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MAG Bitter Ugly Striking Hated Truth On The Run BAM

This is an unofficial mirror of MAG's youtube channels beginning in February 2018. MAG's views are hard-hitting counter-mainstream-narrative. This is a lofty aim, as MAG puts the finger on mainstream media, government, entertainment, and the mammonist web of commerce that are all in cahoots against you and me: deceiving the masses, to our poverty, moral degradation, and destruction, to their greed and baphomet agenda, against the most high God.

These videos are disappearing. MAG puts 'em up, youtube take's 'em down. They let child abuse, porn, pedophile, bestiality videos stay up for millions of views. There's your evidence that MAG's message is Bitter Ugly Striking Hated Truth On The Run: *Unapproved by the Architects* BAM!