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Sorry the captions (in the 2nd part) are hard to read; I tried to improve it a little but it’s still a pain. They’re not essential for understanding the video which contains portions from a YT channel called Prophecy Unfolding and TikTok videos by @nightg0d333 and @unidentifiedusers.

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Shouldn’t all these famous people have an inkling as to who rules this world and of their true intentions? If the famous allegedly “have to” join a certain secret faction before they’re allowed to become A-listers, how can they remain so naive? It’s baffling.

MrBallen (from YouTube) is a great storyteller. He’s at his best when retelling true paranormal stories such as this one.

Speaking is Bryan Kofron (although he calls himself Justin Carter in this podcast) who came out with info on the T.I. program a few years ago.
Original here:
Part 2 is here:

MrBallen (from Youtube) is a great storyteller. He’s at his best when narrating true paranormal stories like this one.

Who will win? The spider with its 8 legs? The snake with none? Does it even matter? Watch and be amused ...or bemused.

Normally, this wouldn’t interest anyone except designers... but it’s a good, well-explained talk that manages to be funny about a boring subject. I also learned something, which is never a bad thing.

From MrBallen’s YT channel.

From Reddit’s censoredreality subreddit.


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