brain Are Connected To Psychokinesis! (Info On Gut Microbiota As Well) All from my Own research. Its the enteric nervous system.

How To See Your Chi energy With Your eyes Closed! If you gently focus you attention on a specific area while your eyes are close you can actually create any image you want. Focus on the static of your inner eye lids there will also be bright energy flowing as well. When you create an image this bright energy flow will be forced to go around the image you created! Very cool stuff. I've done this. You can also connect with the spiritual world and see spirits if you know how to balance you focus and intention right. Its really not hard. You must also believe in what you are seeing. From my research the Lingual Gyrus is involved with this. It is where our visual snow (seeing static in your vision) comes from and is also the static when you close your eyes. This area also where dreams are created during REM in sleep. I believe that this is how we can see images when we close our eyes. The images just appear in you vision maybe with the snowy vision or through it when you close your eyes and look at your inner eye lids. It's very easy and surprisingly insightful.

Heres a very short instagram video I posted showing a give away Trebor Seven and I did a month ago on march. We gave away alot of my telekinesis kits as youll see here! This is the 1 min announcement video from instagram. (mad_cat_Sphere) A.K.A Richard Cespedes


Best Hydrokinesis Tutorial For Beginners By Ricky Cespedes AKA Mad Cat Sphere

Delta Brian Wave Psychokinesis Tutorial By Ricky Cespedes AKA Mad Cat Sphere

How The Brain Performs TELEKINESIS. By Richard Cespedes AKA Mad Cat Sphere

BEFORE ANYTHING I MUST SAY THIS! BE ENGAGED WITH AN OBJECT YOUR TRYING TO USE TELEKINESIS ON. ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO FEEL THAT YOU CAN DO IT WITH THAT OBJECT! FEEL EXCITED AND INVOLVED WITH THE IDEA THAT YOU WILL MOVE THAT OBJECT! YOU CAN FEEL IT AND FORE SEE IT HAPPENING. FEEL CONVINCED THAT EVEN BEFORE YOU LOOK AT IT. IT BEGINS TO MOVE! - FIRST RELAX & CLEAR YOUR MIND. NOW GET TO KNOW THE OBJECT. LEARN HOW HEAVY IT IS, WHAT ITS DIMENSIONS ARE, HOW IT FEELS LIKE, HOW IT SOUNDS LIKE AND HOW IT MOVES. DO ALL THIS BY HOLDING IT IN YOUR HANDS. FOCUS ON ONE OBJECT ONLY SO YOU WILL NOT OVERWHELM YOUR SELF! SPEND 5 MINS IMAGINING THE OBJECT MOVING IN YOU MIND BEFORE STARTING. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE ITS OK. DONT FORCE THE IMAGES. IMAGINE THE OBJECT DOIN ANYTHIN. DO THIS WHILE SITTING RELAXED OR LAYING. REMOVE ALL DOUBT. THEN SIT THE OBJECT ON A TABLE AND JUST STARE AT IT. YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND NEEDS TO POUR OUT THE IMAGES YOU IMAGINED AND CONNECT WITH THE OBJECT. YOU MUST NOT BE AWARE OF THIS PROCESS. ILL EXPLAIN THIS LATER. TAKE YOUR TIME AND BE PATIENT WITH YOUR SELF. REMEMBER FEEL CONNECTED AND ALIL EXCITED THAT YOU WILL MOVE IT, BUT AT SAME TIME DON'T LET EMOTIONS OVER COME YOU, REMAIN NEUTRAL AT ALL TIMES AND FORE SEE IT MOVING! ALSO HAVE ONE FULL DAY WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS TO PRACTICE. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE MOVING AN OBJECT JUST STOP FOR A WHILE OR A DAY AND COME BACK LATER. DONT STRESS OUT, BUT SPEND 10 - 15 MINS ON AN OBJECT BEFORE TAKIN A BREAK. IF YOU FEEL FRUSTRATED DURING THESE 15 MINS JUST STOP, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH, RELAX AND EMPTY YOUR MIND. DO THIS AS LONG AS YOU NEED THEN WHEN YOU FEEL BETTER OPEN YOU EYES VERY SLOWLY AND STARE AT THE OBJECT. THIS HELPS TO CONNECT WITH THE OBJECT. Im explaining how telekinesis works for me and how It can help you. So here's another tip to go with the advice I just gave you. When you get any subtle movement just observe and stare your subconscious will do the rest. Just go with the object. Dont worry about coincidence. Just welcome it. Coincidence, fantasy, reality, belief & magic is all one real thing. Accept it all because that's how telekinesis works. Remove doubt. Don't over think just believe. The other most important thing is to CARRY ALL SUCCESSES THAT YOU'VE ACCOMPLISHED WITH YOU! What I mean is when you get your first PSI WHEEL spin or can roll or what ever under you belt CARRY that experience, feeling, situation and how you where mentally with you even after your done. THE OBJECT CONTINUES ITS MOTION IN YOUR HEART & MIND! So let it simmer and let your brain slowly digest what you've done. Carry it with you so when you work on the same object you will see faster results. Just like Bruce Lee once said: 'Flowing water never grows stale'. BE IN A CONSTANT STATE OF PROGRESSION. Heres a deeper explanation. When talking about using TK to move an object you basically are becoming the very materialization of the motion it self as it is moving LIVE right before your eyes.Your both observing as a spectator and perpetuating the motion at the same time. You have one foot in and one foot out. So this is right when the object begins to move after a little anticipating and believing the object can move. For example: When feeling little anticipation that an object is going to rolling away (like a coke can) you must pay close attention to the smallest movements. These are micro movements. When you see that subtle motion manifesting before your eyes. You have to keep a one minded "train of visual thought" going as you stare blankly at the object when its moving. This works because your letting the motion take you by the hand. Letting it put you into a form of tunnel vision where all you see and think is the motion of the object. This further push's the object. You must believe that you can see movements. Remember that belief & patients will help you see an objects motion manifesting, materializing and slow unraveling it self is what will initiate real PK movement from an object. It maybe different for some, but Im just sharing my experience here. Be optimistic, but with no ego and your emotions neutral. Dont expect anything..that is when something will happen! BELIEVE THAT ANY MOTION IS COMING FROM YOU! THIS WILL HELP WITH CONFIDENCE AND BELIEF! Be humble and thankful for any successes and carry them with you.. that will help you grow. The biggest thing you need is to be engaged, believe and to be optimistic. This is like a battery charge. The more charge (meaning optimism and belief etc) you have the more you'll see speed and further distance too. You dont need to force it to move further or pick up speed because your subconscious mind knows what you want. If you follow my instructions everything will just happen! Remember to prove it to YOU first. Your the most important person to worry about when developing Telekinesis. Make it REAL for YOU or it will not be real at all! Be HONEST to YOUR SELF. Be GENUINE and REALISTIC. By Richard Cespedes AKA Mad Cat Sphere.

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Practitioner of psychokinesis. Everything you see on my channel is all from my own original research. Here are some of the things Ive done and what I can teach. These are just of few videos of the large video library I have.