Ciampa's return (had) me excited.

Most clips belong to WWE

Other clips from "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

8-Bit Theme Covers by Links Off

"No One Will Survive/8-Bit(ish)" -

"Chrome Hearts/8-Bit(ish)" -

The Young Bucks were suppose to put these guys over in AEW, Mox was suppose to put them over in New Japan! Instead they stayed at WWE to be jobbers for Flat Earth Styles and that dolla, dolla bill, yo!

The full interview:

It's time to ask if I will finally give up my Dragon Ball waifu since a new waifu has appeared.

Exposition, giant battles Holy Digimon and Devimon!

My review of episode four

Made a First Impressions video about Kemono Michi because the premiere of the anime excited me.

My first "Digimon" review and video outside of footage gathering. I finally got around to reviewing the first three episodes of the new series! So join me for it and hopefully my future reviews of following episodes!

Orange Cassidy match from AEW Dark episode 41 which you can watch here on Youtube for free!


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