No agenda tonight. I'm just going to wing it and take questions from the audience.

Last night's show made me realize that I need to do a show about women being psycho. Because they are. After dealing with a bunch of middle-aged women who follow celebrities on social media, it's high time The Mad Shangi went old school and started blasting women again.

Today on the Mad Shangi we will be speaking with Jaime The Cuntpanda and get into her beef with professional victim Lorin Axelrod, the wannabe Hollywood Hooker.

This is beyond cringe. We all are having a laugh at Sharon's big Saturday event that turned out to be Sharon blathering away to some washed-up, mentally ill ex-model named Lorin Axlerod. And rumor has it, Sean Astin stuck his dick in her mouth.

Tonight on "The Mad Shangi Show" we take a look at the doxxing of Indispensable PeaTow and the flimsy justification behind it. But most of all, we will be roasting Global Man: a doxxer and extortionist.

Praise Allah.

Musical parody of "The Killing Moon" by Eco and The Bunnymen

Time is running out on Cantu's false DMCA copyright strike against me. And I hear he's been talking shit about me, calling me his "son."

The Purple Pill (Jamie) after denying that he was conspiring with Sharon Hensley, has released a video that has pretty much contradicted what he told Rose Blades. He's been fed "documents" by Sharon Hensley - and as you'll see.. these documents are a joke and only further illustrate that Sharon is a complete nutcase and Jamie is an idiot for trying to exploit her for his own personal vendetta against me.

On today's show we will be blasting The Purple Pill and their butt-hurt alliance with Sharon Hensley, the crazy woman that wants my Vienna sausage.

Also: Feminists steal Mein Kampf and rewrite history in their shitty lens.

Sharon Hensley herself actually comes back on the show and brings her daughter with her. Mayhem ensues.

On August 5th I interviewed a woman named Sharon who claimed pedophiles were trying to groom her daughter on Facebook. After reviewing the evidence and listening to this woman's story, it was pretty clear to myself, Redpool Jack, and Aware Rabbit that this woman was full of shit and possibly mentally ill.

It is now October and Sharon is going full retard begging for attention, seeking alliances with anybody that's ever had beef with The Mad Shangi. She even PM'd Rose Blades on Discord hoping to get somewhere. Now Mad Shangi is going to deliver what she's begging for... another ass whooping.

OofCast (hosted by Thomas Ellington) does a livestream about how Devon Tracey has a crybaby bitch fit about being criticized and talked to on the internet. So Devon Tracey does what he does best, he cries like a bitch and threatens people with toothless threats he will never ever carry out.

Enter: Dan the Devon Tracey Fan Boi - a fucking idiot sperging out on his behalf. Hilarity ensues.

40-year-old single mother that logs into her actual daughter's Facebook account to lure men into sending dick pics, goes on a stranger's podcast and gets rekt. Now she won't stop crying about it.

Is this obsessive interest in my genitalia a form of sexual harassment?

It's Friday Night. Mad Shangi is in the mood to talk shit.

MGTOW is infested with infiltrators and wannabes, and The Mad Shangi is going to break down what is TFL, and why have they rebranded themselves as "MGTOW."

Incels and TFLers are using MGTOW as their shield, and it needs to stop.

Somebody needs a wambulance.

Parody of Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy"

Fuck you, Kris. I'm going to humiliate you.

Ha! Ha! Make me stop making videos.

Going into some MGTOW topics, we talk about Joe Rogen giving Asia Argento the pussy pass, plus I call out MGTOWs that are actually incels bitching about Chads.

The aftermath of the debate with Purple Pill where I make him rage quit.


On this stream, I'm going to be making fun of The Purple Pill (aka Jamie), a thirty-year-old by that devoted an entire livestream crying about being timed out weeks ago, even though he mutes people so they can't get a word in.

Tonight's guest is Doug Ferguson, the author of "Out of the Cave to Become Men: Journaling History"

From the synopsis: "The same conflicts are in society now as in the past. It is WHO you are with, not where and what, that makes the difference. Understanding people not the material is of vital importance in overcoming crisis and conflict. To know people, one needs to see the world through their eyes, to think their thoughts, to understand their words, to see their reality. To do this a frame work needs to be built and this can only be done by taking the first step of being empathetic to those around us; using our mind we can walk in another’s shoes. With knowledge, we no longer need to be afraid for we can change the world overcoming conflict in us and between people.

Ancient Oral Traditions and Plato's Cave Allegory are intertwined in this book to create a mind's eye to understand self and reality for answering questions.

Society is the place in time where people come together. What society gives each of us the possibility of a life worth living? What does history show us about environments and philosophies that transforms men from isolated tribes into a vibrant developed civilization?

Travel with me on a journey through history to discover the mysteries. Gather mementos on the journey to take into your life and share with others. What will be your journaling history story be?"

The biggest MGTOW shill on YouTube proves once and for all that he's a cuck. This guy is no MGTOW, just a guy getting donations for kissing your ass.

Dennis Saliba claims there's a deep cover troll impersonating him, trying to make himself look bad. It seems Dennis, the foster son of Marianne Saliba - is into the occult. Just like "." the so-called impostor pretending to be Dennis the Menace.


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