ASEA – liquid and RENEW28 Gel – REDOX Signalling Molecules: allows every cell in the body to renew, regenerate and detox. A study was done with 120mls AM & PM (swish in mouth before swallowing – it’s absorbed not digested) and it found over 2 months that it upregulated anti-ageing genes by 31%. A base dose of 60mls AM & PM over a 2 year period (it takes time to detox, renew and regenerate one hundred trillion cells!) supports better health of joints, brain, kidneys – all cells in the body function better with REDOX signalling molecules. For emergency / lifestyle health issues that are destroying our way of life, for many conditions (cancer, neurological issues, heart concerns) contact me for ways to increase dose fast so that we are bathing the cells in redox signalling molecules as quickly as possible getting our lives back!
For wholesale account (if you need any help please contact Amanda or I)
1. The REDOX signalling molecules are created from purified salt water – and are NATURE IDENTICAL to the redox signalling molecules are cells require to be healthy. Patented as such.
2. The REDOX Signalling Molecules are absorbed into EVERY cell in your body – brain, nerves, bones, heart etc…
3. Contact me on 0417 643 849 to see if it can help you… or
4. Contact Amanda Bradford on 0409 775 455 – mention that I’ve recommended you - Amanda regularly talks on the REDOX science and molecules and had years of experience in knowing which dosage and packages work best for specific health challenges
5. Over the next few months RADIANCE – a vegan human-identical collagen supplement (doesn’t require strong digestive function) will be rolled out worldwide. Available currently in the USA, Australia and many other countries.
6. ASEA also has some great supplements that are able to be ordered without a prescription – both for associates and preferred customers
7. Increases glutathione production massively!
8. Let me know on Messenger you’re interested – friend me on facebook, and I’ll set up a small group with a couple of other people so that any questions you have can be answered as quickly as possible.
Cerule Stem Enhance, Marine Collagen & Plasma Flo:
I’ve been using Stem Cell rejuvenation for over 15 years. The brands have changed (due to toxicity issues with previous brands) and the technology in the Cerule products for the PlasmaFlo and Stem Cell Support are fantastic. Each time we take 2 capsules of Stem Cell Enhance we are increasing stem cell production by 4-12 million cells – released directly from the bone marrow.
The CollagenActiv is AMAZINGLY anti-inflammatory
General rule of thumb is 4 daily for general health; 6 daily with 3 or so health problems, and as my friend Linda Hoggard says – if we’re really ‘munted’ we need 9-12 daily!
Here’s the website to order:

Mention my name - Madonna Guy - and call:

Mon–Fri, 9.30am to 5.30pm NZST
1800 CERULE (237 853)
Ask a Question:
[email protected]
Unit 2, 6 Omega Street
Rosedale, Albany
Rosedale, Albany New Zealand 0632

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