Redpool Jack's video about the drama that went on in the HOM concerning Bullets ForTeeth and his downward spiral into retardation.


The original gangster rap parody from The Mad Shangi.

RockNMrE seized an opportunity to troll MGTOW by piggybacking off of Paul Joseph Watson, the InfoWars shill.

Check out this video from 4 years ago where RockNMrE gets pwned by RazorbladeKandy for the same shit:

MGTOW are psychopaths: a response to RockingMrE

Here's an on-point comment from Mike Markocki:

"I think Mr. E's claims that MGTOW are jealous and/or hate his marriage is actually a demonstration of a hell of a lot of insecurity on his part. No really, think about it:

A man in denial of his insecurity with his marriage could externalize this by claiming others must be jealous of him and his great marriage, especially falsely. It's like how an insecure and plain girl (like feminists for example) will falsely claim that they are cat-called in order to gain perceived sexual status or simply accuse you of coming on to them out of nowhere. They flatter themselves out of total denial.

I am beginning to think that's what Mr. E's gripes are with MGTOW. The shaming and vitriol we get from him is for what purpose exactly? To curb our behavior? If so, why is he devoid of any benevolence? Where is the passionate concern for our well being? It's not there. "You're wrong and anyway here's how to make your life better you idiot," isn't designed to win converts now is it? It doesn't even serve as a warning to others to avoid MGTOW either given the denigration that comes with it. He invalidates his own claims with his immaturity. All in all, he demonstrates a lack of sincerity which is EXACTLY what I think is going on. I think his videos are more for him and about him than anyone or anything else.

It seems he jumped on the Elliot Rodger thing to counter this lack of legitimate concern with scare tactics. Namely, that we are violent or that we spread a message of inciteful violence and/or extremism and the wrong person could get the wrong idea, yadda, yadda, yadda. It's like how feminists try to control mal..

In this chapter we will be exploring the females that have infiltrated MGTOW. Any female trying to befriend MGTOW have their own agenda and are usually there for attention and drama.

We look at one female infiltrator in particular: Rose Blades aka DDJ's Pocket THOT - a thirty-year-old woman who is a female cuck that monkeybranched from Kris Cantu to DDJ.

I got a follow up from the Washington State Bar Association. The matter is closed, and no further action will be taken. It's disappointing, but not surprising.

Featuring interviews with: Taz The MGTOW, Redpool Jack, Koalameatisgood (aka Danish MGTOW), Underdog, Nadia Faith aka Menace, and Bullets Forteeth

This chapter focuses on Kris Cantu: his relationship with other MGTOW shills like JB Gunner and Howard Dare. The blood feud between the Dolly Diddlers and The Red Pill Coin. Why his supporters feel betrayed.

"Women are giant fuckable children." - Guy who shills for giant fuckable dolls.

In this first chapter in my new series exposing the many shills of MGTOW, we take a look at the faction of MGTOW that are heavily pushing the use of sex dolls in the community. I break down why using sex dolls is not MGTOW, and why the doll-pushers are creepy perverted losers.

Turd Flinging Monkey, Misandry Today, and Phil From The Doll House all get exposed in this explosive first chapter.

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Introducing my upcoming multi-part series of short videos covering various MGTOW shills that have infiltrated the community:

Turd Flinging Monkey, Misandry Today, JB Gunner, and Kris Cantu,

Right after doxxing Aware Rabbit over petty bullshit, JB Gunner made his hangout link public, so I took advantage of it by crashing JB Gunner's platform and making him my bitch.

This supposed "MGTOW" is actually a convicted felon and admitted woman-beater who uses MGTOW as his personal ATM machine. JB Gunner and all the shills he associates with are a cancer on MGTOW and must be flushed out.

Now sit back and enjoy as The Mad Shangi crashes his hangout and puts him in his place.

After several rounds of owning the fuck out of JB Gunner on his own livestream. I pop in to call out Howard Dare on associating with a woman-beating criminal calling himself MGTOW. Howard responds by claiming i stole Kris Cantu's "social authority" and after several attempts to mute me, I was booted out.

Calling out all the fake MGTOW shills that have infiltrated the community, misrepresenting what MGTOW is all about while shaking down fellow men for shekels. People like JB Gunner and MGTOW Capone who bring embarrassment and shame with their thuggish, criminal image.

in my previous LEGALLY PWNED video, I exposed how Kris Cantu and MGTOW 101 were targets of a coordinated smear campaign, along with several other people associated with them... and then I exposed how DDJ himself is breaking the law.

Now DDJ is back from a month in hiding and I once again, call him out for breaking the law.


DDJ (Misandry Today) Shared The Mad Shangi's Dox Live - YouTube

Misandry Today Admits To Sharing The Mad Shangi's Dox

Misandry Today Supports Doxing With @MisandryToday

Doxbusters: The Malignant Doxxer DDJ (Misandry Today)

Link to this apology video:

Well, thank you, Howard. I accept your apology.

Last night, I've seen one of the cringiest livestreams ever. A grown man getting drunk off his ass and complaining that he's not getting enough views on YouTube. Boo-hoo.

Last night Coach Eli screenshared his home addresses and phone numbers during a livestream and several people saw it and took screen-shots. Now the fucking idiot is freaking out and acting paranoid. And it's not the first time he doxxed himself.

Once again, Traversable MGTOW displays his obvious faggotry.

Another ranty and completely offensive video from The Mad Shangi.

Traversable MGTOW is obsessed with trans people because he's gay.

Just a couple of things I wanted to address. First some facts I wanted to address RE: "Legally PWNed: MIsandry Today"

And the other issue is a trans person that goes by he name Saiyomi and why she was booted from HOM.

"The Mad Shangi Show: MGTOW Stands With TGTOW"

Crying and begging for money again. Making up lies about people that had nothing to do with what's going on with his channel. Howard Dare needs to STFU.

His pathetic new video:

JB Gunner and Coach Eli should just marry each other.

'Cause we're not Low-T soy boys. We're men. Not like those trolls up in the Discords.

I hang out with Johnny Argent (of the TV show "Roseanne's Nuts") to talk about Jordan Peterson.


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