JB Gunner failed so hard he had to disband his shitty #GunnSquad and turn his #Gunnsquad channel into "Gunner Gaming." Lycantheory is getting triggered and lying his ass off, so he's getting PWNED. French Dose will be on the panel since he missed out on the last one. Don't miss this one, folks!

Jamie R. Stone is a thoroughly twisted little deviant, with a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The Mad Shangi will expose Jamie's pattern of sexual harassment and extortion.
Twitter: @TheRealShangi

Lycantheory is a repressed homosexual that LARPs online as a "ladies man." Finally, this momma's boy is being exposed for the sexual terrorist that he truly is. This guy likes to call people pedophiles to troll people, but as you will see... the real pedophile is the one who hangs out with 14-year-old kids and harasses women online.
Twitter: @TheRealShangi

How does one group of people harass and bully so many different people, utter so many threats, plot and scheme, and commits revenge porn - yet still tell themselves that THEY'RE the victims? Take a walk with The Mad Shangi as he breaks down the #WolfPack some more.

Suzi's lawyer just isn't all there.

Turns out, we know exactly who that "paralegal" is that was forging cease and desist letters for Suzi! We will be discussing this life and phoning Suzi's police department on the air!

Let's go through some e-mails shall we?

It's over. Time to delete your channel. You been exposed. The DEA is now investigating everyone. Check your GMAIL accounts associated with your channels. All you dumb motherfuckers putting #IAmTrimHits in the titles of your videos are going to bite you in the ass. Suzi, you been letting this fuck upload videos to your channel. You will be investigated too. Justice is coming.

What happens when you give an asshole a little taste of his own medicine? REEEEEE! That's what!

Just another live-stream hanging out with the guys, plus will be analyzing the SuziQ7979 stream where she calls out Brutally Lauren.

Hey, folks. The Mad Shangi here. Going to be hanging out, catching everybody up on what's going on. And we're going to be laughing at trolls today.

I guess I must have struck a nerve, because Cole Courtner (aka "O D N") has filed a false DMCA claim against me to prevent me from premiering this on my main YouTube channel. Oh well, that's what I have other platforms for.

You need to hear this!

The conclusion - highlights include Greg Harrison asking Jasmine if she's ever fucked Corey Haim, and grilling her about her marital status.

Greg Harrison, Judy Haim's handler, on the phone playing spin doctor when confronted about Suzi Rostek's behavior and stalking of Sharon Hensley. His obsession is Corey Feldman.

Tonight we are going 1 on 1 with the Blind Demon Preacher himself, RJ Sandefur. Since RJ has been popping up here lately, I thought I would offer him the platform to speak his mind.

Just hanging out and laughing at all the BS going on. We'll be updating you on all the fuckery with the #Wolfpack and the trolls. The highlight is when Trim Hits comes on the panel and gets caught in several lies.

It's been an interesting time here on The Mad Shangi Show. The #Wolfpack is getting exposed. Eli has no more allies, meanwhile Shangi keeps growing.

Howdy folks! I'm a real relationship life coach. Don't waste your time on that OTHER life coach. The Mad Shangi is the real deal. And I'm here for you.

Tonight on The Mad Shangi Show, we will be interviewing Red Pill Phizzin to discuss his appearance on the Tommy Sotomayor show, his music, and his beef with JB Gunner.

JB Gunner came on the panel and got owned by a VERY intoxicated Shangi.

On this episode of The Mad Shangi Show, I will be interviewing gaming channel "dead in sight" and we'll be chatting about games, and most particularly, my favorite video game series of all time... "Metal Gear Solid."

This has been a long time coming, you motherfucker.

The musical takedown of the fakest thug gangster wannabe on YouTube.

Dennis Saliba, the foster son of Shellharbour Mayor Marianne Saliba, is a psychotic, emotionally disturbed young man with a weak spine.


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