Time to sort the room for the 3D printers; it’s a mess. No lights, full of rubbish and it’s hard to film in such a small room. I am trying to save money so I am recycling a lot of wood and other stuff that I kept after finishing the shed and the last house, the materials I am buying are either recycled or seconds from a great second-hand builders yard in Whangarei and it’s a lot cheaper and it’s just a room for printers. I am also having some random issues with the LED lights and the shutter speed on the cameras, sometimes it causes stripping / flickering and then others it does not, so sorry for any bits of film that are well rough. I will do some testing once I have time. So now I can set my printers back up and get some prints going, I have a lot I want to do. Hope you enjoy.

Now that we have had a new hot water tank installed and it has been moved I can sort out the utility room. Needs tidying, shelves and the washing machine moved so that what this video is about. Not completely finished as the floor needs changing and I need to make some more stuff to go in the room, shoe racks etc. I will apologise now for the intro as yesterday I realized that I am using the intro from the old property so thought I would make a new one and then had a complete blank and in the few hours I had this is all I came up with. So will either work more on this one or hopefully have an idea for a new one. Hope you enjoy, like if you do and subscribe to see more.

This is the first video of us starting to get things sorted around the new property. So this is more what we have to do not what we want to do at the moment. You know all the things that a new property needs doing as the last owners did not bother? So power washing, pruning and some odd jobs.
Lots more coming as spring and summer roll in. so enjoy

So decided the first job is to get the bike sorted, mainly as I can’t be bothered sorting and moving boxes at the moment. Was hoping it would be an easy job and would only take an afternoon but as usual not that lucky, bigger problem than just a flat battery as it has been unused for several years. So just a film of me sorting the carburettor out on the bike and getting it running again. Hope you enjoy Subscribe for more or a Like would be great. Thanks.

So just a quick video of all the parts I have of the camera slider I was building and using stop motion for the first time to film the process. A lot missing and just using the clips I have to hand. I will be finishing this as soon as I can get my workshop up and running. The final outcome I hope will be a slider with a pan head that is programmable so that you can do the same movement over and over again. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy.

Dano Songs.

Just a quick video to answer some comments and also an update on why no uploads for a while.
Also what is coming next?
So I am still about and I will be uploading more videos hopefully on a more regular basis than I have been and hope you are interested in the different things I like to do. If you are a LIKE would be great or SUBSCRIBE for more. Thanks for watching.
Dano Songs.

Just me making some plum jam from the Plum trees in our garden. They always produce a lot of fruit and it’s not possible to eat them all fresh so we make some jam. Recipe: You need weight for weight Plums (stone removed) and sugar. 100ml water 1 Tbls lemon juice per Kg A knob of unsalted butter (personal choice) does not change taste but helps with the frothing when boiling. Stone the plums and put in a heavy bottom pot Put on high heat Add water Bring to boil Turn down and simmer for 30 -40 minutes or until plums are soft Blend for extra smooth jam Add sugar quarter at a time and stir thoroughly until dissolved Bring to a rolling boil Test with thermometer needs to reach 105C for 5mins to set If you do not have a thermometer then you can do the plate test (see Google) When ready sterilize 7 jam jars (for 2Kg) and pour jam in Seal date and eat. Hope you enjoy Thanks for watching.

A few folks asked what I make my Intros with, so I though I would do a quick video showing how I do it, though this is not a how to, the film is sped up. This is just for an idea I have, this is very rough, just a test to see if it will look ok (it looks amazing in my mind, way beyond my skill level with these programs lol). I use several programs Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Video Studio. As I said this is very rough and just to make sure my imagination is not surpassing my ability. It will need a lot more work to be a finished intro. So hope you enjoy, Thumbs up if you like. Subscribe if you want to see more random videos. Music: Parachute Music

I am just pickling some beetroot. Really easy you just need Beetroot and Vinegar oh and a jar to store it in. Music: Parachute Music https:\\

So the first part of making and installing a dust extraction system in the shed, this is just putting together a cyclone I printed in several parts (see below for cyclone link) and testing. Then fixing some issues I had with parts I used. Also my largest print on the Tevo Tornado so far diameter size. Still love the Tornado just prints everything I throw at it time after time. Hope you enjoy.

Bensound -
Piano Moment

Thingiverse Part:
Cyclone Dust Seperator

Bought a new toy, thought I would do a video and then lost all the video and a load of other video I have taken. So until I fix the issue this is what I was able to throw together. Enjoy.

Un-boxing film: 1.39
Flying and quick shots: 6.20
Tracking Jeep down beach: 10.43
Hand Landing: 12.40

Thanks for watching.
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So I have bought a new larger format 3D printer, a Tevo Tornado. Print area is huge 300 X 300 X 400 mm, well this is a huge print area for me anyway. This is just me un-boxing, building and using the printer for the first time. This is my first YouTube video with me talking so I apologize in advance lol. I am blown away with the tornado, worked out of the box, came well packaged and it has produced some really well printed large items with no issues or fails.

