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Going into some MGTOW topics, we talk about Joe Rogen giving Asia Argento the pussy pass, plus I call out MGTOWs that are actually incels bitching about Chads.

The aftermath of the debate with Purple Pill where I make him rage quit.


On this stream, I'm going to be making fun of The Purple Pill (aka Jamie), a thirty-year-old by that devoted an entire livestream crying about being timed out weeks ago, even though he mutes people so they can't get a word in.

Tonight's guest is Doug Ferguson, the author of "Out of the Cave to Become Men: Journaling History"

From the synopsis: "The same conflicts are in society now as in the past. It is WHO you are with, not where and what, that makes the difference. Understanding people not the material is of vital importance in overcoming crisis and conflict. To know people, one needs to see the world through their eyes, to think their thoughts, to understand their words, to see their reality. To do this a frame work needs to be built and this can only be done by taking the first step of being empathetic to those around us; using our mind we can walk in another’s shoes. With knowledge, we no longer need to be afraid for we can change the world overcoming conflict in us and between people.

Ancient Oral Traditions and Plato's Cave Allegory are intertwined in this book to create a mind's eye to understand self and reality for answering questions.

Society is the place in time where people come together. What society gives each of us the possibility of a life worth living? What does history show us about environments and philosophies that transforms men from isolated tribes into a vibrant developed civilization?

Travel with me on a journey through history to discover the mysteries. Gather mementos on the journey to take into your life and share with others. What will be your journaling history story be?"

The biggest MGTOW shill on YouTube proves once and for all that he's a cuck. This guy is no MGTOW, just a guy getting donations for kissing your ass.

Dennis Saliba claims there's a deep cover troll impersonating him, trying to make himself look bad. It seems Dennis, the foster son of Marianne Saliba - is into the occult. Just like "." the so-called impostor pretending to be Dennis the Menace.

Dennis Saliba aka Nadia Faith aka MGTOW Menace has come out with a couple of videos, first claiming that he's the victim of an impostor (then goes on to encourage said impostor), then he gets into the restraining orders that his mum filed against him and does a terrible job making himself out to be the victim.

I delve deeper into the Asia Argento story and get into JT LeRoy, the fake trans author of "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" about a boy who is forced into a being a cross-dressing truck-stop whore by his mother. Asia Argento adapted this pretentious smut into a shitty fucking movie where she met the young child actor that she eventually groomed to be her lover.

I got a shout-out from the Indispensable PeaTOW Guy. He was doxxed by the fake MGTOW Global Man. He mentions that he thinks I don't like him... Maybe I just don't UNDERSTAND him... yet. It's my opinion that he's dead on about what's been going on in the community with these fake MGTOW shills that have poisoned the well.

Proclaimed by the media to be the leader of the #MeToo movement that brought down Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Now, it has been revealed that Asia Argento has been paying off a young man that alleges he was sexually assaulted by Argento when he was a minor. It turns out that Asia Argento may have groomed the young boy since he was a child actor at the age of 7. Here we have Asia Argento being exposed for doing the exact same thing that Victor Salva did to Nathan Forrest Winters. Rose McGowan another #MeToo quack also happened to work for the pedophile director Victor Salva. We delve more into the hypocrisy of the #MeToo movement and explore the trauma suffered by boys when they are sexually abused.

Well, well, well... look what we have here?! And Scott Kirk and I were just talking about her back on "The Mad Shangi Show w/ Scott Kirk"

talking about the lack of credibility both Rose McGowan and Asia Argento have when it comes to their involvement in the #MeToo movement.

Asia Argento groomed a young boy since he was the age of 7, and finally consummated her perverted relationship with the kid while he was still a minor at the age of 17. She was this boy's director and he was a child actor. This is exactly like what Victor Salva did Nathan Forrest Winters!

Something I thought would never happen... I actually got a chance to speak to RoseBlades and ask her what her interest in MGTOW is. It got a little heated, with too many people talking all at once, but what transpired was revealing.

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The relationship coach just fucked up his relationship.

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Mouth full of MGTOW dick.

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Youtube Autoplay sent me to a video from a man who sounds oddly familiar... what do you think?

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This is a follow-up video to the recent livestream we just did:

The Mad Shangi Show "Grooming Teens On Facebook"

Where a woman named Sharon alleged that a pedophile was trying to groom her daughter on Facebook. Only after cross-examination, it turned out that she was the one posing as her own daughter, trying to bait this man into a sexual conversation. She also couldn't explain how all these men were finding her daughter's Facebook profile, since she claimed it was private.

This video will show proof that this woman is a liar and a manipulator.

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Examining the night JB Gunner got arrested for beating his wife up during a drunken livestream. The evidence speaks for itself.

In response to JB Gunner's outright bullshit lies... Chrissy Collins provides plenty of evidence that they have been living together as a married couple the whole time JB has claimed he's been living as a MGTOW.

Today on the Mad Shangi Show, we'll be talking to Chrissy and reveal what the hell happened last night, how and why JB Gunner got arrested for domestic violence.


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