It's good to be back, motherfuckers.

Claiming a guy has CP on his computer because he kicked you out of his server is bitchmade.

Check out "Redpool Jack and his Degenerate Friends" on Bitchute, and see exactly why Jack got so butt-hurt.

A funny thing happens when you throw a backstabbing little cunt out of your server... suddenly he's calling you a pedo. Well, let's just take a look at him and the company he keeps shall we...

I see my little comment to the troll about Holly sending me nudes triggered your ass and now you're in full white knight mode. Well, you took the bait and your simpin' has been recorded.

Another re-upload of an old favorite of mine. The musician and reality TV star Johnny Argent appeared on my live stream and we chatted about the pseudo-intellectual quackery of Jordan Peterson.

Gee, after all the shit they were talking about the Purple Pill right before I booted Jack... they go running to them like every other jack ass that got ejected from the HOM. Holly in particular made fun of Jamie for getting dumped by a married single mother.

Now Nightwing is getting exposed.

Redpool Jack made his video about me, and it's a bullshit false narrative and ends up attacking people that have nothing to do with anything and exposing himself for the conniving twat he really is.

This was the first interview I did with Jake Pentland , former host of the "Jake Pentland Show" podcast. Jake is the son of Roseanne Barr and caught my eye when Paul Elam wrote about him on AVFM in response to a blog called "The Smoldering Forest of Man" where I saw a potential overlap in ideas.

Ranting about taking women's rights away and re-establishing male authority over them is not what MGTOW is really about. It's also creepy to describe women as "giant fuckable children" especially when he's a spokesperson for sex dolls. This is the kind of bullshit that gives MGTOW a bad image.

Complain about women seeking attention, then give them the attention they want. I'm tired of spergy MGTOWS dragging their incel shit into the manosphere and poisoning the well. This is why MGTOW is labeled a hate movement and why men are going to suffer because of it.

Holly XO gets exposed some more, finally being revealed to be the attention-whoring suck up she really is. Talks shit about The Purple Pill but goes running to him as soon as she overstayed her welcome in my server.

Also exposed: Nightwing's butt-hurt.

PurplePool Jack is so butt-hurt he has to send his trannies to fight his battles.

Once again JB Gunner, the fake gangster who fled the state after getting arrested for beating his wife... will get roasted live as we will be taking a look at his responses to Alone Capone's videos.

No agenda tonight. I'm just going to wing it and take questions from the audience.

Last night's show made me realize that I need to do a show about women being psycho. Because they are. After dealing with a bunch of middle-aged women who follow celebrities on social media, it's high time The Mad Shangi went old school and started blasting women again.

Today on the Mad Shangi we will be speaking with Jaime The Cuntpanda and get into her beef with professional victim Lorin Axelrod, the wannabe Hollywood Hooker.

This is beyond cringe. We all are having a laugh at Sharon's big Saturday event that turned out to be Sharon blathering away to some washed-up, mentally ill ex-model named Lorin Axlerod. And rumor has it, Sean Astin stuck his dick in her mouth.

Tonight on "The Mad Shangi Show" we take a look at the doxxing of Indispensable PeaTow and the flimsy justification behind it. But most of all, we will be roasting Global Man: a doxxer and extortionist.

Praise Allah.

Musical parody of "The Killing Moon" by Eco and The Bunnymen

Time is running out on Cantu's false DMCA copyright strike against me. And I hear he's been talking shit about me, calling me his "son."

The Purple Pill (Jamie) after denying that he was conspiring with Sharon Hensley, has released a video that has pretty much contradicted what he told Rose Blades. He's been fed "documents" by Sharon Hensley - and as you'll see.. these documents are a joke and only further illustrate that Sharon is a complete nutcase and Jamie is an idiot for trying to exploit her for his own personal vendetta against me.

On today's show we will be blasting The Purple Pill and their butt-hurt alliance with Sharon Hensley, the crazy woman that wants my Vienna sausage.

Also: Feminists steal Mein Kampf and rewrite history in their shitty lens.

Sharon Hensley herself actually comes back on the show and brings her daughter with her. Mayhem ensues.

On August 5th I interviewed a woman named Sharon who claimed pedophiles were trying to groom her daughter on Facebook. After reviewing the evidence and listening to this woman's story, it was pretty clear to myself, Redpool Jack, and Aware Rabbit that this woman was full of shit and possibly mentally ill.

It is now October and Sharon is going full retard begging for attention, seeking alliances with anybody that's ever had beef with The Mad Shangi. She even PM'd Rose Blades on Discord hoping to get somewhere. Now Mad Shangi is going to deliver what she's begging for... another ass whooping.

OofCast (hosted by Thomas Ellington) does a livestream about how Devon Tracey has a crybaby bitch fit about being criticized and talked to on the internet. So Devon Tracey does what he does best, he cries like a bitch and threatens people with toothless threats he will never ever carry out.

Enter: Dan the Devon Tracey Fan Boi - a fucking idiot sperging out on his behalf. Hilarity ensues.


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