Tevo Site:

The items I am printing as upgrades for the Tornado can be found on Thingiverse with these links:


Tevo Tornado Strain Relief:


So hope you enjoy and like I said I apologize for the talking but there may be more videos coming with me talking away on them as there is only so much you can do with text titles.

Thumbs up if you like or down if you can’t stand it lol. Or subscribe for more and hit the bell to get a notification.

So I finally got around to making a bench-top power supply for the shed. Just using a computer PSU and some parts I have picked up for it. Just a time-lapse of me making the box and fitting / soldering all the parts. Hope you enjoy and I will show more of it being used in other videos.

Dano Songs

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Parts and Links :

LCD converter Adjustable Voltage meter Regulator DP50V5A Programmable Power Supply Module Buck Voltmeter Ammeter

Red DC 0-100V/10A Digital Current Voltage Monitor DC Voltmeter Ammeter Amperemeter Volt Meter Car Battery Tester

DC-DC Step Up Down Boost buck Voltage Converter Module LM2577S LM2596S Power

So I need somewhere just for the printers. They are a bit loud next to me when on the computer and the new printer will not fit on the desk. This is just a video of me making a shelved unit to put the printers on and store the miscellaneous things that go along with them like filament and some other stuff. There are also some old pictures of the fitted kitchen I built for the house.
Thanks for watching
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Parachute Music

Perth one
Perth two

Spool Holder:
SPANNERHANDS Spool System Wall Mounted Spool Holder & Dust Cover

So another video, this is just me sorting out stuff and fixing my 3D printer and putting in a sound system in the shed. Soon the weather will get better and I can finish all the stuff out side and then I think thats pretty much it, the shed will be finished and I can get back to some of the other projects around the house I have neglected while I built the shed. Since doing this video the PC I built has died, I knew it had issues as I had already disabled one core on the CPU to keep it working but i guess more have failed so I will have to build another one at some point. I am now using a windows XP laptop that is soooooo slow lol. well hope you enjoy, hit that like button if you do.

So another exciting film of me working in the shed :). This video is a mix of time-lapse and video that has been sped up, as I realized that the things I am doing are quicker now, so time lapse was missing a lot of what I was doing. I hope that the next couple of videos will be last of me building and sorting stuff out and I can get back to playing with my electronics and get around to re building my quad copter and doing some 3D printing.
Anyway still a lot to do around the garden and shed that I need to get finished soon as the reason for building was to get all my TOYS out of the house so we can remodel the downstairs and finish the refurb upstairs as we had run out of room to move stuff around.
So hope you enjoy please like or subscribe to see more.

So the second installment of Inside the Shed, it’s been a bit long due to life getting in the way lol.
So slowly getting through it all just sorting stuff out inside the shed, finishing off the windows and securing, In preparation of moving the 3D printers, computer and stuff in so I can get back to making silly useless things, like the Storm Trooper helm.
So I might have a go at doing a how to video, we will see how it goes.
So hope you enjoy if you do hit the like and subscribe for more.

Starting to fit out and build things to go inside the shed also start to move my tools in. Mainly tool stands and benches at the moment but more to come. Still need to get power connected and some other bits and bobs like data and water but hopefully will get to that over the next few weeks. So another film of me jumping about all over the place. Enjoy.
Quantum 2002

So shed is now close to finished. just needs power and lights oh and water probably. Next is finish all the garden around the shed. As this is the Garden Job i think from now on i will split the inside of the shed and the garden in to two different streams. Anyway hope you enjoy.

Royalty Free Music:

I know it’s been a while since the last garden job video, I apologize for this but it was due to an awful winter here non-stop rain and wind, I was also ill and that caused me to have Bell’s Palsy which paralyzed the left side of my face, so this meant I could not close my left eye and wood working and building when you can’t blink is a nightmare, everything seems to make a bee line for your open eye. So anyway here is the next installment. I am just finishing up around the outside of the shed. Hopefully soon I will have it all finished and I can move on to other projects and get the refurbishment of the house completed. Hope you enjoy. Thumbs up if you do or subscribe for more.

Finally part 4, Starting to look close to finished, roof, doors and windows made and fitted, just need to finish sealing the cladding and waiting for my Gecko Clamps to come so I can fit it and then I can finish the inside. Yes another Intro, i am working on a final one but as with all things need more time. Hope you enjoy.

Cut and Run, Chillin Hard Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 License

So part 3, not as far along as I hoped to be due to the weather, end of autumn and the storms have begun. Yet another different intro but I use this to learn how to use Maya and well hopefully soon have a clip that is finished. Hope you enjoy.

BENSOUND Royalty free tracks.

OK this is the second time-lapse of my work in the garden, another big job but at the end I will have a workshop
:). The intro is just me playing around in Maya again. Remember this is not a how too, but if you have any questions I would be happy to answer Hope you enjoy.

BENSOUND Royalty free tracks.

Garden needed some work, so I thought a bit of time-lapse might be fun, its quite a big job but needed to be done so that I can get my garage / workshop put in, I did the intro in Maya and was just learning about particles and collision / gravity stuff. Hope you enjoy.


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