Tonight we will be exposing The Dramasphere once again. Calling out Coach Eli, JB Gunner, Suzi Rostek and Lisa Costabine.

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Charisse Van Horn tried to bully me into taking down certain streams that exposed her behavior, so she gets exposed again.

A woman with a history of asking men for dick pics and attempting to blackmail them with it has been exposed. Charisse Van Horn is a tabloid celebrity stalker and a tarot card reader that thought she could use threats and intimidation to keep from getting exposed.

You're a pathetic sorry excuse of a woman and a "friend."

Tonight we'll be roasting the classic propaganda film "Reefer Madness."

The biggest idiot on YouTube is about to get the Shangi treatment. This idiot says I white knight for Sharon Hensley and Sara Barrett, when he gets all his information from one source, a drug addict named Suzi that's pissing in his ear and telling him it's raining.

I'm white knighting for Sara Barrett? Who warned Eli about her, only to have him sing her praises and claim he knows her so well because he talks to her behind the scenes?

This is the same Coach Eli that was kissing my balls on my drunk stream and told me I was right about everything. And just like I predicted on that very live stream, Coach Eli flip-flopped again and started singing a different tune. Same old shit. Now he's going to get roasted hardcore.

Musical parody of Wyclef Jean's "We Tryin' to Stay Alive."

Convicted drug dealer Suzi on her struggle with pain pills.

Tonight members of the Dramasphere are getting called out and exposed for what they are. And The Cuck is to blame for bringing them into The Manosphere

Sextortionist Charisse Van Horn gets exposed for blackmail and cyber-harassment.

SuziQ7979 - Will be getting called out on her evil shit.

So I just get home from work and the first thing I hear about is JB Gunner talking smack about me on his morning coffee stream. Well, that's okay. Just means I get talk smack about him back.

If you want to piss JB Gunner off... give me money.

Undead Chronic's channel was deleted without warning, or any strikes. I just learned this morning the same thing happened to MGTOW Expat. Join us today and we'll talk about it.

My work here is done. Eli and JB have been consumed by the Dramasphere and it's destroying both their channels.

Dealing with women in the workplace as a MGTOW

Jaime's Corner is back in with these group of toxic women, after whining about how sick of them she was.Now that she's been rejected by The Mad Shangi, they're friends again. Check out this video and watch the real Jaime and Jewels in action.

Now swirlers are trying to invade the MGTOW community. Good grief. This lady here wants to start a race war between MGTOW brothers.


When people lack self-awareness... they get pwned again.

I just noticed something. The Manosphere IS The Dramasphere

This is idiot is about to learn that I'm not his personal soapbox.

Bear with me, I accidentally had my mic on mute for like the first 12 minutes or so. That was embarrassing. But after all the technically difficulties, it was a really fun show.

Continued drom Part 1. I accidently ended the broadcast.

A year after launching a smear campaign against Kris Cantu and MGTOW 101, which lead to the termination of their channels, a year after doxxing another YouTuber - Misandry Today's true identity is revealed.

Nobody in this community responds to ultimatums, so don't be making them.


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