Sean Connery 1981 sci-fi movie reviewed.

Keanu Reeves 2006 animation reviewed.

The 1985 sci-fi classic novel reviewed.

A time travel movie from 2014.
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The sixth and final book of the Lensmen series by E E Smith. Read the review and find out if this book is a good end to the series.

This 2009 sci-fi movie reviewed. Check out the review.

The 1977 animation. Have you ever seen it? Should you?
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The fifth book in the Lensmen series by E E Smith. Is it still worth your time? Check out the review.

This 1973 animation is considered one of the 100 best ever made. check out the review

The original 1975 movie. How well does it hold up and should you see it.

The fourth book in the famed Lensmen series by E E Smith. Check out the review.

The 2015 sci-fi movie from down under reviewed.

A classic anime from 2006 reviewed.

This continues the story of the Galactic Patrol of the Lensmen universe. Check out the book review.

A science fiction film from Czechoslovak made in 1963. Check out the review.

This is the second book in the Lensmen series. The one that tells how it all began.

A review of the animation that is based on the game Dead Space.

The first book the the famed Lensmen series by E E Smith reviewed.

Reviewing the sequel to the sci-fi classic When worlds collide. Check out the review.

Is the star system in Pitch Black possible? Take a look and find out.

Are any of the stars in the Babylon 5 universe real? And if they are can habitable planets ever be around them? A look at some of the stars and planets of Babylon 5.

The manga was made into a movie. Check out the review, maybe you will want to see it.

This classic science fiction novel began as a short story.
Maybe it time to read it. Check out the review.

A 2016 science fiction gem that most people may have missed.
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