I had no idea my mic was on

All hail Squarebot!
Squarebot has no gender.

Jibber jabberin' on about some gaming bullshit

Background music:
Laser Flip Hippy Flip at the new parking garage
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Castlevania Requiem SOTN Maria is playable

hold left on the d-pad as soon as the screen starts to turn black

Puke Groundcrawler

KOF2002UM 68 and 75 hit combo as Nameless

BEST games of 2019
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SOTN Dracula's Castle high lights MadMopper412

High lights from the first castle

sic combos as Nameless

Session NEW parking garage MadMopper412
having some fun in the new parking garage in Session, hippy flip at the end 5:06

Stadia an in depth technical analysis
Stadia huh?

king of fighters 2002

This turned into a GTA rant

GTA Online stream hi lights 12-17-2019

Sekiro GOTY 2019

Sweep Kick Cheap Kick
echo echo echo?
my computer kinda chewed up the footage and spit it out with reverb, echo and chorus.

King of Fighters 2002 stream 12-10-2019

Join me at 10PM eastern standard time (EST) on
we will put on a combo showcase with blinking yellow mode.
will we survive the to see the special battle?

a fun stream

Rock Man stream
UP twice, Down 9 times while X is highlighted for ultimate armor


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