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So what can i say as per title mind blown this machine just keeps impressing me and cant wait ti see what else it can do. hope you enjoy like and subscribe.



Just finishing off the CNC and putting it in its new home. still playing and testing so did some cuts as well. More to come going to do some 3d carving next I hope. So hope you enjoy like and subscribe for more.

so doing some more drawing and then wiring and fitting the spindle and doing some test cuts from 1mm deep to 5mm deep and cutting through 17mm. Hope you enjoy hit Like or Subscribe.

So had a CNC i built years ago and decided it was time for another one so decided to go with V1 engineering's Primo CNC machine. this is just me putting the machine together and then doing its first test. Hope you enjoy.

V1 Engineering web site

Primo 25.4 mm pipe parts from Thingiverse

So slowly getting the wood oven finished, had a few wet weeks so could not do any cementing but oven now in place and just the finishing work to do and then some cooking. Hope you enjoy like or subscribe for more

So second part of putting a wood oven on the deck. This ones is mainly getting the area ready and putting in the heat bed for the oven. Hope you enjoy. Part Three coming soon. Like if you enjoy or Subscribe for more.

So got myself a secondhand lathe and some chisels so needs a workbench to put it on and as I have not used one in over 30 years have a go on it making some handles for it. Trying to use up all the plywood off cuts and other scraps up around the workshop. Hope you enjoy, like or subscribe for more.

So we have had a wood oven in the garden for over 12 years and well now we have moved and I have some time lets make a new one for this garden so I can get back to cooking outside. Doing this one a bit different to the last cant get any clay fire bricks so going to use expanded Perlite and cast it on a form or mold. anyway this will be spread over a few videos as quite a lot to do to put it where we want it. Hope you enjoy, Like or Subscribe.

So bought some new bits for the lathe and some carbide tipped tools. So a quick look at what arrived and testing them on the lathe and the having a go at making something. Sorry for the break in uploads but needed a break and have a new job which has shifts and that has messed up my home work balance for a while anyway back to it now so more to come. Hope you enjoy like or subscribe if you do.

So the Boye jointer I bought lasted 2 hours and I had not done much with it, you can see this in the video. Anyway spoke to company and well I had to workout what was wrong and then pay for replacement parts and this is just a video of that. Hope you enjoy.

So it’s winter in NZ and well it’s wet and cold, well as cold as it gets in the South Pacific :). So I decided to make some changes to the workshop so it’s better organized and I have more room also i needed to move the computers / electronics in to a dust free area. So this is a video of me doing that. Sorry for the slow uploads but new job different shifts and its taking me some time to get used to it so hopefully more videos coming soon. Hope you enjoy, hit like if you did or subscribe for more.

So as I have a load of wood that I have collected and I want to use it to make stuff, but to do that I need to square and face the planks. That means I get a new workshop tool yippy. So I bought a cheap 2 in 1 jointer / planer / thicknesser. This is just me unboxing and having a try of the tool. It’s a Boye 8” (200mm) bed jointer with a thicknesser underneath. I will be making some more videos of what I am making with the wood but they are future projects. Hope you enjoy.

So just a collection of bits I have filmed repairing the 3D printers and some time-lapse prints and a few other things. In the middle of some other projects which will be coming up soon. Watch to the end for the facehugger. Hope you enjoy, like or subscribe if you did for more.

So it’s time to finish off the last jobs around the front of the property. Need some more drainage and we have and issue with our guttering, for some reason when it was installed they did not put enough down pipes on it for the length and we have had some issues with over flowing when we get heavy rain storms. So it’s time to fix that. Also we are starting to get some fruit on our new trees and I make a pie. Hope you enjoy please like or subscribe for more.

So the second part of the retaining , so it’s looking good but have to start other jobs before I can finish it off completely but like I said last video just keep plodding along and by the time I get to the end of the list it will be time to repair all the stuff I started first lol.
So this area will be getting a cover over half of it at some point and a deck and then a hot tub but that’s way off now so I will just carry on plodding along lol.
Hope you enjoy, hit the like if you did and subscribe for more.

