The Mad Shangi went on the infamous "RDA Live" stream hosted by RossDAwg. Lycantheory has once again hijacked Wendy Pack's YouTube channel, so he can ban people who make fun of him in the chat. I went on there to expose Lycantheory, and then I got a chance to cross-examine Brutally Lauren live in front of the RDA audience and expose her for the liar and toxic dumpster fire she truly is.

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SuziQ7979 talks about Sharon calling the cops on her, and how Sharon's own police department is completely done with her. Johnathon Tuttle (yes, Troll of the Century Johnathon Tuttle) hopped on the panel to spill the beans about Gina Virgilio and Sara Barrett.

MumtheNet aka "Australian Ellis" showed up to troll Brutally Lauren, Poon Handler, and J-Rahm... what started out as an ass-kissy attempt at manipulating Mum, turned into a full-blown hate fest when it was clear that they weren't going to get what they wanted. The Mad Shangi provides commentary as he breaks down this live-stream.

One dick-riding bimbo clout chaser calls out another.

Just a preview of things to come...

Their crimes will not be covered up.


The problem with constantly changing teams and turning on people is: the receipts always catch up with you. Anna and J-Rahm complained about being stalked, harassed, and sock accounts made of Anna's children. The problem with all that is: the person who was actually doing all that is the person they're in cahoots with now: Sara Barrett.

PLUS: Lycantheory does his usual spin-job pretending to be innocent.

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"Australian Ellis" (aka Mum the Net) pulls up on Lycantheory's panel and triggers him by asking a general question. Jamie is scared to say the name "Mum the Net" because he doesn't want sound bites clipped into a musical PWNage. Bitch boy. #Lycantheory #MumtheNet #RaleighJones #PinkParasite

Why does Lycantheory have such extreme issues with women? That's what GLM wanted to find out, when she calls Jamie R. Stone's mother in Apopka, FL and tries to confront her about her son's behavior online.

This meth-head former actress now turns tricks on street corners and works as a full-time troll on YouTube, with her whore friend, Gina Virgilio. This musical PWNage has been long overdue. This cunt got my Coach Shangi channel terminated and impersonated me while making fraudulent DMCA claims. She also manipulated Sharon Hensley into having her daughter make a phony 911 call trying to get Robert Patrick Jensen shot by saying he had a gun. This bitch is as slimy as they come. She's well past her prime, and is extremely jealous of people in healthy relationships. Now, after getting rejected by Noah Hathaway (the guy who played Atreyu in "The NeverEnding Story"), Trim Hits, and The Mad Shangi. This former "Terror Firmer" extra has lost her damn mind!

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I got a chance to speak with Karla Kitty again who spilled the beans on the evil Frank Basilico, and the deviant people he's involved with online.

THE KARLA KITTY SHOW's stream - SoundCloud

Karla Kitty Modeling - Las Vegas, NV - Nextdoor

Rogue, Internet Man has done another video on Lycantheory. Even though I got roasted in that first video, Lycantheory has done things to earn himself two more live streams since then. Meanwhile, I accepted the criticism against me and barely reacted. If Rogue wants to have a real conversation with me, my door is open. But when it comes to Lycantheory and crew, including Brutally Lauren, I'm just going to let him figure that all for himself. #RogueInternetMan #Lycantheory #BrutallyLauren


Sharon Hensley has been harassing us for over 3 years and know she is getting others to target us!!

SuziQ7979 and FireIceWitch recap the entire saga of Sharon Hensley starting with her first appearance on The Mad Shangi Show, to where we are today. Sharon Hensley is a single mother in Kingsport, TN and a professional victim that constantly uses and exploits her own children for sympathy and attention. She was busted on The Mad Shangi Show for trying to set up another man, claiming he was grooming her daughter online, when it was Sharon posing as her daughter the whole time. Then, she tried to rally everyone against me when things didn't go her way. Then, we get into all the stalking and harassment, and backstabbing, and manipulation Sharon and her accomplices Sara Barrett and Charisse Van Horn have all been involved in. Get your popcorn ready, it's going to be a messy ride.

We buried Lycantheory. He's done. He's been exposed. Now we're going to do a wrap-up of all of Lycantheory's shady accomplices:

Sara Barrett - a former actress that's now a full-time behind-the-scenes YouTube troll, known for driving across the country snapping pics of people's residences and filing fraudulent restraining orders against people on the internet.

