This is Rock Lee from Naruto series. A Taijutsu master and a student of Might Guy. With his iconic eye brows, Naruto called him Centipede brows.

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Tsume Art made a good finish on this resin statue!

#shorts #naruto #rocklee #taijutsu

This Itachi Uchiha resin statue is made by TriEagles Studio.
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It is a licensed studio and that gives the reason for the quality of the statue.
Size: H38cm × W18cm × L17cm
Scale: 1:6

#shorts #naruto #uchiha #itachi

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This is a sure fire staute of Tanjiro Kamado from Fantasy & Jianke Studios!

Kimetsu no Yaiba A.K.A Demon Slayer is taking the world by storm with awesome animation and story line.

Planning to get some statues for the Kimetsu no Yaiba soon!

Madara Uchiha is a major villain in Naruto series!
A well written antagonist and a good story behind him.

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ThreeArtisan studio is known for making quality licensed statues!
Hopefully they will have a Sasuke Uchiha too in the future.

Scale: 1/8
Est. Size: 42cm (L) x 27cm (W) x 45.5cm (H)

#shorts #naruto #uchiha #madara #kyuubi #kurama

Leon S. Kennedy is an iconic character in the whole Resident Evil franchise!
Growing up in the Playstation 1 era, the game of Resident Evil made a religion out of the game.

This is a 1/4 scale resin statue!

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#fyp #shorts #residentevil #leonkennedy #claireredfield

Sasuke is a major character in Naruto anime/manga.
This item is a resin statue.

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#shorts #naruto #sasuke #uchiha #fyp

Chainsaw Man is a japanese manga series that was adapted to anime. With the first season shredding views, a lot of statue creators got their hands on it.

This amazing Chainsaw Man resin statue is made by Yoyo Studio!
Ratio: 1/6
Size: 40cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 43cm (H)
Limited to 199pcs only!

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#shorts #chainsawman #denji #makima #power #fyp

Gohan vs Buu resin statue made by Tsume Art from Dragon Ball!
So far, this is my favorite versus statue of the Dragon Ball statues.

Tsume Art is known for delivering quality resin statues.
Costing around 1000 USD!!

Scale: 1/6
Product Size: 52 x 53 x 69 CM
Quantity: 1400 pieces

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#shorts #dbz #dragonball #gohan #majinbuu #buu #resinstatue

Killua Zoldyck in Godspeed by FL Studio
A lot of owners are not happy with it.
Is it really the worst Killua resin statue in the market right now?

Watch the full video here

#shorts #hunterxhunter #killua #killuazoldyck #fyp #fypシ

Lucian is an attack damage type of champion in League of Legends game!
Anyone playing LoL?

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#shorts #LoL #leagueoflegends #adr #lucian #riotgames

A cool Lupin the 3rd gang set of statue from Figurama.
This is 1/8 scale signed by Figurama Collectors CEO, Mr. Shanab, Concept Artist Daniel Kamarudin, and 3D Artist Luigi Terzi

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#lupin #jigen #fujiko

Roronoa Zoro is one of the main character in One Piece. He is also one of the Worst Generation and he uses Enma. He was tagged as the Pirate Hunter before joining Luffy as the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

This WCF resin collectible was made by League Studio

One piece really made a vast world with tons of characters in it.

If you are interested for more OP WCF items, watch the videos below...
-Marco Phoenix


-Zoro WCF

Thanks to Omocha Japan Anime Figure! Check them out here


Watch the full video here

#onepiece #zoro #wano #fyp #roronoazoro #worstgeneration

This is an update for resin statue of Luffy, Kid & Law from LX Studio.
They are tagged as the Worst Generation pirates in One Piece world.

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Geralt of Rivia is a fictional character and the protagonist of The Witcher series of short stories and novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Henry Cavill made a good run as Geralt on their Netflix series.

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#shorts #fyp #thewitcher #geralt

Black Adam toy resin statue from Queen Studio.
Queen Studio is known for licensed statues like this and they are consistent with the quality.
DC Comics is starting to change their approach with movies.
This Black Adam has the following specs
Product Size: H 53cm x W 62cm x D 47cm

Standing over 20" tall, this piece is made of resin. With the incredible likeness of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the base mimics an Ancient Kahndaq throne room. Included with this piece are LEDs to light up the lightning bolt on Adam's chest.

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Pop Mart is a popular art toys for their cool blind box items.
We are lucky enough to experience it in Singapore!

Blink Box is buying a box figure from a set and you will get a random art toy from the set that you picked.

I bought 4 blind boxes and here are my loots!
Dimoo - Life University
Vita - OOTD
Vita - Band

Watch the full video here

Pop Mart

Experiencing teamLab - Singapore - Art Science Museum.

It has 4 rooms for the standard ticket for 15sgd.
Art Science Museum is a museum within the integrated resort of Marina Bay Sands in the Downtown Core of the Central Area in Singapore.

Watch the full video here

Action City is a toy designer toy in Singapore. It has multiple stores around the city and Blaxk by Action City is one of a kind. Here is what's inside.

Watch the full video here

#designertoys #arttoys #singapore

A resin statue from Jimei Studio of Roronoa Zoro vs Monet.
This epic scene is a cool addition to your collection!

When Zoro used Great Dragon Shock against Monet, and sliced her in half, he didn't use Armament Haki. Tashigi later mentions that had Zoro used Haki, Monet would've died. So basically, Zoro chose not to use Haki, and hence, chose not to kill Monet.

Jimei Studio produces licensed toy statues like this and they are consistent with the quality!
This 1/6 scale anime resin statue is limited to 288pcs only around the world!

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#shorts #onepiece #zoro #roronoazoro #worstgeneration

Sabo is the other brother of Luffy and Ace. It was a shock to Luffy after encountering Sabo in the Dressrosa arc.

Sabo managed to acquire Mera Mera no Mi AKA Flame-Flame Fruit.
He is the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, and is recognized as second on the entire group right after Dragon.

Jimei Palace made another awesome licensed master piece for this Sabo statue!
Size: 39.5 x 41.5 x 63cm
Weight: 13.6kg

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#shorts #onepiece #sabo #luffy #ace

Nice to see an epic Natsu and Igneel toy statue from Tsume Studio!
Tsume made a really good job on this resin toy statue!

Natsu is from the anime Fairy Tail. An underrated anime in my opinion.

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#fairytail #natsu #shorts #dragon

Uzumaki Naruto in sage mode using a HUGE RASENGAN made by Space Seven Studio!

This an awesome licensed resin statue that stands with the following details
DIMENSIONS: H51cm W34cm D27cm

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#naruto #narutoshippuden #rasengan

This is a resin statue of Trunks with his time capsule of Capsule Corp.
Made by HQS Studio!

He is the son of Vegetta. The prince of saiyan from Dragonball Z!!
Product Dimension:
W : 63 CM x D : 73 CM x H : 65 CM

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Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach anime!
This is his Hollow form in a limited scaled resin statue by Three Artisan Studio!

This is a licensed resin statue and we are expecting it to be released by 2023.

Estimated Dimension: 40cm (L) x 39cm (W) x 55cm (H)
Limited Edition: 258 units only!!

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#bleach #anime #ichigo

Commander Erwin Smith from Shingkeni no Kyojin AKA Attack on Titan!
He is a supporting protagonist in the anime/manga.

Another iconic moment for the anime when he charged forward the Beast Titan.

This resin statue is from Chikara Studio.
H36 * W33 * D49cm

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#aot #shingekinokyojin #attackontitan


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