Yep I am building stuff again. This time it’s finishing off the work we started down the lower garden which was held due to 2020. So time to get the retaining finished. So we are slowly getting through our list of jobs, yes it’s a year behind now which is a bit sole destroying but hey what can you do.
So this area will be getting a cover over half of it at some point and a deck and then a hot tub but that’s way off now so I will just carry on plodding along lol.
Hope you enjoy, hit the like if you did and subscribe for more.

So something a bit different, unboxing of a new band saw and what I think about it.
1:16 Whats in the box
2:55 Stand
5:27 Why you need to do an initial setup for first use
6:38 Band position on wheel
8:06 Blade tension
9:46 Setting the blade guides top and bottom
12:36 Final installation of parts
15:17 Cutting with fence
16:10 Cutting with slide miter
17:11 Free hand cutting
17:58 How thin will it cut (Spoiler: you could cut veneer no problem
19:37 Conclusion

This is a mid-range priced home hobby type band saw and I am very impressed with it so far. Hope you enjoy and sub for more.

So now its time to get all the finishing bits done around the out door area. then i need to make some stuff for the deck like a wood oven and a table but still finishing the workshop so that will be over the next few weeks. So hope you enjoyed please like or subscribe for more.

So just finishing off the little bits and adding some things we had not thought about at the start. So I will be mixing in workshop videos over the next few months and more garden jobs as I get to them. Hope you enjoy. Like and Subscribe if you do. Thanks for watching.

So it’s time to finish up the deck area. Just finishing up all the small bits and making it look nice. There is still other stuff to do but I have to make some stuff in the workshop first. This also means it’s time to move on to other garden jobs that desperately need doing. Hope you enjoyed hit Like if you did or Subscribe to see more.

So now all the area is clear and ready it's time to put the new Deck in. This was a long day and a half but now it looks really nice so just some finishing off work after this and some things to buy and build for the area. But need to finish lining the workshop so that will probably be the next video maybe. Hope you enjoy thanks for watching subscribe for more and like if you did.

The next part is to get the area ready and remove the pond so its ready for the decking and a BBQ area, then loads to do so summer is on its way and should get through all this pretty quick. Hope you enjoy, subscribe for more hit the like if you enjoyed. Cheers

So crazy year and way behind, months in lock-down and unable to buy anything even online then I fell butted a floor and had a serious concussion that took 12 weeks to get over so time to get back to the work that needs doing oh and filming and making videos lol. Time to make a start on the outdoor area but first we need to repair the fence. Hope you enjoy. I will be getting back to more regular uploads now we can actually do stuff. Subscribe for more or hit the like if you enjoyed.

So summer is here which means time to sort some more stuff out in the garden. I decided to start with this old dilapidated retaining. The banks are stable but the old wood and bare earth don’t look so good hence retaining time. Hope you enjoy, still a load more to do around the section. Thanks for watching Hit the like if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE for more.

So I decided I would like to Time-lapse 3D prints but that takes some electronics and some Gcode to make the printer move the print head out of the way so a photo can be taken of the print morphing out of the print bed. So this is a video of me having a go at making a time-lapse rig for my Tevo Tornado printer. I am using a hall sensor and a relay connected to an Arduino Nano to fire the camera shutter. I have had to print some parts write some code and Gcode to make this work but the results at the end are pretty good so I will improve it and do some time lapse prints. Oh I am talking through the whole video sorry lol. Thanks for watching subscribe to see more or like if you enjoyed.Links to prints and parts.Ender 3 time-lapse rig - Devin Montes Solo in Carbonite - Hidden Box and Bookend - by WeeksB Heart Vase – by Gyrobot website


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Hi Welcome to my channel, so what’s it all about, well I just like doing stuff to fill my time and love working with my hands and making videos, taking photos and designing and printing 3D stuff so decided to start filming what I am doing. Anyway welcome and hope you enjoy the channel.