Brutally Lauren - This pill-popping deadbeat mom lost custody of her children because a junky OD'd in her garage, a woman that Lauren apparently had babysitting her kids. This woman is known for infiltrating YouTube communities and disturbing the peace. Spreading false rumors, making up stories, and running interference for Lycantheory. Brutally Lauren likes to spread misinformation about me: claimed I bullied a girl named Rehtaeh Parsons to death" when I never met this girl in my life. I wrote articles for a website called "A Voice For Men" because it was a big story here in Canada. She invited her father, Glen Canning, on her embarrassing live-stream where she was high as a kite and nodding off on camera. Glen Canning bounced out of the interview after trying repeatedly to bait Glen into talking about me, which he did not want to do. She then kept the stream going after Glen left and it became a full-blown drama stream where Lycantheory is encouraging V. Blake Rose to threaten Barbara Plaisance and her children with rape and murder.

#BRUTALMAFIA - BrutallyLauren's weaponized troll that harasses people on her and Lycantheory's behalf. Is shtick is to follow people around to different chats, and using multiple accounts to bypass being blocked. He flashed a gun on camera, while disguising his face with a bandana, to threaten some guy named Rev on the internet.

Raleigh Jones - This guy runs a shady repair service, where he apparently charges poor elderly women $80 just to turn on an oven and tell her it needs cleaning. When he's not trolling the trailer park as the resident grifter, he's trolling people online: buying views and subs, hoping to get the unsuspecting target's channel struck down for fraud. He also likes to chill and hangout with a community of adults that LARP as babies (and wear diapers).

These people and more will be exposed tonight.

There is a group of bottom-feeders on YouTube that make their content tormenting the weak and vulnerable, but can't handle a taste of their own medicine. Loser and failed trailer-park appliance repair-man Raleigh Jones is another one of Lycantheory's stooges, who recently caused a falling out between JB Gunner and Doc Cimini. Raleigh Jones and his diaper-wearing Mexican butt-buddy BrutalMafia get exposed and buried. #RaleighJones #BrutalMafia #Lycantheory #DerosaShow #RDA #mumthenet #GLM

Sharon Hensley has caused nothing but trouble ever since she first appeared on my show and I busted her for her lies. Then, I ended up caping for her based on another pack of lies. No more! FireIceWitch goes in hard on Sharon Hensley, who allows strange, creepy men around her children - and cares more about YouTube drama than their welfare.

I reach out to Frank DeRosa's ex-gf, Karla Kitty, and got her to spill the beans about the revenge porn that was committed against her, over the phone. These are the people in Lycantheory's circle!

This is Lycantheory's circle: pedophiles, creeps, perverts, and criminals. And Frank J. Basilico, the exterminator from Omaha, Nebraska - is just another one of these like-minded losers. Like Lycantheory, Frank can't handle rejection, so he commits revenge porn and brags about it on the internet.

Lycantheory associates with a 15-year-old boy (14, at the time of this recording) who calls himself "Clorox Bleach." This boy is one of a few minors that Lycantheory hangs around, and has groomed into trolling people on his behalf. Jamie Richard Stone is a man going on 40-years-old and he's hanging around teenagers, grooming them to be trolls for him, and exposes them to pornographic material in his server. This dipshit doesn't think he's responsible for the minors he allows in his server. So who is the pedophile? The random people that Lycantheory accuses whenever he's called out, or the guy in his mid-thirties that grooms little boys to stalk his girlfriends on the internet?

Just keeping an eye out for Jamie's weird eyeballs.

Jamie once again shows what a cowardly piece of shit he is. You, lazy-eyed bitch-ass motherfucker.

The Mad Shangi here, letting the trolls know that they're not going to win. Just because I've done things wrong and have admitted to it, doesn't absolve Lycantheory from the things he's done wrong and continues to lies about. I can take the criticism, can you?

Another installment of Mum the Net's Weird Science series.

Right back atcha! LMAO!

Wow, guys. I'm so flattered you paid Steve Wilkos to clap at me. Then, you made a sock account posing as the real Steve Wilkos to make it seem like this guy just stumbled upon me and is genuinely calling me out. Maybe you should have thought this all through before paying some security guard to talk shit about me. Steve Wilkos calls out Lycantheory


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