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Dog reminds me of the breakdancing craze!

That’s according to the “predator class”

Michelle sure is a big woman!

Anyone who has taken a look at Kissinger’s Memorandum 200, where he OPENLY calls for culling the population (where he’s not implying let’s bring down the births), knows the document is so fucking boring it’s almost impossible to read. These monsters, Rockefeller, Soros, Kissinger, et al., know exactly what to do in order to be able to speak publicly (tell us to our faces) about wanting to get rid of most of us and have none of us listen. Just four minutes of his diarrhea of the mouth and I literally feel like it’s better to die than to sit through a lecture from him. It’s absolutely diabolical but brilliant.

I’m not saying we didn’t go to the moon. Maybe we did. I don’t know. But we certainly didn’t go in a toy like that and that footage, in general, couldn’t look more fake.

His account has lots of interesting content; he can be found on TikTok if you search “cancel this clothing company” (I was recently banned on TT for no good reason) and on twitter/X @cancelcloco.
Aside note: it’s weird/funny that musk changed to twitter to X and now everyone’s talking about Disease X.

This was a deposition in the lawsuit against Lawrence King. His programming is giving way, which is evident in the way he speaks, like a computer beginning to break down.

The Paul Bonacci case revolved around a civil suit filed by Paul Bonacci against Lawrence E. King Jr. in 1999. Bonacci claimed to have been a victim of a child prostitution ring allegedly run by King, who was a central figure in the Franklin Credit Union scandal in Omaha, Nebraska.

In the suit, Bonacci alleged that King had sexually abused him and caused him permanent harm. The judge in the case, Warren K. Urbom, awarded Bonacci $1 million in damages, including $800,000 in compensatory damages and $200,000 in punitive damages. However, King never paid the damages, and the scandal remains a topic of debate and controversy to this day.

This video can help put into perspective many of the shootings. It helps explain why, when the shooters are arrested, they look drugged and don't remember anything. A portion of these events are fabrications, of course, but the press presents them as real, to brainwash and manipulate the public.

Not surprisingly, the US government never investigated or prosecuted these crimes and the press swept it under the rug.

Father Chad Ripperger is an American Catholic priest, theologian, philosopher, and exorcist. He is also an author ("Dominion" is the title of one of his latest books), has a great sense of humor, and helps people prepare for spiritual warfare against evil.

I’m certain that we haven’t seen the “real” Biden in years. But, the question then becomes, are any of them real or made up characters with extended usefulness?

We should all want candidates that have no price tag.

Taken from Ashton Forbes twitter account @justXashton (he’s the guy investigating the lost Malaysian plane MH370 who has shown proof that it was taken through a portal; he has been trying to get in front of congress to walk them through the evidence, all of which is available on his Twitter).
Amy was a young scientist researching advanced propulsion who died in 2022 under unknown circumstances. In this clip she talks about how anti-gravity has been independently discovered multiple times. One of the people who supposedly discovered it is her father.
She discusses two factions within the government. One that wants to suppress the technology and one that is controlling the slow drip of information to the public.
Full interview:

This sinister act, supposedly orchestrated by the Department of Defence in collusion with the World Economic Forum, is described as a deliberate depopulation strategy. (Actually, the order came from way above the WEF and the UN; the real power is with the Illuminati bloodlines - madcopycat)
Dr. Thorpe presents harrowing statistics, claiming that these malevolent forces are responsible for the deaths and injuries of 585 million people worldwide.

He vehemently states, "This is very clearly a depopulation agenda."
He further compares the harm caused by the vaccine, which he refers to as a "genetic therapy," to historical atrocities. According to his analysis, the vaccine's injure-to-kill ratio surpasses the devastation of all past world wars and even eclipses the catastrophic effects of the drug thalidomide, known for its tragic consequences.
Dr. Thorpe's comparison of the vaccine's impact to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki underscores the gravity of his claims. Adding to the controversy, he alleges that Pfizer concealed 80% of its trial data, implying a sinister cover-up of monumental proportions by these globalist entities.


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