The holistic way of life for cats includes their diet, their living conditions and their health care. When you get these right, you can expect your cat to be happy, healthy and energetic, right into old age.

Healthy cats need the right diet. No-one can be healthy when eating the wrong food for the species. Commercial cat food is not healthy cat food. It may be easy. But it doesn't serve your cat. Learn the best diet for a healthy, long lived cat.

Cats nutritional needs are badly misunderstood. Commercial cat food may keep them alive, but it doesn't keep them healthy. Discover the best food to feed your cat to keep them vibrantly healthy and happy.

Chronic disease in cats is exploding. Cats are considered geriatric at 10 years of age. This is false. This video explains what chronic disease is, how it comes about and the holistic, and very effective, ways of reversing it.

Holistic health care is becoming popular because it works so well. This type of health care is as good for cats as it for us. This video goes into how to use the two different approaches - when you can treat your cat yourself and when you need to consult a professional homeopath.


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